Part Two


My husband's snarled epithet pulls me abruptly from unconsciousness and my eyes fly open. I'm breathless, hot and bewildered. The bright daylight of my erotic dream is gone, replaced by the dark shadows cast by the ambient glow of our dimmed bedroom lights and the sound of heavy rain hitting the skylight above our bed.

His thumb was just... and his mouth was just… and we were... well, we were... but not here in our bed.

I'm completely disoriented, but have no time to get my bearings. I am in flight. I land bouncing sideways into the mattress. He has literally thrown me on to my back.

Before I can even blink he's here, hovering above me. Elbows bearing most of his weight, Edward's long hard body covers mine protectively. My calf is tangled awkwardly with his in the blankets. Gasping, he tightly holds my wrists above my head at the edge of the mattress. His erection digs unyielding into my hip.

Overheated and sweaty beneath him, adrenaline pumps strong and demanding through my veins. His face floats not more than an inch away. Pupils dilated, he stares down at me with dark savage eyes as the wind howls through the forest. His sweet rapid breath is washing over my face, further befuddling my sleepy brain.

"I'm sorry." Edward's tone is an anxious murmur, his body is rigid with restraint. I can feel his fear.

"What's wrong?" I mouthed the words, barely able to get enough air for sound.

You can see the effort he's making to calm himself. It's a full five seconds before he replies.

"I was trying so hard to not wake you." He buries his face in my neck, still whispering the words as if he is confessing to a crime, "… and you, you…"

He shakes his head, clearing it. I pray this means he's beginning to thaw a little.

"I don't understand Edward."

Panic threatens to rise back into his tense face.

"You were… you were dreaming."

My eyes bulge horrified. "No!" I whimper.

"Yes." he growls.

The pounding of my heart does not begin to ease as my confusion starts to ebb. Revelation of his problem is beginning to dawn on me. I didn't think it was possible to flush hotter, but I do.

"Was I... talking?" I mentally cringe at the question I already know the answer to.

He presses his lips together in a grim line. "Oh, you were doing more than talking... much more."

What does that mean?

His respirations are starting to ease back to normal. My hands are still restrained in his, but he's loosened his grip. He seems to have gotten a hold of himself. "I didn't hurt you, did I?"

My brow furrows. "Hurt me?" Oh, Edward, when will you learn...

"I'm sorry," he apologizes again.

Is it his scent befuddling my brain? "Why?" I ask. I just don't understand.

"I know better. I should have left the room, went for a run... but it was raining." The words rush out of him louder now. "I let it go on too long... and then... you... you touched me."

His insinuation is obvious.

Really? Oh, dear... Have I done this this before? I don't know how to respond.

"I lost control." He swallows and closes his eyes for a moment as his body stiffens in renewed terror. "I should have left. I didn't mean to move so quickly. I'm so sorry."

I take the only free limb I have and wrap it around him. "Everything is fine Edward. My left foot is a little uncomfortable, but that's all."

Quickly yet carefully he kicks away the remaining blankets. "I'm sorry, I'm so sorry."

Clearly he is still upset. I wish he would let go of my wrists so I could console him. I lift my head and press my lips to his. "I'm fine, really."

"But..." He buries his face in my neck.

"It's okay," I continued to try and reassure him. "It's okay, baby"

Edward pulls back an inch or two from my face. "Baby?" His eyebrows abruptly lift in censure.

My mouth drops open in surprise. It's an endearment that neither of us approve of. Emmett uses it all the time with Rosalie and it seems to work for them, but to us it feels patronizing, or maybe even condescending.

"I can't believe I just said that."

"Me neither." He says flatly. He stares at me intently through amber eyes searching my face for I don't know what. Then he exhales chuckling, the corner of his mouth lifting.

"You drive me insane." He admonishes, but the stress has left his voice. I can feel his chest expand as he inhales deeply, lowering his head back down to nibble at my jaw.

"Surely you do not mean me, Mr. Cullen." I sigh, relieved.

He pauses in his amorous attention. "I do, and don't call me Shirley."

My laughter at his corny joke last but a moment. His lips have made their circuit and now hover over my own.

"So, what was your dream about?" He asks with faux innocence.

My breath catches and cuts off a burgeoning yawn. No! Don't ask me that...

Edward's head lifts again and he gazes down at me. Even in the dim light of our room I can see the flash of his teeth. He's grinning at me, the bastard. I want to crawl under the bed with embarrassment. I can't help what my obsessed brain does while I sleep.

"You know what it was about." I mutter.

His grin widens, "You have a potty mouth." He scolds playfully. "And took the Lord's name in vain."

"What?" Oh please, dear God no...

Edward's voice is smooth as melted chocolate. "Tell me." he croons, "Tell me why you wanted me to... hmm, what was that word?"

Mortified, I ignore him.

"Come on now." He encourages, clearly enjoying himself.

I stay silent.

"Are we in bed?" He tries a different line of questioning.

I shake my head.

One eyebrow rises. "Oh…where are we then?" he inquires thoughtfully as he gathers my left wrist up with the other, freeing his own fingers to torture my exposed arm as he strokes the under side of it.

Damn it, he wants details. I flush again at the mere thought of telling him. I squirm beneath him, trying to avert my gaze, but he's having none of that, caging my face in his long fingers and unleashing the full penetrating force of his topaz eyes.

"Please, tell me." He entreats in earnest, "Where are we?"

Our noses just touch. His mouth whisper soft just presses to mine, sweet breath washing over my face and flooding my lungs. My head spins, my heart stammers. I am trapped by his body, helpless to fight against his potent eyes and compelling voice.

"My truck." I pant in defeat.

He strokes his thumb back and forth over my chin as his hips pitch forward slightly between my spread thighs. I swallow hard, my bottom lip trembling.

"In your truck?" His lips brush the corner of my mouth.

I shake my head again.

"Where then?" His asks, eyes hungry and blazing bright.

"I don't want to tell you."

"Please?" he continues to gaze down at me while he rubs his nose against my own.

This is beyond embarrassing. "Fine," I rasp. "I'm laying over the roof of the cab."

He doesn't miss a beat. "On your stomach?"

"No, my back." I mumble. New heat floods my cheeks. I try to look away, but he's holding my face so firm.

"Hmm…Intriguing." He purrs seductively into my mouth "Are you naked?" The hand that imprisons my face slithers down my throat to my breast and begins to tease the nipple. I've never recovered fully from either my dream or how I woke up and I'm nearly hyperventilating. I can't concentrate, my nerves are scattered.

"Are you naked?" he asked again, louder, more demanding, the tip of his tongue caressing my jaw as he pitches his hips against my womb.

"Edward," I gasp. "I can't answer while you doing that."

"What, this?" Edward tugs gently at my nipple and rocks his pelvis again. "I can stop if you want me to."

I quiver at just the thought of him filling me. "Just your shirt! Just your shirt!" I blurt out. "You've torn it open and popped off the buttons!"

"Ah pity, another ruined shirt." he laments sadly. I can feel his victorious grin touching me. "What am I doing?"

"You're standing in the truck bed." I moan.

"And?" he is not to be denied.

Shit... "You head is between my legs."

He hisses his approval as his mouth and fingers begin to journey south. "Is it daytime or night?"

"Huh?" I huff, scarcely able to hear myself over my pounding heart.

Edward's hand is between my thighs now stroking my wetness. His tongue licks the sweat between my breasts before circling my nipple. My hips rock forward, in search of relief from his relentless torture as my wrists struggle fruitlessly to escape his grip.

His amused tone is gone. "I just want a clear mental picture." He declares with absolute sincerity and begins to gently suckle.

My embarrassment vanished, I am nearly convulsing beneath his hard tasty body. This is hot… really hot.

"Day… daytime…" I moan, "it's sunny…".

Stilling with my nipple in his mouth, he peeks up at me through his long lashes in confusion.

"I love looking at you in the sun." I confess.

Edward pauses a moment, absorbing that information.

His expression changes again. Suddenly I'm in his arms and we're both kneeling on the bed. My face is in his hands and he's sucking my tongue into his eager mouth. His kiss is primal and impassioned. My wrists are now free. Reacting instinctively, I cling like a limpet to him, clawing at his back with one hand and fisting his hair with the other to hold him to me.

"God, what you do to me." He growls, finally prying us apart so I can draw in air.

I writhe with satisfaction.

"That's Goddess to you."

My audacity takes him unaware, however his shocked face morphs quickly.

"You're right", he grins wickedly, "and now its time for me to worship you."

My heart staggers to a halt. Oh, my…

In one move, he pivots me ninety degrees and is behind me between my spread knees. Caught unprepared by his blinding speed, I fall forward toward the foot of the bed, catching myself with my hands. My heart stammers and stutters as his tongue slithers up my spine, tasting my sweat and he moves in to take me.

What I do to him? No, it's what he does to me.

The hard shaft of his aroused penis presses demanding and ready at the base of my spine. Skilled fingers reach beneath me, rubbing the small bud just above my entrance. I moan unreasonably grateful as I move against his hand, wanting this touch but still needing more.

"Edward please..."

He gives me no more time to beg. He parts my wet swollen folds and he penetrates my body deep and commanding. I cry out in pleasure and he pauses, just for a moment. Edward's hands then take hold my hips and he begins to move… powerfully, but measured… carefully testing us both.

His pelvis flexes forward then retreats, sliding effortlessly in my wet core. I revel in his strength and control, in his need for me, every bit as fervent as my own.

My body moves with his. "Yes, yes, yes," I grunt in cadence to his forceful slow thrusts.

Edward's pace begins to quicken. Without breaking his steady rhythm, the mattress dips lower as, still inside me, he pulls me into his lap. His stone arms envelop me body and soul, one hand back at my breast and the other pressed against my womb. My neck stretches to the side, giving him access to my throat as his animal grunts drive my desire for his lips. My hands lay atop his. Lifting with his thigh muscles, he continues to thrust deep inside me. My knees have left the bed and it is my curled toes, dug into the mattress that join him in the physical act of making love by this new found and exciting position.

Up and down I bounce using the springy mattress for added momentum as my husband impales me from below over and over. My thighs begin to burn as bit by bit he ups the pace. The fire is a glorious sensation. My tangled hair is starting to stick to me. I am drenched in sweat, making my body slick. The power of my own exertions is heady. It makes me feel omnipotent. My arm reaches up and behind him, wrapping around his neck, fingers digging into the back of his hair. My spine bows off his chest as he continues to thrust. I lean back. My head turns. I can just reach his temple with my lips.

The low heated growl that erupts and bubbles against my neck is my undoing. My legs are shaking, losing their strength. The building orgasm is on its way. I'm almost to the point of no return.

Pushing us forward, Edward's hands break free of me and I drop back down again to my elbows and knees. He is as close as I am and he's backing off. I know the signs. I feel his restraint.

Oh no you don't Edward Cullen...

I turn savage and have taken over the tempo. Clutching the foot board to brace myself, I slam my body hard and fast against him.

Edward snarls wildly. I feel him stiffening behind me. Yes, dear God this is what we both need.

"Now Edward, now!" I cry out as I explode. His answering roar as he lets go extends the throbbing waves of pleasure. Wrung out and fully sated, we both collapse down onto the mattress.

I lay curled inside his loving embrace, still up side down on the bed, both physically and emotionally drained. His face is buried in my hair. The storm outside has settled as has our breathing. Edward finally pulls out wetly and he reaches for the small corner of the blanket not fallen to the floor, dragging it up and around us.

He kisses the back of my hair. "I'll be right back."

He's careful getting out of our bed, but moves with blinding speed to the bathroom. I hear the water running, but I am not conscious enough to even question what he's doing. The water shuts off and he's back moments later with a wash cloth.

After tucking one of our pillows under my head, he's scoots back under the covers and slides the washcloth beneath the blankets. Its feels warm and damp as he gently wipes himself off of me, then unceremoniously drops it to the floor. I nearly cry from the intimacy of this act.

"I love you so much." Edward whispers in my ear before pulling my body against his.

"I love you too Edward," I murmur, my hand and leg wrapping around him. "And your apology is accepted." His light chuckle is the last sound I hear as I drift back off to sleep.

Whew, I need a drink of water.

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