Author's Note: Well, hey, I still don't have a beta, but big thanks to I'llLightUpTheSky4You for at least proof reading this. Anyway, I saw a prompt online, and I'm sure people have done this before, but I don't care, I'm going to do it anyway. These should be short, 200-600 word drabbles in alphabetical order.

The Illogical, Alphabetical Adventures of the Starship Enterprise

Chapter One: A


Nobody ever thought that Bones played a musical instrument. Instruments were supposed to cause joy in musician and at least half the crew of the Enterprise thought McCoy was too grumpy to ever be happy. Leonard had never shown an interest in music, and often told people to, "Turn that damn racket down." Everyone figured he sat in his quarters doing paperwork all day. Until Jim proved them very wrong.

Dr. McCoy sighed as the door to his quarters closed behind him. The sickbay had been relatively quiet but the medical staff could have drowned in the amount of paperwork they had. Between Jim's adventures planet side and the accidents in engineering, there were probably more reports to write than crewmembers aboard the ship. Some days, McCoy wished he had been assigned to a nice outpost with a sane captain and a crew with an average age above twenty-five. Other days, he thanked God that the kids he served with were young enough to bounce back from some of the ridiculous injuries they managed to attain.

"Computer, play music file ninety-eight c," Leonard said.

"Accessing file ninety-eight c." The first few bars of Hotel California played softly from invisible speakers. McCoy's fingers tapped along on his leg and he sang under his breath while he sat down on his Starfleet issue sofa. For a minute or two, he just sat, resting and relishing the quiet. He noticed a PADD on the end table, still displaying the page of the Michael Crichton book he had been reading earlier. He went to pick it up, but instead Leonard decided to get up and go rummaging around in his closet.

"Dammit, where is it," he grumbled. Suddenly there was a loud, metallic twang and his finger hit steel. Way in the back sat his old acoustic guitar, with the scratched pickguard and the worn down finish. It had been his father's and he loved listening to the older McCoy play when he was little.

Leonard silenced the computer and sat back down, fiddling with the strings and getting used to the feeling of cold steel on his fingers again. After straining to remember a couple of obscure chords, he began to play.

"Hey Bones, I. . ." Jim's voice came from the doorway. Leonard didn't hear it and kept right on playing. When he finished, he jumped at the sound of at least a dozen people clapping from his doorway.

"That was awesome, Bones; I didn't know you played guitar," Kirk said. Many other lieutenants and ensigns behind him nodded in agreement.

"I don't play often; I have to be in the right mood," Leonard shrugged.

"You should play more often. We have a recreation room for a reason," Jim said over his shoulder.

That was supposed to be from Kirk's point of view, but it got a little Bones-centric. Who cares; Bones is amazing. Because I always forget, characters, names, etc. belong to Paramount, Gene Roddenberry, and J. J. Abrams.