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Chapter Twenty


Pavel stretched, raising his arms high above his head. When he checked his alarm he saw it was only 0530; his shift didn't start for another two and a half hours but there he was, wide awake and full of energy.

Ever since he could remember, Pavel had woken up early on Christmas Day. Downstairs long before his siblings, the young Russian would rip open the presents Baboushka had left him. His brother and sisters would join him hours later and they would all wait for their parents to wake up, laughing and comparing gifts. It appeared that though he was miles from home, his Christmas habits hadn't left him.

Getting dressed, Pavel decided to head down to the mess. Once he sat down to eat his breakfast, he noticed Sulu was across the room, tiredly eating what looked to be fried chicken.

"S Rozhdestvom," Pavel said, sliding into the seat across from his friend.

Sulu glanced up, his hand pausing half-way to his mouth. "Merīkurisumasu," he mumbled. The helmsman ate quietly for a moment before his fork clattered to the table.

"Oh God, today isn't actually Christmas is it?" Pavel, unable to talk with his mouthful of food,

simply nodded in response to his friend's question.

Sulu shoveled down the rest of his food (which did in fact turn out to be fried chicken; Pavel would have to ask about that later) and picked up his tray. "I've gotta go," he said, jumping up from the table. "See you at Kirk's Christmas party later?"

Still confused, Pavel said, "Da," and watched as Sulu scrambled out of the mess.

He was awesome. Nope, he wasn't just awesome; he was freaking amazing. He'd somehow even convinced Spock to come down, even though the Vulcan tried to spew some, "Christmas is illogical," bull his way. Nothing could stop him, not even a hypo from Bones.

"Kid, if you don't slow down on the eggnog, you're going to make yourself sick. You really want to make a trip to Sickbay on Christmas?"

Well, maybe a hypo could stop me, but not much else, Kirk thought, gently setting his mug on the counter in front of him.

"Relax, Bones," the Captain said, clapping his friend on the shoulder, "Even Spock has had a

couple glasses already."

Rolling his eyes, McCoy took a sip of his own eggnog, watching as the rest of the crew laughed and enjoyed themselves. Most of the crew (except for the few who volunteered to take shifts) were down in the rec rooms enjoying a nice holiday party. The place was decorated with lights, garland, poinsettias, and a few deviously placed bundles of mistletoe. Christmas music was playing from somewhere in the room and many were dancing and singing right along.

Glaring as the group of young ensigns next to them took what must've been their fifth or sixth shot, McCoy grumbled and complained. "Why the hell are we even having a Christmas party? Christianity is a strictly human religion?"

"Whatever, Ebenezer. If you need me, I'll be over talking to Sulu." Kirk snickered as McCoy

grumbled something about overly cheery captains and 'Bah-humbug to you too, bastard.'

As Jim got closer to Pavel and Sulu, he heard some of their conversation.

"You mean to tell me that Russians don't celebrate Christmas on the twenty-fifth?" Sulu asked, looking quite confused.

Pavel nodded, biting into a gingerbread cookie adorned with a red shirt. "We celebrate Christmas on the seventh of January, after the new year. We have a big feast and the entire family comes over. Sometimes we wait up with the little ones for Baboushka."

"Isn't a babushka something little old Russian ladies wear?" Jim chimed in.

Chekov, startling slightly at the Captain's sudden appearance, nearly dropped his half eaten cookie. "Da, but there is also a Baboushka; a Russian woman who gives gifts to children on Christmas, hoping that one of them is baby Jesus."

"Oh," Kirk began, "So instead of a jolly, fat man in a red suit, you have an old lady breaking into your house in hopes of finding the long dead son of God?"

Sulu tried to cover up his laughter by coughing while Chekov just thought for a moment. "Well when you say it like that..." he grumbled, crossing his arms.

Seeing Scotty waving him over, Kirk excused himself, promising to stop by again.

"Somebody needs to get into the holiday spirit," Chekov said to Kirk's back once he was out of earshot.

Sulu smiled, throwing his arm around the young man's shoulder and steering him towards Uhura and Spock. "Oh, Kirk was just being Kirk. Come one, I haven't gotten to wish Nyota a merry Christmas yet."

After everyone had finally left the rec rooms and headed to their respective quarters, Chekov dragged Sulu back towards his room. Once inside, he said, 'Wait here,' and disappeared farther into the room. When he reemerged, he was holding a long black box in his hands.

"Merry Christmas, Hikaru," Pavel said presenting him with the box.

Sulu took the box and sat down on Chekov's sofa. When he opened the lid, he found himself staring at a high end fencing epee. Holding the weapon carefully, he tested the balance and the weight, finding that each were to his liking; it was obviously a custom order.

"Jesus, Pav, this must've cost a fortune. Thank you." Pavel blushed slightly at the praise, but sat down next to Sulu with a smile on his face.

Looking happily at the sword in his friend's hand, Pavel shrugged and said, "I did not know if you used sabres, epees, or foils. I'm going to assume I guessed correctly." Sulu nodded staring gratefully at the sword.

On the bridge the next day, Pavel sat down at the navigator's chair, slightly confused. In front of him sat a neatly wrapped package with a bow and his name on it. When he opened it, a set of DVDs fell out into his lap.

"Is that a box set of Doctor Who?" Kirk asked excitedly. Pavel shrugged and turned it over. He had heard of the ancient British TV show and had been meaning to watch it but never seemed to have the time.

Pavel turned around and handed it to his captain who examined it intently. "This has all twelve doctors. Pavel, you have got to let me borrow this sometime."

"If you let him borrow that," Sulu said, suddenly appearing behind Chekov, "You're not going to see him for the next couple of weeks." Sliding into his chair, Hikaru clapped Chekov on the shoulder.

"Merry Christmas, Pavel. Even if I am a little late." Chekov smiled and thanked Sulu, making a mental note to watch an episode after his shift.

"Wait a minute," Uhura said. "You, James T. Kirk, like Doctor Who?" Kirk nodded, reluctantly handing the DVDs back to Chekov.

Smiling, Uhura turned around. Queitly, she said, "Matt Smith was the best."

Kirk spun around, pointing a finger in her direction. "No way; Tom Baker and David Tennant were way better. Plus, Matt Smith had weird hair."

"Chekov, have you seen Captain Kirk?" Giotto asked the ensign.

"No, sir. The last time I saw him, I had let him borrow my Doctor Who DVDs." Pavel almost laughed at the look of dread on the security officers face. For weeks, Chekov had been lending his box set to Kirk as he slowly but surely finished season after season. Every time the Captain got ahold of it, he wasn't seen for hours at a time.

Giotto sighed and started to head for the door. Before he left, he stopped and turned around. "Next time he asks, don't. Okay?"

Pavel nodded and listened carefully as the Security Chief entered the rec room next door.

"Giotto, hey wait a minute..." he heard Kirk say.

"Sir, you're needed on the bridge."

"Just a minute, the Doctor and Sarah are about to... Hey, I was watching that!"

No, I have not seen Doctor Who (except for a couple of episodes with Matt Smith). I just decided that as an early Christmas present to a friend, I would try and incorporate some Doctor Who into my story. Hopefully the next chapter will be up soon.

P. S. Is anyone watching Karl Urban's new show, Almost Human? 'Cause if not you are missing out; it's fantastic.