Title: Listen to Your Heart
For: Anonymous
Author: WolfSpirit07
Characters/pairings: Brian/Verone
Rating: Mature (Explicit)
Warning: Could be considered dub-con at the beginning.
Size: 21,600
Summary: Alpha/Beta/Omega-verse. Brian's an Omega and has gotten by for years taking suppressants to hide his true nature. But when he's sent undercover after Verone, he ends up going into heat, and the Alpha takes full advantage.
Author's Notes: This is for the Cannonball Run Fic Fest on the Quarter Mile LJ group. Thanks to Hellsbells, MsWriter07, and PixeQueen1223, for beta'ing and cheering me on. This was my first foray into the A/B/O-verse and it's been one hell of a ride. I'm not sure that the prompter was expecting it to go in this direction, but, there you have it. When you're finished reading, check out my youtube page (linked on my profile) and watch the companion video- of the same title.

Brian was thrashing around in bed, the sheets tangling more around him and his limbs. Sweat beaded on his face and body. His face scrunched, muscles clenching. He felt like he was burning up. It would be unsettling in and of itself, but Brian recognized the sensations passing over him, and knew instantly he was in trouble.

How can this be happening!? his mind screamed. He could barely think straight, and the fever hadn't even set in yet. The pills should be working! The suppressants he'd been taking for years now had been enough to stop this very thing from happening. Of all times for it to fail, it just had to be in the middle of an undercover operation.

He was going into heat, and there was no way to hide it. The problem was, he couldn't lock himself away and hide until it was over either. Or could he?

As the sensations churning through his body settled into a dull, sated state, he sighed in relief. Desperately, he reached for his cell phone, snagging it off the end stand. He punched in his handler's speed dial number, thumb hovering over the call button.

He ended up throwing the phone onto the bed in frustration. Who was he kidding? He knew what Markham would tell him without even going there. "Suck it up and get it done. You're already in and we don't have time to get someone else close to Verone." What else would he expect from an asshole of a Beta?

"Just jealous of what you can't have," Brian grunted, running his hands over his face to get rid of the sweat.

It wasn't as though a Beta couldn't have their own Omega- it had been known to happen. More likely or not though, it was an Alpha that snagged up the precious gems. They weren't as numerous as Betas, and were considered a prize, especially the rare male Omega.

Hence the use of suppressants. Brian had never much cared for being a piece of meat. And that's all he ever seemed to be when he would go into heat. Every Alpha around would eye him, a lot had even tried to force themselves on him. He never wanted to experience that again.

There was a knock on his door, pulling him from his thoughts. He groaned in annoyance, somehow managing to drag himself out of the bed. With only his sleep pants on, he opened the door, hissing as the sunlight hit his eyes. "Brian, dude," the visitor spoke. "You a'ight?"

The blonde stepped aside, letting Rome come in. "No. I'm not," he replied dryly, slamming the door behind him. "I'm going into heat."

Rome nodded, clearly catching the hints of it in the air. "What are we gonna do? We're supposed to be at Pearl tonight."

"I know." Brian grabbed a bottle of water from the fridge, chugging it down half way before coming up for air.

"Call Markham. Tell 'em we can't do it. He'll have to find someone else."

"You and I both know that ain't gonna end well."

Rome snorted, but didn't try to argue. "Well, I'll just have to go alone then. You stay here."

Brian shook his head. "If we both don't show, it'll look suspicious."

His old friend raised a brow, coming a little closer to him, but still keeping a comfortable distance away so he didn't spook. It wasn't the first heat he'd been around Brian during- it just had been quite a long time. That was the beauty of having a Beta as a best friend. He wasn't driven to try and jump him like Alphas were, and he was able to help him if need be.

"Need I remind you that Verone's an Alpha," he mentioned.

Brian groaned loudly, throwing his head back. "Damnit." He really had forgotten about that. "I'm so fucking screwed."

Rome huffed. "Yeah, literally if you decide to walk your ass in there tonight."

Brian shot him a dirty look. He finished off his water, tossing the bottle into the recycling bin. "Actually…" He scratched his neck absentmindedly as he thought. "I might be alright. I'm not in full heat yet. If we can get in, get out, I can hide out here and wait things out. Verone isn't gonna have us do this run immediately."

"So you wanna go walk through a club, filled with who knows how many Alphas, to sit right next to an Alpha with no conscious, while you're ready to drop into full blown heat at any time?" Rome gave him an even stare. "Brilliant fuckin' plan, brah."

"What choice do I have?" Brian threw his hands out. "I'm an Omega working as a cop! The second I fuck something up, I'm gone! You know damn well they look for any excuse to get rid of us in law enforcement!"

It was a sad stigma, but a true one. It was thought Omegas made lousy cops due to their naturally submissive nature. But then, there were Omegas like Brian who weren't submissive, even commanding respect. Still, that didn't change the stereotype he fought long and hard against. If he screwed it up now, he was only giving them more fuel as to why Omegas shouldn't be in his position, why they shouldn't be allowed to pull undercover assignments that were more than just being a piece of ass.

"Alright, alright." Rom sighed, gesturing for him to calm down. "We'll do it your way. But you don't leave my side, y'hear?"

Brian nodded. "No problems there." He held his stomach, feeling it gurgle. He really should eat something, but it could potentially make him feel even worse.

Rome made the decision for him, starting to go through his cupboards to find something quick and lite to whip up. When he'd finished shoveling food into him, he shoved another bottle of water in his hand, knowing he'd need it, and pushed him towards the bedroom. "Go try and rest. I'll stay out here if you need me."

The blonde managed to murmur his thanks. He didn't figure on being able to sleep, not with how hot he was feeling, or how his skin crawled. He took his daily suppressant sourly before laying down, doubting it would do a damn thing at that point, but it didn't hurt to try. If he was lucky, perhaps it would delay his heat from beginning until after they got through the night.

Brian had never really been one for luck.

His sleep had been less rest and more tossing, but he felt a little better at least. Brian dressed in jeans- the less skin showing, the better- a baggy tee, and a pair of steel-toed boots that could double as a deterrent if need be. Rome lifted his head off the couch when he came out to the living room. "Ready?"

He shrugged. "As much as I'm gonna be."

Rome stood, shaking his head ruefully. "Maybe you should wear a hat too. Cover those golden curls of yours." It was meant to come across teasing in order to make him feel better, but it didn't.

Brian just grunted, grabbing his wallet and keys and making for the door. He fired up the Evo he'd been given for the op, its puke yellow color not something he would have picked, but the heart of the car was solid. Driving through the busy Miami streets towards the club, Rome's Spyder never left his rearview for a second.

Being stubborn as he was, Brian led the way, which Rome didn't particularly mind, as it meant getting to watch his friend's back for trouble. Walking right past the line of patrons, the blonde ignored the people who turned to stare, stopping in front of the bouncers. "We're guests of Mr. Verone," he said flatly, and the ropes instantly parted.

Brushing by them quickly, he made his way inside, Rome at his heels. When they actually got in a few feet though, he stopped dead from the rush of smells that hit him. "Ugh, damn!" he huffed, grabbing his forehead. Another downside of going into heat was his heightened senses, all for the purpose of him hunting down a proper mate.

Rome put his hand on his back in a comforting gesture, but Brian wasn't having any of it. He pulled away, ending up bumping into someone. Glancing over his shoulder, he muttered an apology. Though he wished he hadn't, as he could see the hungry look he was being given. "No problem, baby," the guy replied, grinning like a shark.

Brian growled at him before walking off, Rome next to him sending a glare back at the guy. "Where's Verone?" he questioned, just wanting to get the meeting done so he could leave. The pair managed to spot the VIP area across the club. Sure enough, Verone had also spotted them, waving his hand. They nodded back, letting him know they had seen him.

Walking through the club ended up being more of an event than Brian had originally thought it would be. He prodded Rome to go ahead of him in order to cut a path through the thicker sections of the crowd. The blonde kept the icy cool he was known for, though just barely. The leers and cat calls from the Alphas he passed- and even some Betas- were annoying, but ignorable.

They had gotten right outside the VIP section, where Brian thought he was home free. Rome had stepped up to the ropes, greeting the pair of Beta bodyguards. The blonde went to follow, only to feel someone grab his butt.

Brian growled viciously, reaching back and grabbing the man's wrist. In one fluid movement, he had the guy thrown off balance with a foot behind his knee, and slammed to the ground. Baring his teeth, Brian loomed over him. "Never touch me again!" he growled. The Alpha only nodded, scooting away quickly.

Brian snorted, a growl still playing on his lips as he entered the reserved section behind Rome. It wasn't until he heard Verone's laughter that he snapped out of it, looking towards him in surprise.

"Now that was entertaining," Verone mentioned, grinning from ear to ear. He looked between them, but settled easily on Brian. "Glad you could make it." He shook Rome's hand, motioning for him to have a seat.

When he took Brian's hand in greeting though, he held just a bit tighter, pulling him in a little. There was a look of curiosity on his face as he leaned in, scenting the air. "So," he mused softly, a smiling spreading on his face, "it was you I smelled coming in."

Brian shifted his weight, putting one foot back so less of his body was open to the other man. It was a simple motion, but one that spoke quite a bit. The blonde was guarding himself, letting the Alpha know exactly what he'd do if he tried anything he didn't like. As though the earlier display of force hadn't been enough.

Verone clearly understood the message, motioning for Brian to take a seat opposite of Rome. The criminal mastermind wandered back to the love seat in the middle, stretching out like a king on his throne. He was loose and relaxed, a cool grin forming on his face.

"Well, business then," he spoke. "I've gotten you your window of time. You'll meet at the compound and drive with Roberto and Enrique to the pick-up and delivery locations." Rome went to speak, but a wave of Verone's hand cut him off. "Don't bother asking what you're hauling. Just go where you're told and you get paid. Simple."

"When do we drive?" Brian inquired, cool as could be.

Verone turned to him, cocking his head. "Three days."

Brian's face twitched, and he looked over at Rome. That wouldn't be long enough for him to get through his heat. Without mating it would be a week at least before he was through this. Rome opened his mouth, clearly intending to protest, but the blonde beat him to it. "Sounds like a plan. See you then."

He made to stand, but the Alpha's slinking movements gave him pause. He was leaning forward with his elbows on his knees, eyes trained on him. Something in those grey-blue eyes made him instantly still, drawing him in, not letting him break that gaze.

"I want to talk to you a minute," Verone mentioned, standing without breaking eye contact. When Rome started to stand as well, the Alpha glanced at him. "Alone."

Rome looked to Brian as he stood, clearly not at ease with that idea. The blonde, however, knew he didn't have much of a choice. He motioned for his friend to stay put, trailing after Verone down a back hallway. He noted, whether for good or bad, that not even his bodyguards were following after them.

Verone motioned him into a room, which he found to be a private party space. The door had barely clicked shut behind him when his hackles raised and he spun around. The Alpha was right there, smirking. "Good instincts," he mused. "I like that."

Their eyes locked, and once again, Brian felt almost frozen in place. "What do you want?" he managed, glad his voice came out calm and steady.

In an instant, Verone snagged his wrist, spinning them around and slamming him rather roughly against the wall. He was pressing into his personal space, pinning him effectively. Brian grunted, trying to push him off. He was startled by the fact that the Alpha had moved so fast, having always seen him portray a more languid character.

Brian halted his struggling when the other man leaned in, scenting him again, deeper this time. He made a pleased humming noise. "You smell good," he spoke casually, a huskiness forming in his throat. He pulled away only enough to look him in the eye. "So… you have an Alpha?"

The blonde's head was shaking before he even had the thought to stop himself. "And I ain't lookin'," he added with a bit of growl behind it.

"Sure about that?" Verone grinned, a glint in his eye.

Brian swallowed hard, starting to sweat. What disturbed him the most though was that it wasn't from nerves. He could feel the warmth welling in his core, radiating outward. His heat was on the cusp of starting to ramp up. He needed to leave... now.

However, the Alpha in front of him wasn't giving him a chance to escape. This time, when he pressed him against the wall, Brian didn't resist, if only because something in his gut was telling him not to. His brain was screaming no, while his body was saying yes.

He felt Verone's nose run along his neck, inhaling his scent. The low, approving growl he let out went straight to the Omega's core, making him melt. "I can take care of you," he rumbled, breath ghosting his neck. Feeling the shiver going down his spine, Verone asked, "Would you like that?"

Brian found himself dipping his head into the curve of the Alpha's neck, taking in his scent for the first time. Sure, since they'd met he had had his scent, but not really had it. That took a much more... intimate position, which he now found himself in. The blonde wanted to hate himself for liking what he smelt.

Verone smelled like fine leather, expensive cigars, and a somewhat spicy cologne. Though, underneath that all was a deep, musky male scent that was purely him. Brian drank it all in, analyzing it, savoring it. The fact that it was intoxicating should have been the first sign that he should be going the other way, but his mind had never been good at following directions.

Still, Brian made an attempt, pressing back against the Alpha to try and move away. An arm came up to the wall at his side, blocking his way. "If you really want to go, I won't stop you..." Verone spoke. "Though," he continued with a smirk as Brian looked at him, "I don't think you want to."

The Omega's sea blue eyes caught the other man's briefly, though he shed away, not wanting to be caught under that spell again. "I should get going," he managed softly, pressing lightly on the Alpha's arm. Surprisingly, Verone dropped it without complaint, letting him get to the door.

As his hand fell to the doorknob though, Verone spoke up. "Go where? Back to an empty house? So you can suffer through your heat... alone?" Brian frowned. He was aware of Verone's careful approach and kept still.

The Alpha came up behind him, whispering in his ear. "Come stay with me." He slipped an arm around his torso, fingers brushing lightly over his abdomen. "I'll take care of you," he repeated. Brian didn't resist as Verone pulled him flush to his body, his free hand coming up to caress his cheek and jaw.

The bastard probably smelled it on him, that he was right at the tipping point. That was the only explanation Brian could come up with. Verone was just another Alpha looking to get laid, wanting to claim an Omega. Well, Brian had no interest in either of those things. Except, perhaps his body did.

Verone's hand moved lower, hooking his thumb into his waistband, breath ghosting over his neck. He nuzzled his shoulder, drawing his nose up along his neck and slipping around to his spine and settling into his hair, breathing deeply the whole way. Another shiver passed down his back, and a soft sigh escaped his lips. He could feel the other man grinning into his neck.

"So what do you say?" he asked lowly, placing soft kisses on the back of his neck. "No strings attached. And you can leave any time you want."

So, Verone wasn't planning to try and claim him, he only wanted to fuck his brains out. Good to know.

"I don't really play well with Alphas," Brian replied, managing a growl behind it. He knew his canines were visible as he craned his neck to see him, a warning. "I'm not the submissive type."

Verone's lips pulled up into an equally intense look. "Good."

That caught Brian off-guard. Practically every Alpha he knew had a penchant for power, Verone certainly being no exception. That meant they also expected Betas and Omegas- especially Omegas- to just bare their throats in submission whenever challenged on anything. Brian didn't play those games. He was his own man- sure of himself in mind and body- and he wasn't bothered showing it.

Giving the Alpha one last chance to forget what he'd asked him, Brian growled, pulling away. Verone let him go easily enough, but he certainly wasn't backing down- not that the blonde had expected him to. In fact, Verone took the challenge, getting right up chest to chest with him.

"I'll only ask one more time," he spoke, barely holding back the growl in his throat. "You can come home with me, or not. Your choice."

Their noses were touching, and Brian inhaled sharply at the sensation. The burning inside him was growing more intense by the moment. It was those sensations he blamed when he ended up tilting his head ever so slightly and closing what little distance there was between them.

Their mouths crashed together, and Verone was growling in approval, backing him up the few steps to the door and pressing him against it. Brian kissed back roughly, teeth nipping, tongue searching. His arms wrapped around the Alpha's neck, and he felt hands grab his hips, fingers splaying out to get a good hold on him.

The heat inside of him was bubbling up, starting to spill over. The ache he hadn't felt in the years he had been taking the pills wasn't entirely unwelcome. Verone picked up on the subtle change, growling again as he broke their kiss, going instead for Brian's neck, nipping a few times before huskily saying, "We should get out of here before every Alpha in the place tries to drag you off."

Brian was nodding as his brain was busy catching up. When the brunette started to pull away, he caught the carnal desire in those blue-grey eyes and felt his breath hitch a moment. Verone motioned with his head to follow, and the blonde was trailing easily behind. Not because he was following orders- no, not at all- but because he recognized the immediate need to leave.

Returning back to the VIP section, he noticed Rome visibly sigh in relief. "Ya'ight?" he murmured to him as he stood up. Brian only nodded, noticing how Verone was whispering something to one of his Betas- Enrique was it?- and the man nodded obediently.

Verone turned to the pair. "Roberto and Enrique will walk you two out." His eyes lingered on Brian a moment before he returned to the back of the club.

As they followed one bodyguard, the other brought up the rear, clearly there to make sure no Alphas decided to jump Brian's bones without permission- a nice gesture considering the circumstances. Rome looked at him sideways. "What the hell was that all about, brah?"

"Nothin' man," Brian replied coolly. "Don't worry about it."

Rome looked at him skeptically. "That was sure a long time to be gone for nothin'."

"Alright, so maybe he was tryin' to get in my pants," Brian snapped back. "Happy now?"

His friend scented the air near him briefly before replying. "Well, being that it smells like he didn't succeed, I'll go with yes."

When they got outside, Brian felt a hand on his shoulder. Roberto leaned forward to whisper in his ear. "Verone says to meet him at the compound."

Brian only nodded to show he heard before following Rome to their cars. "Yo, cuz," the blonde said. "I'll see you in a few days, alright?"

His friend narrowed his eyes on him. "Uh, pretty sure I'm gonna be sleepin' on your couch, so…"

"Well, you can if you want, but I've gotta go see someone to take care of this. Unless you feel like driving solo."

"And who the fuck are you gonna go see?" he asked suspiciously.

"I know this Alpha," he replied cryptically. When he was still receiving the stink eye, he sighed in exasperation. "Look, I'm desperate, alright? So you can stop givin' me that look."

They had reached their cars, and Rome paused at his door. "You call me if something happens, y'hear me?" Brian nodded, getting into the Evo.

He watched as Rome drove off before doing as he was instructed, spinning the car around to head towards the compound. He'd only been there once, the day they had "tried out" for Verone's little job. He shifted gears, thinking about what he was getting himself into.

An Alpha had invited him home, an Alpha that also happened to be one of the most wanted men in Miami. So why was he actually agreeing to this? He'd told Rome he didn't have much choice, well, that was true enough. He certainly couldn't drive in full-blown, rutting heat. Only having sex when he started his cycle would calm the fire inside.

That was it. He needed to do this for the op, no other reason. As the twisting fire in his gut started to swirl and continue growing, making his body temperature rise, he pushed back the other feelings. The ones that were telling him that he found himself intrigued by the Alpha, maybe even attracted to him.

As he pulled up to the gate, the guard waved him through. When he reached the turn-around of the drive, he noted the Navigator, which had apparently only arrived a bit before him. Verone was standing beside it, waiting for him.

As Brian walked to join him, he overheard Verone telling his Betas that everyone had to stay clear of inside the mansion for the next few days. No one, not even the bodyguards, were allowed in, for anything. It was a bit of overkill in Brian's opinion. Clearly though, the Alpha wasn't taking any chances with him- what with the pheromones practically oozing out of him at that point.

Brian didn't even have an opportunity to say hello before he was being motioned to follow. It wasn't until they got inside that Verone spoke. "You'll be safe here," he mentioned. The Omega gave himself a moment to doubt that, knowing that the man speaking to him now was probably more of a worry than any of his staff could be.

He didn't say a word though, following him into the kitchen where Verone pressed a couple bottles of water into his hands and took a few himself. "You have to keep hydrated, right?" he explained, in response to Brian's questioning gaze. The blonde was actually surprised by that level of thought and- dare he think it?- care that it showed.

Wordlessly he trailed behind Verone, up the stairs to the first door. Following him in, he found it was a rather luxurious bedroom. The Alpha set down the water on a nightstand. "You can sleep in here," he spoke casually. He looked up at him. "My rooms down at the end if you need anything."

So, the Alpha wasn't going to keep him close? He was being given his space? Now that was certainly surprising. "Umm, thanks," Brian replied lamely, unsure what else to say.

Verone approached him, sniffing towards him a couple times. "Get some rest," he spoke, the "while you still can" not needing to be said. The Alpha slipped out, closing the door behind him, leaving Brian alone to wonder what had just happened.