From Buenos Aires to Costa Rica, Jamaica to Haiti, western and central Europe… It seemed Carter Verone was determined to take his newly claimed Omega anywhere and everywhere worth going. They stayed in the nicest hotels, ate at the best restaurants, and the bombshell blonde on his arm had the world laid at his feet.

Brian had been enjoying the Americas and the Caribbean, but Europe had been overflowing with potential. It had offered the best car scenes, and the most amazing races. His Alpha didn't even blink when he'd asked for a Skyline so they could cruise the continent in style.

The Omega never had to inquire where the money for their lavish lifestyle came from. Carter on his own had been worth billions. Combined with his father's estate, and monies spread through several untouchable accounts, and caches of cash stashed in a few safe houses he had, they were set for life. The Alpha was completely free, just as he'd wanted. No more back room deals, shady contacts, or looking over his shoulder.

The pair had talked occasionally about finding a place to settle some roots, even moreso after their first year of travel. Nothing had seemed like the right place to either of them though. So, with almost two years down, they pretty much had resigned themselves to the nomadic lifestyle. Though they both agreed that as long as they had each other, nothing else really mattered.

The Corinthia Hotel was their home for the time being- a luxury suite overlooking the River Thames, and the beauty of London.

The lights of the city snaked in between the curtains of the hotel room. Carter's hand traveled the length of his mate's body, admiring the sight before him. Brian was sleeping soundly, the soft sheet wrapped low around his waist, a leg hanging out.

Brian reached out to him subconsciously, and when he found him, he snuggled deeply into the Alpha's embrace. Carter smiled, nose nuzzling at the mate bite on the blonde's neck, long since scared over as a permanent reminder.

He would give Brian the world, so Carter figured he may as well start with London.

A/N: Thanks so much for reading! I hope you enjoyed it! Yes, if you couldn't guess by the giant hint there at the end, I'm considering a sequel if there's any interest in one. Make sure to visit my Youtube channel (linked on my profile) to check out the companion video of the same title.