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1:Fishy friends

Zim sat in his lab…staring evilly at the goldfish in the sphere-shaped tank.

"That fish looks like a doughnut!" yelled Gir while he pointed and laughed at the fish crazily.

Oh how Zim disliked his Gir unit…or whatever it was called.

"Now Gir…do you see the fish?" asked Zim Gir not expecting an answer of the small, crazy robot.

"Noo…yes…maybe….WAIT I see baloney! No a golden fish-baloney!" Zim looked at Gir for about a minute very iratated by the robot.

He then finally said, "I don't like you. Anyway back to my INGENIOUS plan! Now you see the fish and now you DON'T!" yelled Zim maniacally as he threw a greenish-yellowish-purplish looking liquid into the water with the fish.

The fish disappeared and Gir started to yell and scream and then fell asleep on the floor.

Zim walked up two the Dib humans' house. Out of his pack came X-Ray binoculars as he watched that Dib-stink fall asleep. He silently crawled up the side of the wall by Dib's window silently with his spider legs and jumped into Dib's room with and bang of his boots as he landed on the wooden floor. Dib mumbled something as he slept.

"Sleep while you can DIB! Today shall be the last day anybody saw you! Mwahaha…hahaha…haaahaaahaa huhaauhaa!" Zim yelled at the sleeping Dib with praise of his plan.

"Zim…is that you? Yes it is…why are you here huh? Huh? HUH? Security camera save this footage now!" yelled the Dib-human as he stood up from his bed clearly confused that his enemy-alien was in his room...laughing.

"You saw NOTHING!" yelled Zim slightly startled as he poured the same liquid he had poured over the fish on Dib.

He brought out his spider legs and broke the camera and Dib's computers for fun. Then yelled in his microphone that Gir should save him, save his master!

Gir replied stupidly, "Uuu ahh uggg yes my master! Raaa…zzzzz…" and then the silly robot he fell asleep again.

Zim ran home on his spider legs. He got in his yard, opened the front door and banged it shut.

"Now the second part of my amazing plan. I shall now plant an Invisa-chip in my incredible brain! That way I will be able to see that invisible Dib-stink but nobody else will!" talked Zim to himself happily as he thought of his plan.

He then thought he should tell the ALMIGHTY TALLEST about it.

Zim turned on the screen as he called his leaders. He then saw a horrifying sight…the most terrible thing you will ever see. Zim saw the ALMIGHTY TALLEST trying to stuff a giant hamburger viciously into a turkey!

"Keep squishing! Keep pushing! C'mon Purple, push…puushh!" said Red to Purple tiredly as they tried to shove the burger crazily into the turkey, with no success.

"Umm…my TALLEST." Said Zim horrified.

The TALLEST looked at the screen and whispered to the computer operator to cut transmission. Now Zim stood there…in front of a hazy snow-screen…horrified and disgusted.

The next day at school Miss Bitters told the whole class Dib has disappeared and also has the school principle. She then kicked hard on something beneath her desk and it grunted.

"Today's lesson class is how to skin your principle and leave no trace of it whatsoever and also not get cut off school or get fired." Crocked Miss Bitters with no emotion on her fossil-like face.

As the day went on…less people seemed to notice that Dib was gone, not even Gaz! But Zim saw Dib, it was so hilarious! Dib thought everybody just ignored him but in fact, he was to dumb to notice, even though he had looked in a mirror, that he was invicible.

Zim was standing in his lab while Gir was *accidentally* broken.

"That robot…he had it coming…since the beginning I knew it would happen. That is why I do not play with rubber piggys'." said Zim as he looked at Gir, seriously and annoyed.

He yelled at the computer to bring down the fish as it currently was in the testing bottle-tube thingy.

"Now fish…prepare to meet your shrink!" screamed Zim and threw a chunk of solid pink ice cube thing. The fish did not shrink though…it only said, "Hi Zim." In Dib's voice.

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