Decided to try out the 30 day otp challenge thats on tumblr. This is the continuation of His Captain and Worth Fighting For.

Day 1 Holding Hands

The battle had been stressful and painful, but not overly difficult. Steve sat, still in his torn and charred uniform. The fire hadn't burnt through the fabric, but it hadn't left it untouched either. The hooks for his shield had been torn off and he had cuts across his face from fighting off rampaging trees.

Tony lay in the hospital bed, unmoving. Hooked up to monitors and IV's. Steve didn't move, didn't talk to anyone, didn't do anything for three days.

Tony and Natasha had been held for over two weeks, Steve and the rest of the team had spent countless hours searching for the missing members. Clint was in with Nat, Steve was sure of that and he hadn't even seen Bruce or Thor since the end of the battle.

The casualties of this battle had been greater than any Steve had witnessed in this time. The loss of Jane Foster would be felt throughout the team. Steve didn't even know where to begin to comfort Thor. The whole battle had started because of his falling in love with Jane. Steve and Clint had merely been pawns in Morrigan's plan. They hadn't lost as much as Thor. Both of them still had the people they loved, alive and safe.

Steve looked over at Tony, who still hadn't woken up. He was undamaged, physically but Steve understood the pain that went with captivity and he was willing to bet there would be some lasting PTSD.

As the days and nights passed, doctors came in to check on Tony. While they were there, they looked over Steve, made sure the few wounds he had were healing. Steve had refused to move from Tony's side, refused to let go of his hand.

Steve clung to Tony for life, needing desperately to see those brown eyes again. He needed to hear the smooth silky, sassy voice that went with his best friend and the man he loved.

Three days he sat, in an uncomfortable chair. Sleeping on the side of the bed, were he not a super soldier, his body would have objected to the mistreatment. Fury or someone, more likely Coulson, had ordered that he be brought food and then not be disturbed. He was thankful someone was at least sort of watching out for him, because he was only looking out for Tony.

By the end of the third day, Steve and the rest of the staff had started to worry that Tony had actually gotten hurt in the battle. They had looked him over, run scans and all kinds of other tests Steve couldn't begin to understand. They hadn't found anything to be wrong physically with Tony, he was simply sleeping.

Steve had known Tony to kind of hibernate when he had been up for days, but he's never seen Tony sleep for so long.

Steve was up early as usual, he hadn't gotten more than a few hours a sleep since Tony had been taken. The hand beneath his tightened and Steve looked up from the book he was reading to see brown eyes staring at him. Steve smiled, his heart clenching as the smile was returned. Steve stood to call the nurse but the grip on his hand tightened and Steve looked down.

"Don't go." Tony's voice was raspy and weak.

Steve nodded, "I'm not going anywhere, I promise." He reached across Tony and pressed the nurses call button. Then settled on the bed next to Tony's legs. The man had been unwilling to let go of Steve's hand. Steve wasn't about to complain.

The nurse came in, took Tony's vitals and left. Steve was sure a doctor or the director would be alerted to Tony's return to consciousness.

"How long was I out?"

"Three and a half days. We were starting to get worried."

"Please, I'm fine. Hows everyone else? Hows Thor?" Tony didn't feel too bad for being held against his will for the two weeks. Tony had been unsure of how long he'd been down in the cave, until Morrigan had explained the Samhain ritual. He wasn't worried about himself, he wanted to know that everyone else had come out of the fight alright. Watching Jane be murdered in front on him had been pretty hard to take, but it was nothing compared to what he imagined Thor was feeling. Everyone knew how much Thor loved Jane.

"I haven't seen anyone else. Clint has been at Natasha's side since mid battle. I'm pretty sure Nat's going to put a bullet in his foot if he doesn't stop hovering. Bruce has been the only one allowed anywhere near Thor."

Tony's eyebrows rose in shock, Thor and the Hulk had never really gotten along so Bruce had typically kept his distance. Tony had been the only person to know how much Bruce hated it. Bruce and The Hulk didn't always see eye to eye on people they wanted to be friends with.

"Yeah, I know," Steve said, seeing Tony's reaction. "I'm not sure what happened there but the Hulk has been kind of protective of Thor. Its my understanding that Fury tried to talk to Thor and Banner hulked out and destroyed part of the room they had been in. No one has tried to get to them since."

"I want to try." Tony said, releasing Steve's had for the first time since he'd woken up. Pulling the cords from his chest and removing the IV from his arm, Tony sat up.

Steve sighed, "Of course you do." He said, moving off the bed. "Pepper brought you clothing, they are hanging on the hook in the bathroom." Tony smiled and padded to the bathroom. He was glad that Steve hadn't fought him when he removed the monitors.

Pepper was the most amazing assistant anyone could ever ask for. He was glad that their relationship had remained intact after their breakup. It had been a pretty easy break in all honesty. He was in love with someone else and she knew that.

She had found happiness with Happy. Tony was infinitely pleased that two of his best friends could find each other in a time with less and less things to be happy about.

A simple tee shirt and sleep pants hung on the hook in the bathroom and Tony wasted no time shedding the hospital gown. He was on a mission and no amount of doctors or nurses would stop him. He needed to see Thor. Looking in the mirror, Tony smoothed his unruly hair. He should shower, but that could wait. His eyes looked worn. Images of the battle flashed behind his eyes. visions of Jane's last few moments burned into his retinas. He closed his eyes willing the images to go away, but they refused. The nearly decapitated body of Jane Foster floated behind his eyes and he opened them again.

"Lets do this," he said, walking out of the bathroom. Steve was still in his stars and stripes, but stood by the door, waiting for Tony. "Do you have a change of clothing?"

Steve nodded to the chair beside the bed Tony had been sleeping in. A shield issued pair of sweats sat on the floor.

"Well, go change, I'll wait for you."

Steve hesitated but nodded and grabbed the clothing. He was in and out of the bathroom in less time than Tony would have thought possible. He had to remind himself that Steve was military trained. They had to get used to changing under a time constraint.

Steve and Tony walked down the corridors in step. Outside Banner's office they paused. Tony knocked, but no one answered.

"Its kind of early, maybe they are in their quarters?" Steve said.

Tony was entering his code to Bruce's office. The door slid open and both men walked in. He was used to finding Banner asleep in his office, it had been the reason he had been willing to check there before checking the sleeping quarters. He had not expected to see Thor and Bruce snuggled next to each other on the far too small couch.

"Well, they're still asleep." Tony said, looking at Steve.

Steve nodded, a small smile on his face.

"Tony?" Bruce's raspy voice said, his floppy gray haired head poked up from around Thor's shoulder.

"Hey big green, how ya doing?" Tony asked, watching Bruce rub his eyes and extricate himself from Thor's hold.

"Good. How are you?" He asked, putting his glasses on and coming to stand in front of Steve and Tony.

"I'm fine. Kind of feel like a I went three rounds with a bottle of scotch, but other than the headache, I'm fine."

Bruce nodded, Tony was sure he knew that feeling well.

"How's he doing?" Tony asked looking at the slumbering demigod.

"Not good, Jane's memorial is in a few days and he's a wreck. I can't say I blame him." The three men stood there silently staring at the one person who had lost the most since they had all met.

Somehow, it was always Thor that was getting the short end of things. His brother had destroyed half of midtown and been locked away in an Asgardian prison. An ex girlfriend had come to earth to extract her revenge and had taken the life of the one he loved most. Thor had lost so much.

Tony couldn't imagine how he felt. The thought of losing Steve made his chest hurt. He moved closer to the blond and unconsciously wrapped his hand in Steve's. Steve gave a gentle squeeze and Tony relaxed his pained thoughts. He hadn't lost Steve. Steve was standing right next to him.

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