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Johnny stood over the sleeping form of Darcy. The night had not gone the way he had expected. Johnny put on a good front. Everyone liked to compare him to Tony Stark. The playboy flyboy with the hot head, but the fact was, Johnny stopped being those things after Sue had died, were it not for Norrin, he wouldn't have a sister anymore. It kind of put things in perspective. He'd watched Ben and Alicia fall in love and get married, he saw Reed and Sue all the time. He had wanted that for himself. He was done being the bachelor who played the field. He was allowed to want to settle down. He had thought Clint... He tried really hard not to think about the way that relationship had ended. He really did, but it still hurt. He had always been the one to cheat, the one to break it off. He'd never been on the receiving end. He could finally say, it felt like shit.

He wasn't mad anymore, that had been almost four years ago. He had fallen back into the playboy ways, because they were easy, and they numbed the pain, be he had longed for more. When he had met Darcy, he hadn't known she would bring him back to The Avengers. He hadn't known she knew them. He had met her in the square, while she was getting coffee. He had thought, "hey, she's cute." He couldn't have known she would give him something he was missing.

He had not expected to be taken back to the tower and introduced to Steve Captain America Rogers. Darcy had told him all about her "brother" Steve, but she hadn't said he was Captain America. To say that was intimidating would be an understatement. He had met Tony a few times but nothing to be able to consider the man a friend. It had been weird, but he had spent the night with Darcy that night and when he left that morning, he had honestly no intention of calling her or seeing her again. Except, she had gotten under his skin somehow. He found that he thought about her all the time, wondered what she was doing, if she thought about him. It had taken him a week to call her after the night he had met her, she had, in true Darcy fashion, torn him a new one.

It had taken him a month, and being busted by Tony, to realize just how much he felt for her. The idea that a super soldier from the 1940s would be gunning for his head on a pike scared the hell out of him. He had put on a brave face, but Johnny wasn't sure he could match Steve blow for blow. If Steve didn't have the shield sure, but a shield in the hands of Captain America was a more deadly weapon than any he had ever seen. Tony had hit a nerve when he had brought up Clint. Everyone had been so willing to believe that Johnny had been the one to fuck up. He hadn't been the one that went to Budapest leaving a boyfriend behind and came home with a girlfriend too. Johnny didn't share.

It had been that night that he realized that he had fallen in love with Darcy. Tony's words of warning that Steve would kill him if he hurt Darcy made him realize how badly he never wanted to hurt her. He had had a slight panic attack on the way home at that realization. It was a blow to the gut, something he had never expected to happen again.

But he had hurt her, he may not have been the one that drugged her, but he was the reason. Doom had taken care of Ben and he had thought he had taken care of Reed. Johnny was the only one that needed to be disposed of. He had used Darcy. He had tried to kill Johnny using Darcy, all because he wanted Sue back.

She was never going to be the Baroness Von Doom again, but that didn't stop Doom from trying to get her back. It was the only reason Doom ever did anything. He was sure that all of this had been a ploy to get Sue under his control.

Johnny just needed to figure out how to get to Doom, how to get Sue out of there without injuring her. He had lost her once, he wasn't going to lose her again.

Darcy twitched and Johnny crouched down. "Darcy?" Her skin was pale and clammy. Her eyes fluttered open and she threw her arm over her eyes.

"Worst hangover ever," she groaned. "Make the room stop spinning."

Johnny smiled, "I wish I could Darc, but I need you to tell me what you remember."

"What happened? Why are we in Tony and Steve's living room?" Darcy tried to sit up, Johnny stood up, to all her to move, but the movement had her leaning over the side of the couch and puking. Johnny stood there, unsure what to do. What was the protocol for when your girlfriend puked on you anyway?

"Oh god, I'm really sorry." Darcy looked horrified, her cheeks a warm pink.

"Don't worry about it, babe." He wasn't. There were worse things in the world than having your shoes thrown up on.

"Steve! Tony!"

"Please don't yell." Darcy said, laying back down on the couch.

Both Steve and Tony came running down the hall and skidded into the living room. Steve had gotten out of his suit and was in the Captain America costume pants and undershirt. The over shirt in his hand. Tony hand changed into his flight suit.

"Darcy!" Steve said sliding in next to Johnny.

"Ah...You may want to go get cleaned up Torch." Tony said looking down at pool a puke Johnny was standing in. Johnny nodded, but wasn't sure what to do. He didn't want to track it all over Tony's house.

"I'll be right back." Tony left.

"Darcy, what happened after you went to the bathroom?" Steve asked sitting down on the couch and watching Darcy. His eyes scanned her face and over her body, taking in every subtlety that only his advanced tactical mind would notice.

"I...I don't remember. I remember heading into the bathroom and turning around because someone had said my name, but thats it. Why? What happened?"

Tony was back and handed Johnny a towel. Fighting Doom in puke covered clothing, was not the way he had planned to spend his night. Fighting Doom hadn't been on his list, but that changed when the jerk messed with Darcy.

"We need to meet Nat and Clint at the jet," Tony said to Steve, while Johnny cleaned himself up.

"But what about Darcy? We can't just leave her here alone." Johnny was still really worried about her, he wasn't about to leave her unattended. He wasn't going to sit the fight out if he didn't have to, but he needed to know Darcy was being looked after.

Steve looked up at Johnny a glint of something in his eyes, Johnny hoped it was approval, but he wasn't going to set himself up for that fall, just yet anyway.

"She can stay with Bruce in the lab. We'll take Thor with us, we may need his lightning to electro fry Von Doom." Tony said to both Johnny and Steve. Darcy wasn't saying anything. Her head rested on the arm of the couch, her eyes shut.

Steve zipped up his outer spangly kevlar and stood. "I'll take Darcy down to Bruce and grab Thor. Johnny go with Tony and meet Nat and Clint.

Both Johnny and Tony nodded as Steve scooped Darcy up. The four of them were descending to their levels in no time. Steve stepping off at Bruce's level to get Thor and give Darcy over to the good doctor.

Tony and Johnny to where Clint and Natasha waited.

Clint wrinkled his nose when Johnny and Tony walked in. "You stink."

"Darcy puked on him." Tony pointed to Johnny as the elevator doors opened again, Steve, Thor and Reed exiting.

"Lets get this over with," Steve said.

The group of heroes nodded. Each one of them suited up and ready for a fight.

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