Welp, here we are, chapter one.

I note that this chapter was written whilst listening to but Everlove's Cities of Dust and The Puscifier's Humbling River. Epic.

For the Destroids, they're basically the Destroid Cheyennes from Macross Zero with some alterations. For example, instead of only being equipped with Gatling guns and lasers, they possess hardpoints that can be outfitted with any compatible weapon.

As for the 'mysterious SMS fighter', that's basically the VF-0 from Macross Zero, with the described paintjob and the caveat that all engine exhaust and weapons fire is green.

The 57th Adversary Tactics Group and 64th Aggressor Squadron are real Air Force units that operate out of Nellis Air Force Base. I'm given to understand that they're more of a training unit though, IRL.

The F-35E Lightning Strike Fighter is a fictional variation I made of the F-35 Lightning II that's being developed in real life. It's basically just the same fighter that Fowler pilots in Transformers Prime canon, but it may get expanded in future chapters.


I do not own Transformers or Macross. I'm not making money off of this story. Shall we move on?

Transformers Prime: Macross Rising

Chapter One: From the Ashes

Derelict Decepticon Warship Harbinger, Earth
August 5, 2014 A.D., 10:07 AM

UNIT: Autobot Force Omega
COMMANDER: Ultra Magnus, Temporary
MISSION: Disable Darkmount's Fusion Cannons
PRIMARY TARGET: Darkmount Fusion Cannon Power Core

It was half of a hulk of ancient, ruined spaceship that the Autobots found themselves using as a base. Starscream's old hideout, back when he was still scrabbling for the scraps the Autobots gave him in return for his information. The knowledge gave Arcee a twisting, acidic feeling of bitterness. They were preparing to begin the mission...in a few moments, Ratchet would open the Groundbridge for Miko, and the Japanese teenager would send a phone call that, if all went according to plan, would draw away the majority of the Vehicons from Darkmount, allowing Arcee and Bumblebee to move in and infiltrate the fortress.

At the same time, the two Wreckers, Wheeljackand Bulkhead, would engage what was left of Darkmount's patrols in the open.

Hopefully it would be enough...

Enough to let her in...and find Starscream and Megatron...

For Cliffjumper...

For Optimus...

For Jack...

A pattern of buzzes, clicks and whirs sounded as Bumblebee patted her on the shoulder, the scout giving her a supporting look.

"Thanks Bee."

The characteristic warping sound of a Groundbridge portal indicated the start of the mission. Arcee readied herself to fight, running a quick diagnostic before grabbing the weapon she took from Ultra Magnus' ship.

It was a high-intensity laser, perfectly capable of melting a Vehicon's armor off of its endostructure.

Arcee wondered what it would do to Megatron's face.

Jasper Outskirts, Nevada, United States of America
10:15 AM

UNIT: SMS Destroid Platoon 'Primal'
COMMANDER: First Lieutenant [REDACTED], Codename PROPHET
MISSION: Provide support to allied Cybertronian assets 'Autobots' and friendly SMS unit 'Phoenix'
PRIMARY TARGETS: Decepticon Installation 66S 'Darkmount', HVT-D1, HVT-D2, HVT-D3, HVT-D4
MISSION LOAD-OUT: 2 x 'Cheyenne' Medium-Range Squads (2 x 20mm Energon Gatling Guns/250,000 rounds SAPHE, 2 x 5mm Tactical High-Energy Lasers, High-Powered Radar Dome, 2 x Micro-Missile Launchers/12 x SESRAAM Micro-Missiles)
2 x 'Spartan' Close-Quarters Combat Squads (Reactive Armor Plating, 2 x High-Frequency Armblades, 2 x Collapsible Ablative Alloy Shields, Secondary Vernier Thruster Packs, 2 x Micro-Missile Launchers/12 x SESRAAM Micro-Missiles)
1 x 'Tomahawk' Long-Range Support Squad (1 x 120mm Cannon/90 Shells of various makes and purposes, 2 x Minelayer Systems/30 Energon-Explosive Smart-Mines, 2 x 45mm Autocannons, 2 x Tactical High-Energy Lasers, 2 x Micro-Missile Launchers/12 x SESRAAM Micro-Missiles)

It was a cramped, dark place, the cockpit of a Destroid. A claustrophobic would have a foaming fit at just hearing of it, and only the slightest of men and women would feel at all comfortable. One would think that such a small space wouldn't have room for complicated control systems, but they'd be wrong. Dozens of buttons, knobs and switches were mounted on two joysticks at the end of parts intended to strap to the the pilot's forearm, serving to control the arms and weapons systems while pedals with latches intended to clamp onto the pilot's boots aided in controlling the motor systems. Memorizing these complex controls to be able to operate merely by feel was a task required of all trainees.

All-in-all, being a Destroid pilot is like having the worst parts of a tank driver and a jet pilot. Staff Sergeant 'NOMAD' thought. Of course, the fact that its all to pilot a giant robot is a fairly good compensation. He grinned, flexing his hand around the joystick and watching through the helmet-mounted HUD as the Gatling Guns mounted on his Destroid's arms whirred to life briefly.

A beep and the appearance of a blinking icon on the HUD caught NOMAD's attention.

"Primal Actual to all units. Autobots are beginning operation. Power up from stand-by and prepare to engage Victors, Vipers and Igors." The order came from PROPHET, leader of Primal Platoon and Eagle Squad.

NOMAD watched as all around his Destroid, visors lit up green and robots with camouflage patterned-skins of tan, brown and dark gray shades began to move. His own Squad, Cougar, were formed up behind him in a wedge.

"Squads Ape and Rhino, I want you in front with your shields at the ready. Intercept Victor fire and accelerate to engage in Close-Quarters. Rat, Cougar, track and eliminate approaching Vipers and Igors, support Ape and Rhino when free. Eagle, ready to provide long-range fire support."

"Alright Cougars, remember the Sim battles and we out to pull through fine."

"Rowr!" Came the chorus. NOMAD had no idea who in his squad decided to make that the unofficial response, but he didn't mind much.

"Bet I get more kills than you do." 'PSYCHO', commander of Destroid Spartan Squad Ape, challenged.

"Maybe." NOMAD acknowledged. "But if the Sim data's any indication, Phoenix'll have all of us beat."

"Heh. True."










Nellis Air Force Base
10:24 AM

UNIT: Alpha Flight, 64th Aggressor Squadron, 57th Adversary Tactics Group
COMMANDER: Agent William Fowler, USA Autobot Liaison, Temporary
MISSION: Destroy Decepticon Installation 66S AKA 'Darkmount'
PRIMARY TARGETS: Decepticon Installation 66S 'Darkmount'
MISSION LOAD-OUT: 6 x F-35E Lightning Strike Fighters, (1 x GAU-22/A 4-Barreled 25mm Gatling Gunpod/300 rounds, 2 x AGM-158 Joint Air-to-Surface Standoff Missiles)

Just like being in the army all over again. Fowler thought to himself. Hurry up and wait.

It had been a rush to get authorization to commandeer one of the active flights and ready his own customized Lightning, throwing all the codeword authentications he needed at the base commander and readying for combat.

Of course, until he got word that the Autobots off-lined those cannons on top of the big ugly tower Megatron had magicked up somehow, they didn't dare take off and risk the Decepticons detecting them and wiping out several cities, just like they did that Army company.

Fowler's thoughts were interrupted by the familiar hum of aircraft engines, and he twisted around in his cockpit to see a white jet unlike any he'd ever seen before taxiing down one of the other runways.

He jammed his finger on the radio.

"Tower! I specifically ordered all aircraft grounded except for Alpha Flight! What is that fighter doing?"

"Sorry Agent Fowler, but that's an SMS unit. We don't have any authority over it."

"SMS? What's a Special Military Service unit doing here?" Fowler growled.

"Don't know. They threw all the usual stuff at us, 'Top Secret', 'that's classified', 'Need-to-know', the usual junk."

"Well, dammit, tell them to stop that fighter! If it-" Fowler was interrupted by the howl of said fighter's engines as it accelerated, roaring down the runway. In moments, the jet was in the air and flying away. Fowler had to stop and stare at it.

Why in the world would a human jet have green exhaust?

Darkmount, Nevada

UNIT: Autobot Force Omega, Sub-Element 1 (Wheeljack, Bulkhead)
COMMANDER: Ultra Magnus, Temporary
MISSION: Disable Darkmount's Fusion Cannons
PRIMARY TARGET: Darkmount Fusion Cannon Power Core
MISSION LOAD-OUT: 1 x Heavy Ion Rifle, 1 x E-Volt Combat Whip, Body-Integrated Blasters and Melee Weapons, Energon Grenades

"Fire in another hole!" Wheeljack called out, lobbing his last grenade at the eyesore in front of him. It detonated with a very satisfying 'THOOM' and the Wrecker hid a satisfied grin under his combat mask as he and Bulkhead advanced rapidly.

Moments later, a few dozen Vehicon Seekers descended from Darkmount, blasters blazing and hitting virtually everything but the two Wreckers.

Right on time. Bulkhead thought, firing a shot from the Heavy Ion Rifle. The bolt of energy blasted a Seeker to dust, and he let off a few more rounds as Wheeljack lashed out with the E-Volt whip he took from Ultra Magnus' armory, a contained bolt of electricity slicing through three Seekers in a row.

Transforming his free hand into a blaster, Wheeljack joined Bulkhead in shooting down some more of the silver-painted drones,

Right up until a buzzing sound made them pause.

"Scrap." Wheeljack swore, just as the first of many enormous beetle-like bots landed before them.

"Insecticons. Wasn't Ratchet supposed to draw them off?" Bulkhead wondered aloud, before blasting the one in front of them. The shot shattered the 'con's shoulder, depriving it of one of its arms.

It's reaction was to issue the same warbling screech they all did, just as twenty more bugs landed around the Autobots.

The two Wreckers looked at each other.

"Bet you can't kill more than I do." Wheeljack challenged.

"Hah! You're on!" Bulkhead said, shouldering the rifle and taking aim at the closest Insecticon.

Which then exploded.

None of the Cybertronians had the time to check their optics before a line of tan-and-brown mechs slammed into the Insecticon ranks. There were twenty-four of them, each an angular machine with reverse-jointed legs, heavy-looking armor plates, and enormous gold-glowing blades for arms, with short elbow extensions that had hands on the end. Two of the robots had red strips on either side of their heads, one of which was wrestling with an Insecticon in front of them. One of the robots' arms was flipped, the hand on the 'elbow' part gripped around an Insecticons head. A single stroke with the other arm decapitated it, and the robot held the head for a moment before crushing it.

Then it turned to them. The Wreckers tensed, ready to bring up their weapons.

"Hoy, you guys are Bulkhead and Wheeljack, right?" The robot asked, pointing to each with an Energon-covered blade. After a second, they nodded. "Great! Staff Sergeant PSCYHO, of the New United Nations' Special Military Service, at yours."

"Uh...thanks...but what are you guys-"

"Hold that thought." PSYCHO interrupted Bulkhead, turning to the rest of the robots. "Oy! Cover up! We got Vipers coming on an assault run!" The robots, even those who hadn't yet finished off their opponent, formed up into a line and raised their arms. Panels there folded out, forming a wall of interlinked shields that fended off the blaster bolts of the flight of Seekers passing by. The robots had been kind enough to make their defensive formation around the Wreckers, shielding them as well.

And then there was the sound of something ripping, and suddenly the air filled with dozens of tiny green streaks of light, that tore through the Seekers. Turning, the two Autobots saw yet more robots, these ones without the armor plating and fitted with Gatling guns instead of blades, firing on the Seekers. Now, the two 'bots noticed that these machines were rolling forward, and close inspection revealed wheels built into their feet.

There were twenty-four more of the Gatling-equipped robots, and just behind them were twelve more that had each had what looked like a tank cannon on their shoulder.

"Huh. Humans?" Wheeljack directed his question at PSYCHO.

"Been so all my life, although the wife would disagree with you."

"What are these things then?"


"Heh. Won't argue there."

Darkmount Airspace, Nevada

UNIT: Autobot Force Omega, Sub-Element 2 (Ultra Magnus)
COMMANDER: Ultra Magnus, Temporary
MISSION: Disable Darkmount's Fusion Cannons
PRIMARY TARGET: Darkmount Fusion Cannon Power Core
MISSION LOAD-OUT: 1 x Assault Transport, 1 x Nucleon Battle Rifle, Integrated Blasters and Melee Weapons

"Fowler, what is the meaning of this?" Ultra Magnus demanded, having opened a commlink to Fowler's fighter.

"Of what?" The agent's reply came back.

"There are human forces assaulting Darkmount! There's a platoon of robots attacking the fortress!"

"Say what? Robots?"

"Yes, robots. They say they're of the New United Nations Special Military Service."

"What in the name of Benjamin Franklin's kite is going on here? I just had a SMS fighter take off from this base!"

Shaking his head, Ultra Magnus switched off the link.

I'll have to accelerate the plan. He decided. Hopefully, the human forces can fend off the Predacon when it's deployed.

Banking his ship, the Autobot Commander landed it on one of the many superfluous-looking spikes extending out from Darkmount, taking his battle rifle and hopping out the hatch before the ship flew away on autopilot. Charging down the spike, Ultra Magnus leaped for a window the scans suggested led to the fortress' power core, blasting the glass out before landing inside the chamber.

Around, Vehicons manned several stations that presumably controlled the Fusion Cannons. He took them down methodically, single shots taking out a single Vehicon until only he lived within the room.

Giving the room a once-over to make sure, Ultra Magnus took aim at the power core-

Only for an energy bolt to blast his rifle out of his hands, and Megatron to land with a floor-shaking impact.

"Ultra Magnus." The warlord greeted. "Allow me to venture: You were attempting to disarm my Fusion Cannons, by disabling their power core."

"Indeed Megatron." The Commander activated his built-in blasters. "And you are standing in my way." Megatron just laughed.

"You think you can defeat me? I was fighting in the pits of Kaon before you were sparked! As for the others, you think we were unaware of the scout and the femme, slinking through my fortess? Or do you think that the Wreckers and those charming little human machines will defeat my forces?" Megatron gestured out the window, where swarms of Insecticons and Seekers were approaching the small force.










Both Megatron and Ultra Magnus were shocked when an enormous swarm of missiles appeared, drawing sweeping arcs of contrails through the air as they homed in on targets. It seemed like there were a dozen missiles for every Decepticon in the air, and even when a Seeker or an Insecticon avoided one missile, three more locked in on them and struck, creating a panoply of explosions across the clouded sky.

A mere moment after, the apparent launcher of the missiles appeared.

It was a white jet fighter, with red strips along the main body and edging the wings. The wings were variable form, capable of sweeping back and forth depending on lift requirement, and the engines had movable nozzles that could vector the thrust in different directions. Notably, unlike the other human aircraft the two Cybertronians had seen, this one had a smooth metal canopy instead of glass.

"Impressive." Megatron acknowledged. Then he opened up a commlink to the Nemesis.

"Deploy the Predacon."

A roar sounded, menacing in its tone and threatening to all enemies of the Decepticons.

Historical Records

New United Nations

Formed after the end of the Unification War, the New United Nations is essentially a more centralized and authoritative form of the Twentieth-Century United Nations. Prompted by the chaos of the collapse of the Soviet Union, most of the United Nations member states proposed several reforms to empower the United Nations with more authority over the component countries. Many other nations refused these reforms. The resulting split effectively shattered the UN, and escalating disputes and disagreements led to the outbreak of the war.

While long and destructive, the Unification War ended with the victory of the UN Forces and the defeat and dissolution of the Anti-UN Alliance. The aftermath of the war saw the creation of the New United Nations, which acted quickly in its post-war agenda, reconstructing damaged cities and overseeing humanitarian efforts with military forces and assets seconded by its member nations. Much effort was directed in reparations to former Anti-UN Alliance states, giving the NUN a great public relations boost in those countries.

The New United Nations is a powerful supranational union, with a blanket authority in many areas, and is able to pass and enforce laws that all of its member states must adhere to. These laws are determined by the NUN Parliamentary Assembly, and are enforced by the NUN Security Council, which commands a Peacekeeper force that is composed of units seconded to the NUN by member nations, including US carrier battle groups, UK Army regiments and Russian air wings.

For the most part though, each member nation retains its sovereignty, maintaining their own economic and political policies.