Chapter 1: Start of the games

It was the annual school games at Magus high, like the ski trip it was a parent/student event. The whole school yard was decked in the school's colors and with the games.

"Oh yeah, dawgs! A whole day off from school!" Ice cheered happily, since this was one of Ice favorite events from the school year.

As the Jteens with Sophie walked through the school's gate.

Colleen and Chrissie giggled at Ice his happy mood, true they were also excited about the games. All but one of the teens was excited…

"Yes, A whole day off from school. To go play this required sports…" Hsi Wu grumbled.

"Come on, His Wu. It will be fun," Ice and Sophie said "to see Stacey complaining about all the obligated effort she has to do."

The teens and Sophie laughed at that, as Stacey stomped angrily through the gates instead of her cheerleading uniform, she was wearing gym clothes.

While Tori walked behind sighing at the drama of her daughter.

"Grr, you. You're the one that put mom up to this, Iggy" she said with venom as she stomped over to Ice and his friends.

"Ice, isn't the one who put me up to this," Tori said "your father and I decided you should do something else in sports besides cheerleading."

"What?!" Stacey shrieked.

"There no point refusing it because you're playing those games," Tori said as she dragged a protesting Stacey towards the sign up.

"How are you able to life with such a banshee?!" Hsi Wu exclaimed, lowering his hands from his ears.

"It ain't easy, dude" Ice said kinda happy see Stacey being so miserable.

"Well, your mother certainly has her hands full of her, Ice" Xiao Fung said as he walked over to the teens with Tso Lan and Dai Gui in human form.

"Yeah, tell me about," Ice said.

"So are you three going to play the games too," Cody said as he saw the three demon in human form in gym clothes.

"Of course, we want some quality time with our dear nephew," Dai Gui said chuckling as Drago's cheeks when a bit red.

"Uncle," Drago muttered embarrassed.

"I think it's sweet that you guys do that," Chrissie said "Is Drago's grandpa coming too?"

"Dad said he would come," Tso Lan said "but he had to do some things in town first."

"Okay, guess will see him soon," Colleen said as two shrieks filled the air.

Everyone looked around to see Stacey and Bianca being separated from each other by Tori, Po Kong and Shendu in human form.

"I think we better help our brother and sisters," Xiao Fung said as he walked off with his brothers.

"Well, guys I better go help Rose and Sara with the Sign Up," Sophie said.

"Okay, we've gotta put our stuff away," Ice said.

A few minutes later the teens were on their to the Sign Up, when a voice yelled…

"Hey, Skaterboy!"

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