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As the Dementor descended toward him, the air turned cold and Severus Snape felt paralysing fear creeping into his body.

Think happy thoughts, he struggled to command his sluggish mind. Hermione! he mindlessly called out to his wife.

It was still a wonder to him that he was happily married, that she somehow thought him worthy of her.

The Dementor latched onto his hidden doubt and pressed closer.

His teeth chattering, his body frozen in place and unable to move, Severus swiftly turned away from his wife to think of others that he loved.

It was a short list.

His mind flashed back to the day he became a father for the first time. The pain Hermione had gone through was unimaginable and he cried out as the Dementor invaded his mind and heightened the pain.

But then the air seemed a little warmer as his mind followed the memory through – to the moment when the baby was placed in his arms.

He'd never felt such a rush of love and certainty than at that moment holding his newborn daughter.

There had been children since, but there was something special about your first child, the result of a love of two parents manifested.

As he clung onto that loving moment – happiness coursing through his veins – he could almost hear the roar inside his head as the Dementor screamed his frustration and retreated.

Breathing heavily, Severus Snape struggled up to brace himself on his hands and knees. Moving upright shakily, he sucked in a deep breath.

Stumbling home, chilled to the bone, all he wanted to do was hug his family and never let go.