5. Gone Head over Heals

Harry made his way through the train looking into the compartments, greeting his friends and greeting staring first years. Suddenly Lucius Malfoy appeared in his way, effectively stopping him in his tracks.

"Potter." He spat. Lucius made a face as if had come across something particularly disgusting.

"Malfoy." Harry answered with the same disgust apparent in his voice. The war may be over, but he still distrusted and disliked the older Malfoy.

They mustered each other and then moved to the sides, passing each other, avoiding further contact. Harry briefly wondered what Lucius was doing here on the train, only to move on to the wagon he saw the older Malfoy exit. And sure as that he found the person he searched for. He opened the door of the cabin.

"Malfoy." He greeted without knocking first.

Draco looked out out the window and absentmindedly chewed on a bead with the flavor of mint. A pretty boring flavor but it tasted good. Thats when the door opened up again.

He turned his head toward the new intruder, prepared to trash him to the ground. But instead Draco froze with his lips slightly parted and no sound escaping it.


The first thing he noticed was that delicious mouth-watering smell that came pouring in. The odor was the aroma of flowers, a fresh summer breeze with something earthy mixed in and with a note of of something else he couldn't put his finger on. The only thing he knew was that it was the most pleasant aroma he had ever smelled in his life. The fragrance seemed to envelop him like cotton filling his lungs and making him swallow hard. His whole body tingled and prickled pleasurably at the sensation.

Before him stood Harry Potter and he didn't look nor sound particularly friendly either. He scowled at Draco, clearly awaiting some sort of answer, but the only thing to mind was how amazingly beautiful Harry looked. Harry?

"Malfoy?! What are you gaping at me for? You should close that mouth of yours unless you want a fly to come by to visit." Harry lifted an eyebrow, effectively emphasizing his green eyes.

Self consciously Draco closed his mouth and continued looking. That face was simply mesmerizing. No force in the world could tear his gaze from those emerald eyes. They were black-rimmed by long lashes, making the color appear deeper and somewhat unearthly.

"Malfoy! Are you listening to me? Lost your tongue?" Harry clearly sounded irritated. Wanting to appease him, Draco said the first thing to come to mind.

"Where are your glasses?"

The look of astonishment he received was priceless.

"Um, I-I got magical contact lenses from Herm on my birthday. W-Why ...do you ask?" Harry stuttered through his answer.

"Your eyes look really dazzling. Did anyone tell you that?" The words just naturally flowed out of his mouth. Draco didn't even stop to think, taking deep breaths instead and looking at Harry. He smiled warmly at his mate, his happiness spilling over and reaching out. Distantly a part whispered that he should look out since that wasn't his happiness spilling over but his allure. The voice was quickly silenced, Draco's attention focused on Harry alone.

Draco thought Harry looked simply stunning with that confused expression on and the faint blush coloring his cheeks. It was far less visible than Draco's own, because Harry had such wonderfully milk chocolate tanned skin. He wondered briefly if it would taste as good as it looked, bringing more color to his own face.

"Um, Malfoy? I heard you were ill, seems like you didn't lie. Do you need something?"

"You." Came the immediate reply.

"Me? What do you need me to do? Should I get you something?" Harry came in, looking around.

That, as the sane part of Draco realized, was the worst decision ever since the door automatically slid close behind Harry, effectively cutting off the fresh air supply. The compartment filled itself with Harry's delicious smell and Draco took even deeper breaths. He felt light headed and a bit drunk with that scent. To keep control he closed his eyes and lowered his head. The voice and smell were bad enough as it was already. He wanted to just shoot all concerns to hell and beyond. It was hard not to look, not to touch, hold him, kiss him and lick him all over...

Draco's breathing became fitful and it suddenly became really warm. He felt like his insides were on fire, burning him up. He gulped and licked his lips trying to think of something to say. Anything really to break the tension. How come that only six years after had he realized how wonderfully gorgeous Harry looked.

"Malfoy?" Harry kneeled down in front of him and placed his hand under Draco's chin, lifting up his face to look the other in the eye. "You okay?"

The concern in Harry's face and voice sent the veela part in Draco cheering but even more so the touch. Every sense in his body concentrated on that feeling on his face. It felt like faint impulses shot out from there, warm and comforting. Now with his mate finally so near and actually touching him, voicing concern for him, the big and deep hole in Drago's chest seemed to finally fill up. He wanted to look his mate in the eye, smile at him and tell him he's alright. That he is happy and ask him if it would be alright for him to stay.

And so Draco opened his eyes to do exactly that and was met with warm deep-green eyes right next to his. Harry was close. Too close.

Draco gulped again. When he drew closer and forced his eyes shut again. His hands were already encircled around Harry's neck, drawing himself to him, pushing against him.

He felt Harry lose balance and fall backwards onto the floor, pulling Draco along. But as his mate didn't give any sound of pain, Draco simply concentrated on the bliss he felt, lying in his mates arms, pressed flush against his body. He buried his head in Harry's neck, inhaling his aroma and nuzzling deeper into the crook of Harry's neck. It felt so right. His head fitted into the crook as if it was made just for him. He purred deep in his throat at the sensation. Harry was his and at that moment Draco realized he would never be letting anyone take him away.

That was also the moment when the door slid open. Though truth to be told Draco barely registered the interference and he honestly didn't care as long as he got to stay by Harry.

Harry stood in the door frame and looked at his arch enemy. Malfoy didn't look sick, but the way he stared at him was somewhat strange.

Five months had gone by since they saw each other last, after the final battle of the war. During that time Draco Malfoy changed quite a bit. Astonished Harry realized that the Slytherin was now nearly as tall as him, which robbed him of the privilege to condescendingly look down on the other during their fights.

"Malfoy?! What are you gaping at me for? You should close that mouth of yours unless you want a fly to come by to visit." He stared at Malfoy expecting a bratty retort, but nothing came.

Self consciously Malfoy closed his mouth and continued looking. That gaze was slightly disturbing especially as the retort he was expecting was still missing. Malfoy looked at him as if he saw him for the first time that moment. Harry couldn't remember a time when that face wasn't spoiled by Malfoy's rotten smile, smirk or scowl. Now his features were soft and that transformed his enemy's face completely. Harry always thought that Malfoy looked easy on the eye but right now he looked simply gorgeous, Harry admitted to himself. Too bad his angelic face hid the soul of the satan in disguise.

"Malfoy! Are you listening to me? Lost your tongue?" Harry began to grow irritated. They both shared a business, trying to make the other more miserable each time they met. So it wasn't any fun dealing out shots if nothing came back.

"Where are your glasses?"

Harry could only gape at him, completely taken by surprise.

"Um, I-I got magical contact lenses from Herm on my birthday. W-Why ...do you ask?" Harry stuttered through his answer. Was something wrong with Malfoy after all? What was up with that random question?

"Your eyes look really dazzling. Did anyone tell you that?"

Now Harry knew something was way wrong. Unless this was some new tactic to embarrass him by embarrassing himself first, which wouldn't make any sense as the damage would be even on both sides. Ashamed, Harry realized that the compliment had brought blood rushing to his face. He couldn't help it, since Malfoy was looking him in the eye, looking and sounding so sincere. No one had ever told him something like that before.

"Um, Malfoy? I heard you were ill, seems like you didn't lie. Do you need something?"

"You." Came the immediate reply.

"Me? What do you need me to do? Should I get you something?" Harry came in, looking around. He could have ignored his concern for the other, but reckoned it was alright to feel that way, as the situation was pretty bizarre as it was thus needing bizarre measures.

Malfoy's breathing sped up. He licked his lips absentmindedly, closed his eyes and lowered his head.

"Malfoy?" Harry kneeled down in front of him and placed his hand under Malfoy's chin, lifting up his face to look the other in the eye. "You okay?"

After a while Malfoy opened up his eyes and stared right back at him in the eye. Those eyes seemed to burn through him, setting him ablaze and sending his heart into gallop. Malfoy really had changed since last time. Harry was too preoccupied the last time to look close, but now at this range, it was obvious that Malfoy's eyes had changed color. Harry was sure they were a cold ashen shade before, but now the iron had melted into a magnificent silver maelstrom. The streams were swirling and pulling Harry in.

Harry saw Draco gulp as his Adam's apple moved visibly. When he noticed the other draw closer and close his eyes. That took Harry completely unprepared and he froze in shock. Before comprehension hit him, Draco's hands were already around his neck, drawing them closer to each other and pushing against him.

Harry felt like he had received a short circuit as his brain ceased to function.

His knees buckled and he lost his balance, falling backwards onto the floor, pulling Draco along into his lap. When stumbling down he had instinctually lifted his arms to secure Draco with strange protectiveness. He was still out of it and so Harry proceeded sitting on the floor with his arms around Draco. Wait, since when were they on first name basis?! That was Draco fucking Malfoy sitting in his lap.

Harry found it somehow hard to think in that position. Draco was pressed flush against his body with his head buried in the crook of Harry's neck, inhaling his aroma and nuzzling closer. It felt ticklish and good at the same time. He looked adorable like that. And his shiny platinum blond hair with its silver highlights smelled sooo good. He wondered what shampoo Draco used to achieve this smell.

Harry got startled out of his daze when he heard Draco purr deep in his throat. He actually purred!

That feeling of lightheadedness was clearly caused by a shortage of air. Nobody could deny that Malfoy was nearly choking him. That also explained why he had thought of the asshole as Draco.

That was also the moment when the door slid open. Harry felt anger wash over him at the interruption, at the same time he registered that that was the wrong reaction. There stood his savior who would keep him from further embarrassing himself. It didn't matter at the moment that it was also the same guy who had tried to kill him numerous times before.

"Get your fucking son off of me, Malfoy!"

Lucius stood there, dead in his tracks for nearly a whole minute, before his head registered that he needed to act. To return only to find his son hugging Harry Potter was surprising at the very least. But the worst part was the allure hanging heavy in the air. He saw many compartment doors open and students peering outside with glazed eyes. Worse, he was feeling it too. Feeling jealous of Harry to be hugged by his own son was disturbing in many aspects. And him feeling weak in the knees had definitely nothing to do with his son's attractiveness.


To avoid further drawing attention to them, he decided to enter the sexually overloaded compartment at his own peril and slammed the door shut behind him. He turned away from the males tangled together on the floor and started casting charms.

"Silencio. Salvia Hexia. .." For safety measure he hung his jacket over the glass, to prevent someone seeing the scene below. Only then did he turn around.

"Draco, stop the allure immediately or I will use force!" Draco growled threateningly deep in his throat as a response, but complied anyway. He hadn't mean to use the allure. It had activated subconsciously, as the veela in him tried to ensnarl his mate. As long as his father had sense to not try coming inbetween them, he didn't care enough to resist.

"Draco, let go of Potter this instant!" This reminded Draco of his believe that the moment you hold out a hand, your whole arm will get chopped off next. This time the anger inside Draco was much more hotter and real and he tensed, ready to lash out, if his father tried to take Harry away from him.

Sensing the shift in atmosphere, Lucius chewed on his lip absentmindedly. He knew Draco wouldn't listen to him, but he couldn't leave the situation to unfold. He looked at Potter, who continued glaring at him.

"He won't listen to me in his state, Potter. You seem to be still holding on to your senses, so please order him to stop and use force if he can't. I will step outside for a minute again, so call me when you're ready."

"Wait! Why would he listen to me of all people? Malfoy!" But it was no use. The door was closed once more and the older Malfoy gone.

Resigning himself, he collected himself and ordered as the adult had suggested. Though he had no hope for success. Malfoy was holding on for his dear life and Harry found it really hard to breathe.

"Malfoy. Get off of me."

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