There are many things that annoy Natasha Romanoff. They include wannabes who try to take over the world, Tony Stark, when people invade her privacy, Tony Stark and recently, and baffling to her, Steve Rogers returning injured from missions.

The first time it took her off guard, with everyone minus Steve relaxing in Stark Tower. She sat by a window, reading a book when Steve entered. His blue uniform was stained in charred black dust and red blood. He sported a split lip, a cut above his left eyebrow and a bloody nose. "You alright there, captain?" Clint asked, as Steve staggered in. "I'm good." he replied. Natasha just kept looking at him, frozen in surprising shock. "I think I need to lay down awhile." as he past the group and towards the elevators. She waited a few minutes before excusing herself and headed for Steve's floor. As she walked in, Steve turned around to see who it was. "Agent Romanoff. How can I help you?" She kept silent until she was a few inches in front of him. "Show me the rest." she demanded. "Rest of what?" he asked. "Don't play dumb with me, you are limping and holding your hand on your chest. Show me the other injuries." Steve knew the jig was up and lowered his hand to his side. A bullet hole was revealed. He then rested one hand on a wall to keep himself sturdy as he lifted his limp leg up. A shard of glass was embedded deep in his ankle. Out of instinct she ordered him to sit down and produced a set of tweezers from her pocket. She took them and inserted them into his billet wound. He winced as she pulled the projectile out. "Lift up your leg." he complied and she pulled the shard of glass out. After that she stood up and began to exit. "Thank you." he called to her. She turned back around and in a calm demeanour replied. "If you ever conceal your injuries from me again, I won't be pulling out the bullets, they'll be pushed deeper in." and with that she left, leaving Steve stunned.

More to come!