Logan begged and begged his mom all summer to let him go to a public school. Logan has been home schooled ever since he started being a t.v. star. He later then took on some lead roles in movies. Logan had become a really famous actor who many girls admire. Logan never really liked being famous, he just really loved acting; it's his passion. He's very thankful for his fans and for the fortunate life he has, although it does get a bit tiring to be over protected, and always be worrying about the paparazzi.

Around the middle of his summer break (what break, he's always busy) his mom finally had said yes to letting him go to a regular public school. Although she always tried to change his mind about him going to a public school. Logan's mom would always tell him about the typical stereotypes about high school which were obviously not true. School in fact was just a very boring everyday routine. Logan didn't believe the stories that his mom told him, it still worried him, but he didn't really bother thinking about them.

It was now the day before the first day of school and Logan was very nervous. Why should Logan Lerman 'the perfect' be nervous about going to school. The same reason everyone else is nervous about the first day of school. What if he got lost? What if he didn't like his classes? What if he didn't make any friends? But Logan was also very worried about the fact that he probably wouldn't be left alone. Logan had bought all of his supplied a couple of days ago. He set everything up and put it in his backpack. Logan tried going to sleep early that night, but he couldn't. He was laying in bed in the dark just looking up at the ceiling... thinking. He was indeed nervous and just thought about the worst horrible things that could happen to him tomorrow in his first day of school. Logan stayed up still thinking after a couple of minutes and before he knew it he had fallen asleep. Logan really liked sleeping, what teenager didn't? He also liked it because while asleep, he dreamed, and while he dreamed, he was anything he ever wanted to be. He didn't have to be famous, or be followed around always worrying about his reputation.

Logan woke up. His alarm clock rang loudly and he didn't even bother pressing the snooze button since he knew he had to get up anyway. So he did right away as he woke up. Logan pulled on his black skinny jeans and a plain blue t-shirt. He then went to the bathroom and did his business. He went down stairs and got himself some cereal. He wasn't really hungry since he was really tired and nervous. He then went into his mom's room and said by to her. He grabbed his backpack and grabbed his keys as he headed out the door. Logan locked the house door, and walked over to his car. He lived near to the school. It took him about 20 minutes to get there since there was lots of traffic. Logan looked around as he parked his car. He was of course pretty nervous. His school schedule was mailed to his house meaning he already knew where his first class was. Logan got off the car trying to avoid people. How was he supposed to make any friends if he was always going to be hiding from people. Maybe his mom was right, maybe he shouldn't have joined a public school. Logan sighed to himself putting the his schedule paper very close to his face, pretending to read it although he had already know where to go. Logan walked very fast just trying to get inside the school, hoping that inside there would be a lot less people.

'Yes!' he thought to himself just as we walked into the school without anybody looking at him, or at least recognizing him. Logan put the paper down and stood still in front of the hallway. He looked around and saw dark blue lockers all around the long hallways that had pathways to other ways along the school. Logan didn't know where to go. If only he could have asked someone, but he didn't really wanted to get noticed. Logan decided to walk over on the edge of the hallways. He read the first line on his schedule. It read:

Period 1 : ENGLISH 3RD COURSE : room 303 : Ms. Watson.

Logan was in 11th grade. He was 16 years old and was just trying to hide his face as he walked along the corridors, looking into the classrooms, trying to avoid people looking at him. He was also looking at the numbers. He reached the 300's and happily saw 303. He stopped and looked through the window on the door. He sighed. He noticed that nobody was in there yet. He took out his phone from his pocket and looked at it. It was 7:35. There was still about 15 minutes until class actually started. He couldn't really see the teacher, although she was sitting on her chair, typing on her computer. Logan opened the door trying not to make any noise. Logan looked up on the board and it read, 'Ms. Watson'. Logan closed the door behind him.

"Hello..." Ms. Watson said softly in her british accent. She hadn't turned to see Logan though, she continued typing on her computer keyboard. Logan then murmured hi back.

Ms. Watson then raised her voice a little, still looking at the computer screen, "Why are you here so early?" She said as she then looked up. Emma(Ms. Watson) she then felt a bit embarrassed for just treating Logan like nothing. Although that's all Logan wanted, he wanted to be treated like any other student.

"Oh... I just... I don't really like to be seen... in public." Logan said hesitantly in a very quiet voice. Emma nodded looking at him with an understanding type of face.

Emma wasn't famous, she was just a 23-year-old teacher who didn't really have much of a choice to do anything else. Her family was very poor as she was growing up. She had to get herself a job at an early age just to get into a regular community college. Emma was clever, she was very smart. The fact that she didn't have any money stopped her from getting the education she needed. Emma then smiled a little, "Well you can take a seat, wherever you'd like..." Logan then sat down on the seat that was very close to Emma's desk. Emma and Logan both felt an awkward tension, she then just began typing, trying to hide the fact that she wasn't really comfortable. Logan got out a spiral from his backpack and just started to write, scribble, and doodle random things on the first page. He wrote some song lyrics on his paper, he then looked up at Emma.

"Um... Ms. Watson?" He started, "Do you know who I am?" Logan said very shyly. He didn't want to get attention at all. He just wanted to know, he was anxious. Logan looked at her, he wanted know. She's one of the very few girls who didn't really fangirl over her. Logan wasn't self centered at all though. He was just curious.

Ms. Watson nodded slowly then looking at Logan, "Yes." She simply said.

Logan looked relaxed, "Oh... I was just wondering."

Emma smiled a little, "Who doesn't know who you are. I mean you are a very big star at the moment after all. You're a brilliant actor Logan." She said. Logan smiled a little when she said that he then nodded and said, "Thank you..." He then continued to scribble on his paper. The minutes were going by very, very slowly. He didn't know why though. Was it because he was bored, more like, he was nervous. In a couple of minutes about thirty students will be walking into that door and realize it's 'the' Logan Lerman. Logan was very annoyed with that though so he tried thinking about something much more different.

Logan looked over at Ms. Watson. Logan thought she had nearly flawless skin, perfect clean orange/brown hair, and she dressed very nicely. Not to mention, Logan loved british accents on girls. What was Logan thinking? Ms. Watson was his teacher after all, and he's a 16-year-old teenager. He then felt really guilty for thinking about her in that sort of way. Logan realized that he was actually physically attracted to Ms. Watson. So far, Ms. Watson seemed so nice and sweet. Logan would actually very much enjoy getting to know Ms. Watson better. He shook his head secretly and tried to get those thoughts out of his mind. Logan didn't want to think about him being in some sort of illegal relationship with her, but what are the chances that would ever actually happen?

Emma really did like Logan's acting, she had always thought he was very good-looking, his hair was very nice looking, and his eyes were always so beautiful to Emma. Although, Emma has only had a little celebrity crush on him. Never in a million year had she had thought that Logan Lerman would ever show up into his classroom. She wanted to fangirl when she saw him, but she didn't want to give out the wrong impression. She did then come across a thought that made her realize that Logan is just another 16-year-old in her class. She didn't want to give Logan any special treatment at all. Ms. Watson was really interested to see how this day would go.