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Chapter 6 - Complications

"So are you going to tell me how it went today or just dance around the subject all night?" Stefan watched as Elena seemed to ignore his question. She continued to stay focused on the plate in front of her, twiddling her fork around in her hands as she did so.

"Do I really have to?" Elena finally answered, not wanting to recount the last 12 hours to anyone, not even her best friend. It had been hard enough to hear it herself, but to actually say the words aloud may prove to be too much for her to handle.

"Well, yes. He's my brother too, Elena. And I'm worried about you, you're not even eating and it's your favourite meal," Stefan said softly.

Elena sighed again. She had already been grilled today by Caroline after specifically asking her not to mention the D word. But, apparently that only made things so much more interesting for her and she became even more inquisitive. To finally shut her up Elena had promised Caroline they would go out for a drink on Friday and she would explain everything to her then. She partly did it to get some peace and quiet, but also because she knew it would be good for her to have another friend in New York. Caroline had been nothing but nice to Elena since she had arrived here and Elena knew she wanted to return the favour.

"I know, Stefan. It's just not exactly been easy today." Elena picked up a small amount of her food as she popped it in her mouth, it was cold now and she scrunched her face as she tasted it.

"You know, it would have been nice if you had eaten it twenty minutes ago," Stefan replied as Elena pushed the plate of chicken parmesan away from her.

"Well, hindsight is a beautiful thing isn't it, Stefan." Elena smiled sarcastically as she stood up and took the dirty plates with her.

"Okay, I don't really know what the attitude is about, Elena. I'm on your side, remember?" Stefan stood up to follow her, his eyes boring into the back of her head. He needed to know why she was acting this way, it wasn't like her.

"I'm sorry. I'm being a bitch, I know. I just learned a few things today that I'm not exactly sure how to process, never mind trying to make sense of them for someone else." Elena looked round and mustered as much of a smile as she could for Stefan. She didn't want to take everything out on him, but she was finding it hard to keep her cool with anyone. Her mind was in overdrive as the conversation she had had earlier with Damon replayed over in her head.

Damon telling her that he still loved her was at the forefront of those thoughts. She couldn't believe it when the words had come out of his mouth. It didn't seem real, she still wasn't sure that it was. To Elena though, it didn't change anything, it actually only made it worse. He was supposed to have forgotten about her, not still love her

"I'll help you. I always do. C'mon, Elena. Just talk to me." Stefan walked over to the fridge, pulling out two beers as he did so. Elena smiled as he cracked them open and started walking over to the couch. She took the cold beer out of his hand and took a large swig, enjoying the cold liquid running down her throat. She loved beer. But, it was just another thing that reminded her of him.

"Basically, I went in to tell Alaric that I was leaving and Damon was there."

"Of course he was. My brother always has a way of being in the wrong place at the wrong time," Stefan laughed, only imagining how Damon would have taken the news. He knew that Damon had a very short fuse when it came to Elena and he would always have an influence in any decision that she made.

"You're right about that one. So, he just hits out with the fact that he named the company after me and how that means I have to work there. L.E.N.A. Why didn't I see it Stefan? But, more importantly why the hell did he do it?" Elena groaned, taking a breath as she took another drink of her beer as the questions seem to multiply in her brain.

"Wow. I did not see that one coming. He's got it just as bad as he did all those years ago."

"Not really helping, Stefan. So, then he says he loves me. I've not heard from him in years and he just hits out with it, like it will fix everything."

"Hmm, so he's pulling out the big guns. Elena, I have never believed that he stopped loving you. I was there when we were younger too, I saw the hold you had over him." Stefan knew it was probably the last thing that Elena wanted to hear, but he had to be truthful. Damon had always been all about Elena. That's why to him it never made sense for Damon to leave. Sure, he could see why he left him. Their relationship had always been rocky, but Stefan just couldn't believe that Damon would have voluntarily left Elena. It just didn't add up.

"Seriously, Stefan. Stop it. You wanted to hear my story, so stop your running commentary. It's only making me even more confused," Elena said seriously as she finished the bottle of beer. She had already heard all this from Damon, she didn't need someone else telling her that he loved her. It wasn't fair and it was much more than her broken heart could take.

"I'm sorry. I'm just trying to help." Stefan smiled weakly, knowing he should have kept his mouth shut.

"I know, but I can't hear that right now, Stefan. I decided I would stay, but we have to both act like respectable colleagues. I told him that I don't want the past to be brought up again. We aren't exactly going to be friends, but I will tolerate him as I want to keep this job. You were right last night, Stefan. I need to do this for me."

"Well, great. I mean I don't believe it for a minute, but great." Stefan began to laugh as Elena slapped his arm playfully.

"What do you mean you don't believe it?" Elena was confused as to what Stefan was saying.

"You and Damon, just friends? No past being brought up? My ass!" Stefan began laughing again, knowing he shouldn't be finding this situation as funny as he was.

"Excuse me, Stefan Salvatore! I will have you know that I am not going to fall into his trap again. I can be his friend." Elena said defensively, not really believing what she was saying.

"No, what I mean is that you and Damon don't really do friends. You are either madly in love, or you argue. I mean the latter would be so much funnier for me but…" Elena smacked Stefan again as he jumped back, trying to dodge her.

"No! We will be professional, Stefan. I can't forgive him." The mood changed instantly as Elena said those last words.

"I know, Elena. Neither can I." Stefan said as he wrapped one arm around her. "It used to be so easy. Didn't it?"

"Hmmm, easy, I don't know. But, better? Yes," Elena replied thinking back to the time when she saw nothing but Damon.

"It will be better again, Elena. I promise."

Elena nodded in return, knowing for her that the only way she would ever be better would be to go back to a time when Damon and her where in love and when nothing could ever come between them.

"So, what are you wearing tonight?" Caroline asked Elena, excited for their first night out on the town.

"I don't know, just jeans and a top, I guess," Elena replied as she looked back at her computer screen. She couldn't believe that Friday had come around so quickly. She had successfully avoided Damon all week minus the odd awkward glances he gave her whenever he passed her desk. She was really enjoying her job and was finding that she was becoming closer to both Caroline and Alaric. They were so much fun to hang around with and she was glad that she would have some real friends. Of course, Caroline most of the time went on about Stefan. She had only seen the man once but was adamant that he was the one for her. Go figure.

"What? No! I'm coming over after work and picking your outfit!" Caroline said, horrified at the thought of Elena dressing casual. "It means I get to meet Stefan again and I make sure that you look super hot!"

"Elena always looks super hot. But, Stefan? Really Caroline?" Elena jumped and twisted round as she heard Damon's voice behind her. The smirk on his lips made her belly do flip flops as she tried her hardest not to show how much his presence affected her. She looked back round and noticed the smile on Caroline's face, wishing that the ground would swallow her whole.

"Yes, I like Stefan! And stop your eavesdropping, pervy. I need to make sure Elena looks amazing tonight," Caroline replied, trying her hardest not to squeal at Damon's comment towards Elena. She was set on getting them back together and by the looks of it she didn't think it was going to be that hard.

"Where are you going tonight?" Damon asked as a plan quickly formed in his head.

"We are going to-"

"I don't think that's any of your business, Damon," Elena said as she interrupted Caroline, not wanting Damon to know where they were going tonight. She needed time away from him and to be honest she was scared about seeing him again outside work… especially if she was drunk.

"I was actually speaking to my friend Caroline. You really don't have to be so rude, Elena. Didn't anyone ever teach you manners?" Damon asked, trying his hardest not to laugh as he noticed the angry expression on Elena's face.

"They did actually. But, I stupidly hung out with this ignorant boy next door and I guess his bad-mannered ways rubbed off on me," Elena snapped in reply.

"Now, Elena… that is no way to talk about dear Stefan." Damon raised his eyebrows playfully, enjoying his interaction with Elena more than he should.

"Actually, I wasn't talking about Stefan. I was talking about his idiot older brother. You know the guy I'm talking about; ignorant, insufferable, cocky." Elena challenged back, completely forgetting about where she was and how she had promised herself to be professional with him. That now seemed a distant memory as he walked closer to her.

"Definitely. In fact I think you will remember he was very cocky." Damon winked as he noticed Elena blush.

"No, I just remember that he was a complete ass," Elena replied as she swung round and started typing furiously on her keyboard.

Damon started laughing as he shook his head, leaving some documents on Caroline's desk and then walking away. He had been sitting in his office every day this week trying to think of a way to speak to Elena. He didn't want to take advantage of her working here, especially after what she said. But, this morning when he saw her in her grey pencil skirt and pink powder blouse, minus getting a monumental hard on, he knew that he had to do something to get her to speak to him. It was driving him crazy. He laughed again as he then heard Caroline laughing with Elena, he knew they were talking about him.

Yes, working with Elena was going to be a good thing. He was sure of it.

"So what exactly are you ladies doing tonight?" Stefan asked as he walked into Elena's room and noticed that her wardrobe was now on the floor.

"We are getting drunk," Elena replied swiftly.

"Don't mind Elena. She's just a little pissed off after her interaction with Damon today. I'm Caroline, I believe we met but you were, um a little engaged in something else." Caroline stood up as she went to shake Stefan's hand.

"Ah, yes. I believe I was shouting at my brother. Lovely to properly meet you, Caroline. I'm Stefan." Stefan smiled at the beautiful blonde in front of him as he kissed her hand softly.

"Elena why do you get to be friends with the nice Salvatore when I get stuck with the mean one?" Caroline asked as she smiled again towards Stefan.

"Well, once you both stop having eye sex, I'll let you know. And what happened to helping me with an outfit! Traitor."

"I know, I know. Don't worry. I'll pick you out something amazing! I'm an expert at stuff like this." Caroline walked over as she looked through Elena's clothes. She couldn't help but praise her for her amazing sense of style. Her eyes instantly lit up as she noticed a hot pink chiffon dress underneath a jumper.

"This is the one! Now, curl your hair and I'll do your make-up!" Caroline ordered as she started picking up Elena's clothes.

"Okay, boss!"

"And Stefan, we would invite you, but it's girls night. Here's my number though so maybe we can go out sometime." Caroline then pushed Stefan out the room as she slammed the door in his face.

"Women." He huffed, shaking his head as he walked away to his room.

A few hours later they were sitting at their booth in the bar, laughing at the fact that George in their office only had unibrow.

"I mean seriously! Like find a razor already." Elena laughed, not realising she was now on her third martini.

"I know! I mean sometimes I get the urge to just like bring some wax strips in and go to town on him." Both girls continued to laugh as they spoke about everyone in the office.

"So, don't think you are getting away with the real reason as to why we came out!" Caroline said, wanting desperately to hear Elena's side to the 'Delena' story.

"Hmmm, I was wondering when you were going to bring that up and Caroline, I'm not nearly drunk enough yet for that kind of conversation!"

"Well, I will change that!" Caroline declared as she jumped out of the booth and made her way to the bar. "Four tequilas please," She demanded as she turned round and winked at Elena.

Elena laughed, knowing that she would probably regret her actions tomorrow, but at this point she couldn't care less. She needed this. She just needed to let go.

Two shots and another three martini's later, both Elena and Caroline were drunk.

"I mean. Damon. He is just so… Damon!" Elena slurred as she slurped the last of her martini.

"I know, I get what you mean. So deep, Elena." Caroline replied as she squinted her eyes.

"He is like a magician! One minute he is there and poof!"

"Poof? Is he gay?!" Caroline exclaimed.

"No, I can vouch for him on that one. I mean like poof; he's gone. Disappeared like a bunny going into a top hat. Bravo!" Elena started clapping as Caroline joined her, both not really sure why they were doing it but finding it fun all the same.

"So, the question is L.E.N.A… get it? Do you still love him?" Caroline asked as she burped soon after.

"Love Damon? Caroline, I have loved him my whole life. Of course I do. But, he is a magician, and they can't be trusted! They are full of tricks… but he has a big wand." Elena smiled and started giggling aloud.

"My head hurts with these magician connotations… I know what we need!"


"TEQUILA!" Caroline shouted as they both started singing.

"Dum, da, dum dum dum dum… TEQUILLA!"

"We are so funny!" Elena said to herself as she watched Caroline stumble up to the bar. This was the best night she had had in a long time and she was having a great time with Caroline. All sad thoughts about Damon had vanished and she was in a great mood.

She laughed as she noticed Caroline flirting with the barman, she had never met anyone with so much confidence before.

"Well, he was hot! I wouldn't mind seeing his wand!" Caroline laughed as she brought the drinks over to Elena.

"Caroline, I don't know if I can drink another two shots. I feel pretty messed up already." Elena said, starting the feel sick. She knew that she shouldn't drink much; it never ended well. But, being with Caroline was so much fun that she completely forgot just how much she had to drink.

"Elena, you'll be fine. The drink makes you feel better! Simple logic," Caroline slurred as she thrust the shots towards Elena.

"Yeah, that makes sense." Elena replied as she downed her shots one after the other. As soon as she put the glass down her stomach lurched and she quickly ran out the booth and made her way to the toilet.

"Elena! Are you okay? I'm so sorry." Caroline said as she held Elena's hair up as she was sick.

"It's not your fault, Caroline. I've just had too much to drink. I'm sleepy now." Elena said as she wiped her mouth then lay her head on the cold floor.

"Elena Gilbert! Don't you dare fall asleep on me here! Elena!" Caroline shouted, but she was too late. Elena was out cold on the floor as Caroline panicked.

She quickly pulled her phone out her purse and dialled the familiar number.

"Hello?" The groggy voice answered.

"Damon, I need your help. It's Elena."

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