Akatsuki's New Demon

Chapter 1: The encounter

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Betrayed, shattered, forgotten, and alone.

Those are the words that describe me. I was betrayed by my friends and those that I called sensei. My happy life in Konoha became shattered, my existence was forgotten. With my family dead, no one to hang out with, I realized that I was truly alone.

My name is Sakura Haruno, and this is my story.

Today I leave Konoha to start a new life in Suna. My friend Gaara was kind enough to tell me that I am allowed to come and live with him and his team.

My short cherry pink hair was held out of my face by a black ribbon. My dull candy-apple eyes showed no signs of emotion or soul. I was wearing a black shirt with matching black ninja pants. I had my weapons pouch on my left thigh. A black sword was attached to my back. I had mini-swords tucked in my ninja boots, which came up to my knees. I put my semi-mini swords in their cases on my lower back. After making sure I had all my medic scrolls, in a storage scroll, were tucked into my right pocket, and my Konoha headband in the other pocket, I left.


"Are you sure you are ok?"

"Hn," Gaara replies. Gaara's short red hair came down to cover his darker red tattoo on his forehead. He looks up at me. I smile.

"Well if you are sure you're ok I need to start packing for my return to Konoha." I started to turn around but stopped when Gaara's hand grabbed my arm. I turn around and look at him with a questioning look on my face.

"If things every get to bad back in Konoha, your hokage and I both agree that you can come and live in Suna anytime," Gaara tells me. I smile as tears started to blur my vision; I give Gaara a hug and whispered a thank you.

~end flashback~

Outside of Konoha's gates I muttered one thing. As the village clock chimed midnight I muttered "Happy Birthday Sakura".

~time skip~

I've been traveling for awhile now. As of the sun's position it would be about twelve in the afternoon. Twelve hours, no stops, no village, I can hear a river up ahead. I'll stop for a minute.

The river was more of a small stream, about three feet wide. I kneel down to the river and cupped my hands. Putting my hands in the river and taking them out, I lift them to my mouth and take a drink. Splashing water on my face, I detected a large amount of chakra in the trees behind me. I reached for one of my stars. Turning, I threw the star at a tree and quickly drew my semi-mini swords from my lower back while getting into my fighting stance. Suddenly two cloaked figures landed in front of me.

The figures were dressed in black cloaks. The cloaks had red clouds outlined in white on them. They had straw hats on their heads. The hats had white tendrils hanging off of them. One of the figures had a sword on their back and was at least a head taller than the other figure.

"No headband," the taller figure stated in a deep voice."Looks familiar, doesn't she Itachi?"

"Hn," Remarked the shorter figure.

'What does that mean that the taller figure is Kisame?' I wondered.

'Yeah it does girly.' Replied my inner.

"Why so far from home, Kunoichi," Itachi said snapping me out of my thoughts. "Someone as loyal as you would never leave their village."

"What makes you think that I'm loyal?" I asked, knowing that they could kill whenever they wanted. I just hope they won't ask about my weapons.

"Well the 5th Hokage's apprentice leaving her village behind just doesn't seem right," Itachi stated.

I remain still for a moment before I stand straight and put my semi-mini swords back on my lower back. Turning my back to the two Akatsuki members, I straighten out my weapons. I could feel their eyes staring at my back. Sighing I turn around and looked at them.

Looking at Itachi, I didn't see a clan murderer but instead I saw an older, male version of myself. Someone who was betrayed by their own village, the same village that betrayed me. For the first time I felt sorry for him instead of pure hatred.

"Itachi, you know what it feels like for your village to betray you," I stated as I made sure that my mini-swords were still hidden in my boots. Pulling my black ribbon from my hair, I grabbed my headband from my left pocket and tied it around my head, making sure that my hair was out of my face. I looked straight at Itachi's face and saw, what appeared to be, understanding and sympathy.

"Yes" Itachi stated.

"Then you can relate to what I have been through," I said with a lifeless, deadly, murderous look in my eyes.

"How would you feel if you were asked a serious question," The shark-like man asked me curiously.

"It depends on the question," I remark.

"Would you be willing to join the Akatsuki?"

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