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This piece won Honorable Mention. Many thanks to the TLS staff.

Thanks be to MrsSpaceCowboy for pre-reading.

Edward kept Bella's thighs from tightening around his head, but he refused to show her any mercy. He wanted her to remember what it was like to have his mouth on her, his fingers in her.

As her body began to calm, Edward raised his head and let his eyes roam her body. Over her stomach, between her breasts, up to her face… It was his favorite map in the world. It was a map of Bella.

"Oh, my God…" she panted.

It was music to Edward's ears. And heart.

He couldn't resist taking another lick of her pussy, to have another taste of what he did to her, which caused her body to jolt.

"Edw- Jesus Christ. Wait."

He climbed up and hovered over her body.

"What? I just wanted seconds. And now I want thirds," he smirked as he licked his hand and ran it between her legs, teasingly applying pressure with his middle finger.

He showed no shame as he brought his hand to his mouth and licked, relishing in the taste there and humming his approval.

Bella's chest rose and fell, as Edward did everything pure and sinful to her body.

But before she could savor that feeling, Edward's cock pushed into her, giving her even more to drown in. It was heaven and explosive, and she couldn't get enough.

Edward placed his hands on either side of her head.

"Open your eyes, baby," he whispered, and when she did, she couldn't help but stare into his.

He pulled out and in, rocked and swiveled his hips, driving her crazy.

"I'll never get my fill of you…"