Prompt + rules + winners: bit . ly / 18Ehfhf

Title inspiration: youtu . be / kArnlENH0_o

Writing music: youtu . be / 7ccTnDeJB2Y

Thanks be to MrsSpaceCowboy for pre-reading.

"I love you," Edward cried, gripping Bella's hand.

"I love you more," Bella whispered.

She fought to keep her eyes open, to keep breathing just a little while longer, to keep the machines beeping.

She needed more time. Four years of marriage, two years of an engagement, three years as high school sweethearts, and seven years as childhood friends were simply not enough.

They may have had bicycle rides, awkward flirting, hallway kisses, quickies during final exams, and first apartment jitters, but she wanted positive pregnancy tests, a house-warming party, money worries, Edward's big work promotion, fighting teenagers, grey hairs, and grandchildren.

"Sing me our song," she said, making Edward sob at her final request but also laugh; their inside joke over his terrible singing voice flooded his mind.

But he sang. It was soft yet broken, full of love and pain.

And Edward kept singing long after Bella's eyes closed for the final time.