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Meeting with the Dragon Council

The walk to the temple was a long and quite one for Miyuki and her traveling companions as they traveled through the city. Miyuki could feel some of the stares from the moles and dragons on her as they walked towards their destination and she couldn't help but feel uncomfortable. Hikaru could feel Miyuki's discomfort and slowly spread out her wing around her human companion to shield her from the eyes of the moles and dragons within Dragon City. Hunter also noticed Miyuki's distress as he walked alongside her, along with Hail, who was glaring at the moles and dragons that were staring at Miyuki. Hunter turned to look over at Miyuki before giving her an encouraging smile.

"We're almost there Miyuki," said Hunter gently.

Miyuki nodded her head as she gripped the left edge of her cloak tightly as she continued to walk forward, while trying to ignore the stares that were pointed at her. It was about an hour before the group finally got to their destination and when Miyuki looked up at it she was completely amazed by how large the building was. The doors were so large that a full grown dragon's head could barely reach the arch. Miyuki also saw two dragons carved upon the stone door and she couldn't help but admire how detailed the dragons were.

"Wow," voiced Miyuki as she stared up at the dragon carvings. "These carvings are really detailed."

"Yeah, yeah, they're fascinating," muttered Hail with an uncaring wave of his left hand. "Now let get inside that building and face the Dragon Elders."

Just as Hail took a step towards the stairs that would lead up to the door, he was taken by surprise when a dragon suddenly dropped down in front of him and the group. Hail jumped back in surprise when the dragon suddenly appeared from out of the sky. It was the same dragon that had been watching Miyuki and her trio of friends walking through Dragon City on the ramparts and had followed them to the temple before landing to intercept them. Miyuki gasped at the sudden appearance of the new dragon before standing closer to Hikaru as the she dragon hissed in warning at the new comer in front of them. The new dragon straightened himself up as he looked at the group with a serious and suspicious look upon his face. After taking a moment to look at the dragon, Hunter quickly recognized him.

"Keb?" voiced Hunter in surprise.

The dragon looked down at Hunter before giving the cheetah a small smile as he nodded his head in greeting.

"Welcome back, Hunter" said Keb.

"Master Hunter, you know this dragon?" asked Hail as he looked at Hunter in confusion.

"Yes," replied Hunter with a nod of his. "It was a long time ago after Spyro and Cynder had won the war when they defeated Malefor."

"Which will be a story for another time," interrupted Keb as he turned his attention on Miyuki. "Right now, who exactly is that being that you three brought with you into Dragon City?"

Miyuki felt a little intimidated by Keb as the green dragon looked down at her with a hard look upon his face. Hikaru shifted her front left foreleg in front of Miyuki protectively as she glared at Keb.

"What makes you so interested in our friend here?" questioned Hikaru suspiciously.

"I make it my business when it comes to protecting this city from outsiders," answered Keb in a calm but hard voice. "I'm one of generals within the dragon army and when something strange comes into this city, I won't hesitate to attack if it is a threat."

Hikaru only growled as she stood protectively over Miyuki as she glared at the dragon in front of her. Miyuki quickly sensed how tense her friend was becoming before gently placing a hand on the light dragoness's front foreleg and was about to tell her to calm down when a deep voice suddenly spoke from on top of the temple stairs.

"Keb, stand down," said the voice.

Everyone turned their attention to see an adult male dragon standing before them as he stared down at them with dark green eyes. The dragon was the same color as Keb, but slightly taller and had a few lighter green spots on him. Two long fangs grew out upwards near the corners of his mouth. The membrane on the dragon's wings were a dark brown along with the horns, which were curved back like ram horns, spines and two stone spikes on his wings. The scales underneath the dragon's neck, chest, stomach and tail were a tan color, while on the tip of the dragon's tail was a brown mace with metal spikes on it. On the dragon's shoulders were brown stone spikes and underneath the dragon's chin was a brown frill of scales that acted like a beard.

Miyuki felt a little intimidated by this new dragon as she tightened her grip on Hikaru's furry leg, while Hikaru stared up at the new dragon suspiciously. The new dragon walked down the stairs as he gave Keb a look of disapproval before he turned to look at the group.

"I'm sorry for my son's attitude towards you," spoke the new dragon with frown. "He is very suspicious of outsiders who would sometimes come into Dragon City."

"It's alright Terrador," spoke Hunter with a reassuring smile. "In these times of hardship, one can't be too careful."

The older dragon, Terrador, nodded his head in agreement before he turned his gaze towards Miyuki, Hail and Hikaru.

"So who are your traveling companions, Hunter?" asked Terrador with a raised eyebrow.

"These are some youngsters that I decided to take with me to Dragon City, but mostly to give one of my traveling companions a safe place to stay," answered Hunter as he turned to look at his group members. "With me is Hail, a young cheetah who resides in the Cheetah Village with me, Hikaru, the young dragoness who has lived in the forest of Avalar and finally Miyuki a young girl who is in need of a safe place to stay."

Terrador turned his green eyes towards Miyuki, who slowly stepped away from Hikaru's leg before she slowly gave the dragon a deep bow of respect.

"It's an honor to meet you sir," said Miyuki as she straightened up and looked up at the older dragon before her.

Terrador didn't reply right away as he continued to look down at Miyuki with a curious look upon his face. Miyuki's eyes connected with Terrador's eyes and the dragon stared hard at the girl before him before he turned to look towards Hunter once again.

"You have much to explain Hunter," said Terrador in a serious voice "Especially about your strange female traveling companion, Miyuki."

"Yes, but all will be explained at the dragon council," said Hunter.

Terrador nodded his head before he gestured with his head for Hunter and his traveling companions to follow him and his son into the building. Miyuki stuck close to Hikaru as they all entered the building when the stone doors of the building opened up to let them in. The group silently walked down a long corridor as they traveled to the main part of the building where the council was being held. The group soon walked through a giant archway as they entered a large chamber where many dragons, all old, standing or sitting in the room, while the dragons chatted among themselves in hushed voices. Cynder and Spyro were also among the dragons as they spoke to each other in whispers before they turned their attention on the group that had just entered the room. Miyuki gulped when she saw how many dragons were in the council chamber as she began to feel her stomach rolling in fear. Terrador soon stopped the group as he turned to look at them.

"Stand here," instructed Terrador before he and Keb walked away to stand next to two dragons that sat on a tall platform that stood before the group.

One of the dragons was a yellow color as he looked at the group curiously, while the other one was blue as he held a look of indifference on his face. The dragons were quiet as they waited to hear what Hunter and his group had to say. Hunter was the first one to step forward as he began to speak.

"Council of Elders," spoke Hunter as he gave a deep bow of respect to all of the dragons within the room. "I know that you are all wondering why I have asked Spyro and Cynder to call you all here and I can reassure you that it is very important."

"And what could be so important that you had us drop everything after our fight against the Dark Army?" questioned one of the elder dragons within the crowed.

Hunter turned to look at Miyuki and motioned for her to step forward. Miyuki was a little hesitant at first, but she was gently nudged forward by Hail and she slowly walked up to Hunter. She stood near Hunter's side as the cheetah warrior placed a comforting arm around her shoulder before he looked at the Council of Elders again.

"This young girl is one of my traveling companions," informed Hunter firmly as the dragon elders stared intently at Miyuki curiously. "Her name is Miyuki and she is in need of a safe place to stay."

"And why should we be concerned with this?" questioned another dragon within the council.

Miyuki turned to look at Hunter fearfully, with the cheetah warrior giving her a reassuring nod in return, before she slowly lowered her hood so that everyone could see her face. All the dragons within the council gasped in shock and surprise when they saw Miyuki's true face. The dragons began to murmur and whisper among each other in confusion with Miyuki catching a few words that they were saying about her.

"What is she?"

"She looks like one of the Dark Master's apes."

"I've never seen anything like her before."

They were soon silenced by Terrador stepping forward from the two dragons that he had been standing between.

"Enough," spoked Terrador as he stared down at Miyuki with an intense look upon his face. "Step forward young one."

Miyuki hesitated for a second before she took in a deep breath and stepped away from Hunter as she walked up to stand in front of Terrador and the two dragons that stood on either side of him. Once she was standing four feet away from Terrador, Miyuki gave the dragon a deep bow out of respect. Terrador only nodded his head at Miyuki when she straightened up to look up at him before he spoke once again.

"Where do you hail from, young one?" questioned Terrador firmly.

"I'm from…well, that's a little difficult to explain, sir." replied Miyuki nervously as she tried not to trip over her words.

"Please don't bore us with the details young lady," spoked the blue dragon in a British voice. "Otherwise we'll be here all day trying to figure out what you are trying to say to us."

"Cyril, please let the girl explain herself," spoked the yellow dragon before he turned to look at Miyuki. "Continue on, young one."

"Thank you, Volteer," said Terrador with a look of gratitude on his face before he looked down at Miyuki again.

Miyuki hesitated for a moment before she cleared her throat and continued on with what she was saying.

"Well…believe it or not, I actually came from a different world that's completely different from yours," said Miyuki bluntly.

"A different world?" questioned Terrador with a raised eyebrow.

"Can you be a little more precise on what you're saying?" asked the yellow dragon.

"W-well… I come from a world where there aren't any dragons like your kind around," explained Miyuki. "In my world there are humans, that's what I am, who are able to bend the four elements of our world, but there's also some humans who aren't able to bend the elements."

"What are humans?" spoked one of the dragons within the crowed.

"You're looking at one idiot," growled Hikaru as she glared at the dragon that had spoken.

The dragon who had spoken turned to glare at Hikaru as he bared his teeth at the young dragon.

"Don't you show disrespect to your elders' young dragon!" snarled the dragon in warning.

Hikaru let out a growl of her own as she glared at the dragon in returned as she became tense and was ready to fight the dragon. Miyuki quickly turned to look at the light dragoness and was about to run to Hikaru to calm the dragoness down when Cynder suddenly flew out of the crowed and stood between Hikaru and the elder dragon.

"Let's not fight amongst each other," spoked Cynder firmly as she looked between the two dragons. "Right now we have more important things to discuss than biting each other's heads off."

Hikaru huffed as she sent one final glare at the elder dragon before turning away, but the elder turned his glare on Cynder as he stood to his fullest height to intimidate her.

"You have no right in speaking to one of the elders Cynder and you shouldn't be in this council either," said the dragon firmly. "Not after what you have done all those years ago when you were serving under the Dark Master."

Cynder flinched at what the elder dragon had said before Spyro flew out of the crowed and landed beside the black dragoness as he shot a glare at the elder before him.

"Don't you talk back to Cynder like that!" snarled Spyro as he glared at the elder before him. "Let's not forget that Cynder helped to defeat the Dark Master so that our world could be at peace once again."

"She may have helped to stop the Dark Master in the end, but it was also her fault that she had resurrected him in the past to begin with!" snarled the elder dragon angrily. "One cannot simply forget such act that had been committed that nearly cost all of our lives!"

The other dragon elders spoke softly amongst each other with some unsure about what the first elder dragon had said, while others firmly agreed to what had been said about Cynder's past. Terrador, Cyril and Volteer all looked at the Dragon Elders with disapproving looks upon their faces. Miyuki looked around at the dragon council for a second before she spoke up to get everyone's attention.

"Elders!" shouted Miyuki as everyone within the room turned to look at her in surprise. "Please, I may not know much about what Mrs. Cynder had done, but you shouldn't let her past mistake cloud your judgment. She made up for her mistake by helping Spyro in defeating the Dark Master and together they brought peace back to your home world. What I'm saying is that you should all leave the past behind you and to try to start making a better future together."

The Dragon Elders looked at Miyuki in surprise, along with Miyuki's traveling companions. Miyuki felt a little intimidated by all the staring and began to shrink in on herself before Terrador walked forward and stood at her side, along with Hunter as he placed a comforting hand on Miyuki's shoulder.

"The young one is right," said Terrador in a firm voice. "What Cynder had done a long time ago is in the past and she has proven herself time and again that she can be trusted."

The dragons within the council began to murmur among themselves as they quietly agreed to what Terrador had said.

"Also, this meeting isn't about Cynder," continued Terrador as he got the attention of the elders again. "This meeting is about Miyuki and why she is here."

"My father is right," spoke Keb as he walked down from the platform and stood before Miyuki and her group as he stared down at Miyuki, who turned to look at him. "Why have you come to Dragon City in the first place?"

Miyuki hesitated when she saw how intense Keb's gaze was on her. For some reason, Miyuki could help but feel intimidated by this dragon, but something about also made her feel as if she could trust him. Miyuki took in a deep, calming breath and began to speak once again.

"I was hoping that I could stay in Dragon City," answered Miyuki gently as she stared up at Keb.

"And why would we allow a stranger like you into our city?" questioned one of the elder fiercely.

"Because she's the Dragon Warrior," replied Hunter.

All the elders within the room let out a gasp as they began to mutter among themselves yet again before the elder that Hikaru had challenged a few moments ago spoke up once again.

"Do not talk nonsense!" yelled the angrily as he glared down at Hunter. "The Dragon Warrior is just a myth! This warrior does not exist!"

"Enough!" shouted Terrador as he glared at the elder in frustration. "Elder Visha let Miyuki explain herself before we jump to any conclusions."

The elder dragon, now known as Visha, glared at Terrador for a moment before bowing his head in defeat as he backed down. After letting out a huff of satisfaction, Terrador turned to look down at Miyuki again.

"Now, Miyuki is what Hunter saying true?" asked Terrador in a serious voice.

"Yes," replied Miyuki as she firmly looked up at the earth dragon. "And if you need proof…"

Miyuki slowly raised her right hand up and show the back of it to Terrador and the rest of the dragons. All of the dragons in the room let out a when they saw the mark on Miyuki's hand.

"It can't be."

"It's the mark of the Dragon Warrior."

"That's impossible."

"But the proof is right there in front of us."

"How did obtain that mark young one," asked the yellow dragon with an intrigued look upon his face.

"I've…had it since I was born," replied Miyuki a little nervously.

"Now that's something that's quite hard to believe," spoke Cyril with a frown.

"Is there anything else you can give us proof of being the Dragon Warrior young one?" asked Terrador.

Miyuki frowned in thought for a moment before smiling slightly and quickly turned to look at Hunter.

"Hunter, can I borrow your waterskin?" asked Miyuki.

Hunter understood what she was asking him before uncorking his waterskin. Miyuki slowly took in a deep breath before she began to concentrate on pulling the water out from Hunter's waterskin. The dragons watched in astonishment as Miyuki took on a fighting pose and drew the water out of the waterskin in a slow fluent motion before she began to move the stream of water around in a flowing motion. Miyuki continued to move the water around her as she took on different stances, while the dragons watched in awe and amazement at what was being shown before them. Miyuki soon finished her performance as she returned the water back into Hunter's waterskin. No dragon spoke a word for a moment before Volteer spoke up in an excited voice.

"That is miraculous, stupendous, awe inspiring and unbelievable!" exclaimed Volteer in excitement. "In all my years I've never seen anyone, dragon or any other creature for that matter, summon and control water like that."

Miyuki blushed in embarrassment as she rubbed the back of her head shyly before the Cyril spoke up again.

"Yes, yes that is an amazing performance, but what about the other elements that you as the Dragon Warrior possess?"

"Um…well, I was able to summon fire back in my world when I was being harassed by some guy on the start of my journey." Miyuki replied thoughtfully. "I was then able to summon a small pillar of earth by accident when my traveling companion, Hail, got me riled up."

"And I'm still trying to get over the shock after that event two days ago," muttered Hail with a deadpanned look upon his face. "I was sent flying ten feet into the air by that sudden surprise attack."

Hikaru snickered when she heard what Hail said before giving the young cheetah a smug smirk.

"I would have paid to see that," said Hikaru.

Hail glared up at the light dragon and was about to retort, but was interrupted by Terrador as the dragon spoke.

"This is something we of the council must think about," spoke Terrador with deep frown as he gazed down at Miyuki. "We will discuss whether or not we should let you stay in Dragon City, until then you are to stay in one of the buildings that we will place you and your companions in until we've come to a decision."

Miyuki sadly nodded feeling some of her hope dashed at the possibility of the dragons within Dragon City not will help her. Terrador then turned to look over at Keb, who stood to attention.

"Keb, I want you to take our guests to one of the houses within Dragon City," ordered Terrador firmly. "You are to stay and keep an eye on them for the time being until the council has come to a decision."

"Yes sir," said Keb with a nod before he walked forward towards Miyuki and her traveling companions.

Miyuki turned back to Terrador and gave him one last bow of respect before she and her friends followed Keb out of the council room. Terrador watched as the group disappeared around the corner before he turned to look at the dragons that were within the council room. This was going to be a difficult decision for everyone to make for the dragons have never experienced a being such as Miyuki before and some were a little skeptical about letting her stay. For Terrador and his two companions they knew that whether or not Miyuki is the Dragon Warrior, her life was in great danger if she were to be captured or killed by their enemies. This was quite a dilemma for everyone.

With Miyuki and her traveling companions

Miyuki walked close beside Hunter as their group traveled through the streets of Dragon City with Keb leading them to their temporary home. Miyuki was tense as she felt the intense stares of moles and dragons watching her in suspicion, curiosity and fear. Hikaru noticed this and would occasionally glare at anyone that was giving her friend a funny look while letting out a growl of annoyance. Hail also glared at the on lookers as he began to feel irritated about how they were looking at his human companion like she was some freak show or something. Hunter placed a comforting arm around Miyuki as he led her through the streets. Keb, who was walking ahead of the group, began to grow tired of the stares that the dragons and moles were sending at Miyuki and quickly stopped in his tracks with Miyuki and her traveling companions doing the same. Keb then turned to gaze upon the dragons and moles of Dragon City with a glare.

"Go back to what you are doing!" ordered Keb in a strong voice. "This girl and her companions are of no threat to us and are under my watch."

The dragons and Moles quickly did as they were told and began to go about their business again. Miyuki let out a relieved sigh before she and her companions continued to follow Keb to where they would be staying for a while. It only took about half an hour until they came upon a large building that was made out of stone. There was a large staircase leading up to a wooden door that was oval in shape and was an appropriate size for dragons to walk into the building. There was a large orange stone sitting in the middle of the door's surface. The group followed Keb up the stairs towards the door of the house and when they got to the door Miyuki saw that there were no handles on it and became curious.

"Um…how exactly are we supposed to get into this building?" asked Miyuki as she looked up at Keb.

Keb turned to look at Miyuki for a second as he gave her, to her surprise, a knowing smile before turning to the door again. Miyuki watched Keb curiously before she heard him speak in a language that she wasn't familiar with.

"Abũcato," whispered Keb, just loud enough so that Miyuki and the others could hear it.

Miyuki was, again, taken by surprise when the wooden door to the building suddenly split in two and each side began to slide open as the group was now given entrance into the building.

"Woah," voiced Miyuki in amazement at what had just happened before her very eyes. "How did you do that?"

"I simply asked it to open," replied Keb before he walked into the building.

The others quickly followed him into the building and what they saw inside made Miyuki, Hikaru and Hail's mouths' hang open in shock and amazement. Within the building was a bunch of stuff for the basic acquirements to give the guests comfort. There was a large fireplace on the right side of the far wall, a few pillows, both large and small, sat around on the floor. Each pillow was of a different color and there were a few chairs and tables that were the right size for a human or a cheetah to sit in.

"Wow!" exclaimed Miyuki as a large smile appeared on her face. "This place is huge!"

"This building will serve as your temporary home for a while," said Keb as he turned to look at the group. "Once the council comes to their decision they will send someone to fetch you and bring you to them."

"Thank you," said Miyuki as she gave Keb a bow of respect.

Keb nodded his head at Miyuki before he looked at the group again: "You'll find your rooms upstairs. There are six bigger rooms that are fit for dragons, while there are six smaller rooms that will fit you and your cheetah friends. Make yourselves comfortable for I have a feeling that it will be a long while until the council comes to its decision. I'll be back to check on you in a while for I have to continue my rounds in making sure that none of Malefor's minions have snuck into the city."

After that was said, Keb made his way to the door, said the words and left the group in the building. The group was quiet for a moment, but that was soon broken by Hail as the white cheetah scratched the back of his head.

"Well…that was a brief council," said Hail.

"It felt longer to me," said Miyuki with a small smile.

"Let's get some rest," spoke Hunter. "It's been a long day for all of us."

Miyuki, Hail and Hikaru nodded their heads in agreement before they began to settle into their temporary apartment and to relax before tomorrow came. They all made their way upstairs to the rooms that Keb told them about and when they did, they each picked one that was best for them. Miyuki took the room that was two doors down to the right, while Hail took the first room that was beside hers. Hunter took a room that was the first door on the left, while Hikaru had to go down a little ways to the rooms where dragons can sleep in. When Miyuki stepped into the room she had chosen, she was astonished at what she was in it.

The walls of the room were the same color as the building outside, but there was a comfortable bed that was large enough to hold two or three people in it. It had light blue bed sheets and white pillows. The bed sat on a lavish wooden bedframe with the sides having the carvings of dragons etched onto its surface. On the other side of the room was a polished wooden desk with a chair standing near it. The chair had a sturdy with carvings of vines claiming up the legs and the backing.

Miyuki slowly walked into the room as she took a good look at her temporary. Miyuki took off her cloak and folded up neatly before placing it on top of the desk with the pin sitting on top of the cloak. She then hung her shoulder bag on the chair before turning towards the window that looked out at the city. Miyuki, curious to see what the view was like outside her window, slowly walked towards it cautiously before she came to stand in front of it. The window only reached up to Miyuki's chest and there was no glass sitting in the middle of it so Miyuki was able to look out over the edge and see the whole city. Miyuki was amazed by the sight of the city as a large smile appeared on her face from the view the window was giving her. The city was bathed in the beams of light from the setting sun.

"It's so beautiful," voiced Miyuki as she gazed upon the city before her. "I can't believe a place like this could actually exist and the air is so pure here."

Miyuki leaned against the windowsill and took in a deep breath as she sampled the air of this new world. Miyuki then let out a deep sigh as she continued to look out at the city before her. A gentle wind blew against Miyuki's face as it lifted her hair lightly with its touch. Miyuki then turns away from the window and headed over to the bed and sat down on the edge of it before she took off her boots and untied her ponytail. Miyuki placed her boots carefully to the side and laid herself down as she got herself comfortable on her temporary bed as exhaustion finally came over her. Her eyes slowly closed as sleep soon claimed her as it took Miyuki in the world of dreams.

To be continued

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