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Unconventional Family


March 2013

Edward runs a shaky hand through his hair as they stand in the parking lot of the diner. "Did you ever plan on telling me, finding me to tell me?"

"No" She answers honestly, there was no chance, not enough time, always the wrong time. And better for everyone was what her head told her. She couldn't very well find his home in Boston. Knock on his door pregnant, at 16 and beg him to change his whole life, possibly going to jail and losing everything. His eyes are not cold, for that she is thankful. She knows what she did, but she did it anyway. There is no changing the past. She knows he understands the complications of the whole situation. Now they can only move forward.

Nodding he drops his head. This was all his doing. Her's as well, but his, he was the adult, the God dammed predator. He should thank the heavens above she told him, or he found out. He should thank his lucky stars she didn't go to the police and scream rape. He is in fact just that a rapist.

Bella looks at his bowed head. Her hands smooth over her waist apron, she feels the bump of the order pad in the right pocket. "It would never have worked, you know that Edward" She whispers. She knows what he said that night was true. After they made love and he broke her heart, what he said was still true. At the time she couldn't think of anything but heartbreak, but now she can fully understand the weight of his words, what could have come had they continued, if he wouldn't have left for Boston those years ago.

"I know" He nods his head finally looking up. At the time it wouldn't have worked, he was her teacher, and her lover, she was just a child. But she isn't anymore.

"You would have gone to jail" She hisses. She was in love with him, she doesn't care what anyone thinks now, but back then, he would have gone to jail. "Lost your license, everything" She says what he already knows.

"You could have told me when you turned 18, hell you could have told me…" He stops and looks at her, even if she told him at 18, he was married by then.

"You had a" She stares back at him and doesn't even say it, Bella shakes her head. It is no point in going back and forward. He knows the route his life took after leaving Forks, she knows. There is no point in even bringing it up now.

"I don't, not anymore" He tells her calmly, his eyes stare into hers. If possible she looks even younger than she did years ago. The trials of being a mother, under what he imagines harsh stresses, didn't wear on her. She is as beautiful and level headed as he remembers. He has thought about her for the last few years. Trying to let go of his soulful connection to her was no easy feat, he couldn't do it. He wanted it to be a fluke, something not real, but it was real, as inappropriate as it all was back then, it was real, he knows it. It cost him his marriage which was there simply to cover up what he really wanted. It was an attempt to move on.

"No, I suppose you are no longer my teacher, you no longer have a wife" She licks her lips thinking about the silly school girl dreams she had, which used to gently pull her into a deep sleep. She was just a silly girl. She was only 15, yet she doesn't blame him at all, it was both of them. Courts would say it was only him, but it was the pair of them. She is smart, and was completely aware of everything the entire time. If anything Edward in the end no matter how pre-mature, was the sensible one. He pulled away, left for the right reasons. But some would say he left too late. He literally left his mark, inside of her. She wouldn't have her amazing daughter if he left any earlier. No matter how hard it was, it has been, she wouldn't dare change that.

"I'm not and, I don't, no" And he no longer has his wife because the feelings for her never went away and he fought so long over them. Thinking, knowing something is, was, clearly wrong with him to be so attracted and so emotionally in love with this young girl, young woman. He had to leave for her sake, it wouldn't have been right to stay and not able to be with her. Not be able to be with her like she deserved. She had to have something normal. He wanted her to enjoy the rest of her teenage years. He was stopping her and that wasn't fair. He was the adult, and he had to be the one to walk away. And it broke his heart and knows it broke hers. Little did he know she would be growing up very fast.

"I would like to meet her" Edward starts off slowly; he doesn't want to scare Bella into thinking he would dare try to force himself into their lives before she is ready and or willing. He will wait and go as slow as she wants, she controls this. She has always controlled him. But he does want a chance to meet and get to know his daughter, their daughter.

"You can, I won't keep her" She shakes her head and licks her lips. "Um" Bella frowns and rubs her forehead. "When are you free?"

"Whenever, as soon as possible"

"She is" Bella pauses and bites her lip. "Her birthday party is, is that a good idea?" She doesn't know how to do this, any of this.

"It doesn't have to be at her party, it can be after the party, the next day…anything, I'll take whatever you will give" He knows Bella wasn't keeping his daughter from him because she is cruel, he knows she did it because there was no time, he got married, even if she could contact him, she wouldn't do that to him. Even if he knew he would have welcomed her and their daughter with open arms.

"She is just as much yours as she is mine" She is an adult, she feels like she has always been an adult. But she really is one now; though she can't drink legally until September. She knows what happened between herself and Edward is in the past, and this now, is merely for the sake of their daughter. The school girl dreams will never be.

"Bella" He sighs. "You know she is all yours, I won't try to change that, I want to be in her life…but don't feel like you have to give me a role"

"Do you not want a role?" Bella's hands fidget at her apron, her lower lip goes into her mouth as she waits for his reply.

"I do, but I don't want to pressure you, try to make you do what I want to do, I already took so much from you…shit" He whispers rubbing his forehead. "You were just a child"

She says nothing as he has his moment.

"I deserve for you to run to the police demand a DNA test and prove me to be a pedophile"

"It wasn't like that between us; don't make it dirty and sordid"

He agrees but it doesn't change the facts, she was 15 years old, and 16 when she had their daughter, he was in 26 and is the father. No matter how it was between them, it was wrong on so many levels. "I'm sorry"

"Should we just" She clears her throat, she doesn't want to hear him apologize, and break her heart more with his regret over everything. She doesn't. As wrong as it would have been if other people would have found out, it felt right between them. Even though it ended she got to keep a part of him as they both got on with their lives. The time that they had together that very short year, well that time lives on in the room they share, and in her heart.

Edward watches her stand before him and shrugs one shoulder. "Bella" He sighs knowing that look in her eye, he wants to tell her he doesn't regret any of it.

"I will call you after her party; maybe you can come over and have some cake before her bedtime?" She offers him her phone effectively cutting him off.

Smiling, he nods quickly typing his number into her cell. "I would love that"

"Okay" She smiles. "I'll call you" She takes back her cell phone and nods a little.

"I look forward to it" He tells her.

"I have to get back to" She nods her head towards the diner.

"Sure, of course" He has taken up enough of her time. She gets paid working at Sue's Diner, but she makes extra off of tips.

Bella turns and leaves him standing in the parking lot.

He watches her head back into the diner.