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Stephanie Perkins

Chapter 31

"It means the world you're here" He pulls the silly hat off. Flora clambers into his arms and hugs his neck tightly.

"I sawed you on stage" She beams at her father.

"I heard you" He laughs throwing her into the air as she squeals.

Bella covers her face with her hands from embarrassment. "I'm so sorry" She apologizes.

"I loved it" He wraps an arm around the back of her neck and pulls her in kissing the top of her head.

"Oh Edward" Esme smiles holding her camera she snaps a photo of the three before she moves to embrace all three of them.

"It's done" He says. His father smiles with approval and pride. His mother chats away happily to Bree and Flora. Rosalie and Emmett talk with Bella.

"It is indeed, now" He says firmly.

"I'm moving to Seattle"

"Ahh, I had an idea, you were being so mum about everything"

"Only Charlie really knows" Edward confesses. "We will fly back as much as we can but" He looks at Flora skipping around and showing off her dress to her Aunts and a few of his ex-university mates. He smiles at her, his eyes drift to Bella, her back is to him. Her slender body stands strong and glorious as she chats away with his family, so comfortable.

"You have a family of your own now, I expect you to do what you need to be with them, make sure they have what they need"

"I plan on it"

"Are you both going to be living together?"

"I'm trying to talk Bella into it, she is worried about Flora still, moving her away from Charlie, I understand, but she does want this, to move to Seattle, she is already enrolled in Seattle University for a Spring start…so we don't have much time to warm Flora up and find a place either together or close by"

"I think together would be best for Flora, and the two of you, give Flora some new stability"

"I agree" He stares at Bella and she turns around looking at him over her shoulder. She smiles and puts her hand up giving him a small finger wave. He mirrors her acknowledgement with an added smile.

Bella forwent a hotel room this trip to Boston. They are staying in Edward's amazing townhouse. "Did you live here with your wife?" She walks around the living room. She is shower fresh and ready for bed. Flora is snoozing in the spare bedroom.

"No" He stands holding two cups of tea; he watches her carefully wondering if this, that he got married still hurts her. Her finger tips glide over surfaces studying his space with care.

Bella nods. "Do you still see her?" She lifts her eyes and watches him walk into the living room.



"Because when things are over they are just that, over" He answers handing her the tea. "Come sit" He urges. He doesn't see Tanya, heard she has moved on. He is happy for her they were not meant for forever. Rosalie still sees her; he is off limits with topic if it should ever head in that direction.

Bella puts her legs under her bottom as sits holding her cup of tea with care. She takes a sip and watches him do the same, sitting on his couch facing her.

"I'm ready to find a place together when you are"

Her eye widen. She wants this but the whole idea moving away from her home, taking Flora, 3 hours away from everything she has ever known. She will start school next Fall, in the city. She will start university in January…they need to be ready for this. Edward will need to find a job.

"Relax" He says softly watching her face flood with the full realization of what is going to happen. "You know everything will be fine"

"I don't know" She tells him honestly. It feels big, it is big.

"It will Bella, trust me, can you do that?" He stares across at her and watches her nod. He needs to step up, reassure her that this is it, and this is real. Make sure she doesn't worry, let her know she doesn't need to worry.

Bella nods.

"I'm going to find us a place in Seattle, near to the university, and we are going to find a school for Flora" He watches her gulp. He knows if he waits she will wait, so he is going to move forward and she will follow his lead.

"You're not going to buy something are you?" She questions him carefully.

"No" Edward tells her with a shake of his head. "When we are really ready we will buy something together, just rent for now"

Bella nods satisfied with that answer. "Okay" She whispers.

"But it is going to be big enough for you to have your own room" He says watching her. "And a room for Charlie when and if he wants to come up"

Bella smiles.

"And Flora to have her own room"

Nodding. "She will like that"

"Can we talk to her about this soon…tomorrow?"


"Are you ready?"

"I think so" Her brow wrinkles she as thinks. She is, there is no other choice, she wants to be with him, and Flora, this is the only way. It is time for them to have a life together.

Flora is bobbing her legs up and down as she sits on the couch between her parents. She watches her dad move from the couch seat next to her to the table in front of her. Her eyes follow him.

"Your dad and I wanted to talk to you about something"

Flora looks at her mother with wide ready eyes.

"Well, daddy and I love you and we love each other" Bella says.

"I love you too" Flora smiles.

"And we love Pop Pop, but since Daddy finished his school, he wanted to move closer to you, and me, so that he wouldn't have to fly so much"

"That's so cool, are you going to live in Forks near us?" She knows her daddy isn't like Erica's daddy, he doesn't live with her and her mom.

"I was hoping that you and your mom would come and meet me sort of half way, and we could live together, in one house"

"Yes" Flora shouts. "I want to, I want to, and Pop Pop can come too, and Nana Sue" Flora rattles off. "And Erica can have play dates, it will be so fun"

Bella licks her lips. "Well Pop Pop loves his house, and" Bella wrinkles her nose. "I don't think he would want to come, it would just be you, me and your dad"

Flora pauses and says nothing mulling it over in her head. "No Pop Pop?"

"He would live in Forks near Sue, and you me and Daddy would live in Seattle"

"But that's far away"

Bella looks to Edward.

"Flora" Edward starts. "I love you and your mom more than anything, and want you both happy, but if you would rather stay in Forks and live with your Pop Pop that would be fine" He looks at Bella. "We would make it work"

"Will I ever see him again?" Flora questions her voice very soft and tiny.

"Oh sweetie" Bella says gently, she moves and gathers her daughter into her arms. "Of course, it is far but it is not a plane ride far, we could drive down on the weekends and stay, of course you will see him all the time"

Flora snuggles into her mother. "You will be in Seattle too right?"

"Yes, I'll always be with you" Bella kisses her head.

Edward watches, he didn't know Flora was going to react like this. She will be leaving everything she has even known. He watches Bella whisper soft words of reassurance to their daughter. He listens because right now he needs a few wise words.

Charlie stands in the Seattle home. He looks at Bella. Her hair is tied up, she looks so much like an adult. "Hey kid"

Bella turns her head and smiles at her father. "Dad" She says softly walking over to him, her arms throw up and she hugs him tightly. "Thank you for helping with the move, it means the world to me"

Charlie holds her. "I love you so much Bells"

Bella takes a deep breath. She is moving forward, it feels scary but exciting. Flora is so happy. She is thrilled that she will get to spend some weekends in Forks with Pop Pop and Nana Sue. Sue suggested it much to Charlie's grunting and Edward's smirking. Sue thinks they should have some alone time to get to know each other more without Flora around and in turn give Flora some Pop Pop time.

"You ready for all this Bella?" He questions. She is going from living with him and Flora to living with a man she had a whirlwind young romance with, with not much in between. It is a huge crazy leap.

"I'm here, I have to be" Bella shrugs one shoulder. Edward has Sue and Flora out in the garden. Flora is showing off her room and new house. She is going on and on about a dog now. Their neighbor has a dog. Edward is caving; she thinks it would be too much.

Currently Edward doesn't have a job, and Christmas is coming up. She jumps right in the Spring semester at the university. Bella is glad that Edward will have Flora during the day. He is looking but not pushing too hard to find something right now. He thinks after the summer he wants fulltime when Flora starts Kindergarten in September.

Charlie smiles at her. "It will be alright" He offers her support in this manner, letting her know all of this is alright, giving more than he ever has concerning Edward. "I'm glad you are in this place before Christmas"

Bella looks at him, her eyes smile. "Really?"

"Yeah really, Sue and I will be here for Christmas Eve and Christmas day though" He warns her. And that is that. He actually spoke to Edward, he won't come every Christmas, but he wants to come this year.

"Of course" Bella laughs and cries.

Charlie smiles and hugs her. "I love you so much Bells, and I'm so very proud to call you my daughter" He rubs her back.

Bella tugs her face into his shoulder and sighs. "I love you too dad"

Flora is bouncing on her father's shoulders. They are looking for a Christmas tree. Christmas is in 2 weeks and her Pop Pop and Nana will be here soon to spend Christmas with her in her new house. She is so excited because they have only seen her fully finished room on the iPad.

Edward smiles at Bella, he reaches for her hand and holds her mitten covered hand with his glove covered one. They have been living together for two weeks. Together but in separate rooms, they are together, even though nothing has officially been discussed.

She smiles at him and blushes a bit turning her face away to look forward.

"I see one I like" Flora calls down to her parents.

Bella stops along with Edward and looks up at her daughter. "Which way?"

"Straight Daddy" She urges.

"Flora honey" Edward starts he looks up at the huge tree.

"IT is perfect" Flora stands between her mother and father and opens her arms out wide with a huge smile on her face.

Bella frowns and then turns to Edward, she cocks an eyebrow up and adjusts her beanie on her head.

"It is too big honey"

"Do you think it's too big mommy?"

"It is a little on the big side" Bella admits. The tree is a monstrosity.

Edward smiles. "Let's keep looking" He offers, Flora nods her head in agreement.

"I think" She calls from her car seat in the back of their new car. She loves it. She doesn't miss her mommy's old truck. "Pop Pop would have liked the other tree"

Edward smiles glancing in the mirror at his daughter. "Maybe, but we can make this one really amazing"

Bella thinks about all the bells and bobbles they just bought, she almost fainted at the price of it all. But Flora was beside herself picking things out. Edward pulled a single bell with the year 2013 on it to commemorate their first Christmas together. He is so happy. His parents and family will spend Christmas in Boston, but his parents will travel to Seattle sometime in January so that he, Bella and Flora can have a semi-private first Christmas season together.

Edward sits by the fire in their living room. Flora did not get her wish and decorate the tree tonight. That will have to wait until tomorrow afternoon. But the tree is up, and the lights are on. Multicolored. He pokes the fire with the poker; he turns his head when Bella enters their living room.

"Hey" She smiles and climbs onto he couch behind him. She reaches out and touches his head, his hair. He drops his head back, it rests on her bent knee and her fingers stroke over his scalp.

"I thought you went to bed" He says softly, his almost purrs at the feel of her fingers against his scalp.

"I always tell you good night" She responds equally as softly.

This is true, she does.


"Hmm?" His eyes are shut.

"I-I, well" She is ready.

Turning her hand falls from his head and hair; he looks at her, her legs tucked under her bottom as she sits on the couch. "What is it?" He questions moving to sit on his knees.

Bella stares at him. She answers by moving and sinking to the floor next to him, her hand cup his face and she pulls him in for a deep kiss. They kiss often, everyday, more than once or twice. Sometimes the kisses are quick something they linger for long minutes. Every time they are amazing. Like now he tastes amazing, her mouth opens and she pants and sucks nips and nibbles.

"Baby" Edward moans. "Wait" he lightly pushes her shoulders before cupping the back of her neck to still keep her close.

Bella licks her lips and looks at him, she moves so that she is sitting more comfortably next to him.

"I love you" He brushes her hair from her cheek and smiles at her.

"I love you, I want this" She says softly.

Edward nods and knocks his nose into hers before dipping his head and kissing her mouth. "Can we do this right?"

"What is right for us?" She smiles with a shake of her head. "Hmm?"

"I don't know" He answers his thumb brushes over her bottom lip. "Are you sure?"

"Yes" She answers without a hint of uncertainty in her voice. She knows what she wants. Him. Edward, a life with him, a full life. One with their daughter and their families. The past is behind her, they have started again, over, with the world at their fingertips. The history between them was long and hard, but they made it through.

Edward stares at her for a long moment. He loves her; he has loved her since she was just a girl. He was reckless and careless with her body, her heart and her mind. But she gave him a chance a chance to mend what he could and she accepts what he can't, what he has done. "I love you" He whispers.

Bella strokes his cheek and stares at him, her voice is a hushed whisper the words only meant for him. "'For the two of us, home isn't a place. It is a person. And we are finally home.'"


I will do some outtakes about their second first time, maybe Christmas, Flora's first day at school next year. Just short snippets.

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