Merlin: the Oath Breaker sequel to Merlin – Not Arthur – Merlin

Arthur has finally accepted the fact that Merlin is a warlock and that he is no ordinary warlock, he is thee warlock – Emrys. Merlin has broken his oath to stay by Arthur's side til the day that he dies.

This story will be about lies, deception, and the truth.

* recap *

"Merlin no longer resides in Camelot. He has left."

"He must be visiting his mother. He should have asked permission," remarked Arthur.

"No Sire, I assure you that I heard it from Gaius himself. Merlin has taken his possessions and he has left Camelot, Sire."

"I'm happy to be your servant till the day I die," Arthur whispered, alarmed. He sprang from his bed and then hesitated. If Merlin was going to his death, he wouldn't have taken his things with him. He sat down dejected. Then a wave of realization hit him and his breath hitched. Merlin had broken his oath. The Oath Breaker, he really was Emrys.

*and now the sequel begins*

The knights of Camelot were sent on a large scale manhunt. Every guard was put on alert. Every village and town was notified and advised to capture the missing manservant. Neighboring kingdoms were also put on alert to bring the manservant in if he was captured. Arthur himself led many Merlin hunting expeditions, but weeks had passed and there was no sign of him anywhere.

The more Arthur looked for Merlin, the angrier he got at Merlin. He didn't care about the magic. The magic wasn't that big of a deal. However, Merlin made it a big deal. He broke his promise! It wasn't as if Arthur ever asked for his friendship, Merlin had given it to him – with a promise! He wasn't going to get out of that promise so easily either.

It was a bad move for Aggravaine to have tried to speak against Merlin. Family relation or not, Arthur had taken out his full fury on the man for saying that Merlin had been a traitor. He had spoken with venom about Merlin's behind the scenes interferences. He had suggested bringing the boy to justice – which had sounded too much like Uther. Arthur threw the man in the dungeon for a week for his insolence and only allowed him out once a full public apology was made.

Gaius had been wonderful. Arthur wasn't sure how he was handling the stress himself, his boy was gone, and yet – he inspired Arthur to keep searching. The second week after Merlin's departure, Uther died in his sleep. Arthur had cried. He did not mourn his father for what he was, but what he should have been. The bitterness that he had felt, had faded to pity. Now the only thing left were harsh lessons on how no one's idea of justice should go unexamined. Arthur delegated that a more efficient court system be researched. No longer would confessions be accepted if they were under duress. No longer would a noble's word have more weight than a servants. And more importantly, magic was no longer outlawed.

If that wasn't a message that Arthur accepted Merlin and wanted him home – Arthur wasn't sure how else to convey it. When his kingdom still remained Merlin-free after two more weeks, Arthur started hiring bounty hunters – to capture his friend. They were given strict instructions that if a hair on the boy's head was mussed – they would be brought in and tried for committing treason.

Merlin was too important.

When Gwaine, exhausted, after a long Merlin hunt had come back and confessed that they would probably never find Merlin's shape-shifting abilities – Arthur had an Uther sized tantrum. Not only did he discover that Gwaine knew about Merlin's magic before he did – he knew about the shape-shifting and hadn't said anything earlier! Arthur interrogated Gwaine, then Gaius, and that was how he found out that George had known! He hounded the temporary manservant for all his information about Merlin. He wanted to know everything he knew and everything he suspected.

Arthur trashed his room. He threw furniture in the throne room. He ripped down draperies and donated them to the seamstresses so that there was no place for a small creature to hide. He had the bottom of his bed boarded off, so that nothing could get underneath it. He ordered for all the furniture in the palace be adjusted so that no Merlin-like form could be sneaking around. He made a decree that no rat ,or cat, or hawk or small creature smaller than a breadbasket was to be killed in the palace.

Shape-shifting! How utterly fantastic and sneaky. That underhanded, devious and brilliant Merlin might be accidentally killed – the IDIOT!

The new king of Camelot was exhausted and there was still no sign of Merlin. No word. It had been weeks. Weeks, without one word to anyone that he was at the very least – alive. Arthur did not want to upset Hunith, but he had run out of ideas. He needed to inform the poor woman that her son was missing. He needed to ask her if she might have any ideas where Merlin may have gone. He also wanted to tell her that if Merlin went to visit her – that he wanted her to tell his friend to come back.

He departed for the Ealdor with Leon, Gwaine, and George.

George was not pleased about riding or venturing away from his polishing, but Arthur did not care. He wanted to keep an eye on the deviant servant. He no longer trusted George himself, but he trusted that the man was loyal to Merlin. He trusted that the man would do his duty, not for his king – but for the man who had earned his respect.

"Just wait until I get my hands on you, you idiot," Arthur vowed.

and so it begins...