Hello! This is an idea I've wanted to play with for a while. Pretty much what the title says: Pranks that Schrodinger plays that poor Hans is forced to fix! So, give me ideas via review! What would you like to see Schrodinger do to Millennuim?

"Olly olly oxen free!"

A tall, muscular soldier looked up from his book as the sound rang though the headquarters in Brazil. A voice that was high pitched and slightly squeaky with puberty (which Hans didn't understand. The boy was bred in a lab; he shouldn't have had to deal with puberty) had screamed the words joyously and Hans knew that Schrodinger was up to something…

Yes, he knew this as well as he knew that he would be ordered to do something about it. It wasn't his fault he and the kid loved each other. They were both half animal; of course they'd be drawn to each other. It didn't help at all that Hans had once had a pack and his own cubs before they were killed. He sort of coddled the kid as a replacement or a second chance.

So, with a great sigh, Hans stood and ambled to the doorway. Schrodinger usually went messing with Dok or The Major when he wanted attention or felt bored. So the tall, silver haired man stalked through the hallway with his face burrowed into his greatcoat and his hands stuffed in his pockets. Millennium vampires parted and watched as he walked by; some of them sniffed the air eagerly and others pressed themselves against the wall while diverting their eyes.

"Major," Hans rumbled as he entered the dining room, which seemed to be where the fat man made his office. A pair of yellow eyes flashed behind the glasses and the man jerked his thumb over his shoulder.

"He has stolen some of the Doktor's lab equipment." Hans nodded and passed through the room, entering the laboratory and looking around. The man with too many glasses whipped around with a scowl etched on his face and howled angrily.

"Das kleine Scheißer!" the man screeched, fisting his hands in his hair. Hans sighed and began to sniff the air for the scent of the cat boy. Then he followed the trail until he found Schrodinger in his room, giggling as he stashed various metal instruments under his bed. Then he shot up and looked around with his ears pointed up.

"Kaptain," he said nervously, tail flicking shortly. Hans shook his head with a sigh and held out his hand, palm up. Schrodinger brought out the equipment and went to place it in Hans hand when the werewolf clenched his fist, pointing in the direction of the lab. The Neko sighed and trudged off to the lab, ears folded submissively.

Hans sighed and leaned against the threshold of the room, waiting for the cat boy to reappear. When he did, Hans began to walk to the kitchen. The Neko followed with his ears perked up, smiling in a carefree manner. When they reached the kitchen, the wolf pulled down a box of cookies and pulled one out, holding it over Schrodinger's hand.

"You may only have this cookie if you promise me you vill not steal the Dok's equipment."

"Ja, I promise!"

Hans saw the mischievous glint go through the purple eyes as he dropped the cookie into the waiting hands and sighed, knowing somehow that this was far from over.

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