"Come on Brittany or we're going to be late!"

Brittany sighed as she stared at her reflection in the polished looking glass.

The tribal markings painted on her face did nothing to hide the nervous look in her eye.

Quinn must have been able to see it too even from where she poked her head through the pelts that made Brittany's door because soon enough she was swearing to herself and darting inside the yurt to come to her friend's aid.

"I'm scared Quinn," Brittany admitted as they locked eyes in the mirror.

Quinn nodded in understanding as she brushed a stray hair behind Brittany's ear.

"I know you are sweetie, but it's normal for a first timer- but Hades even I'm nervous, it'll be my first time back there since Beth was born," Quinn revealed.

"Are you going to seek out her father?" Brittany asked out of genuine interest.

Quinn shook her head.

"No, I heard that Rachel has since taken a shining to him… so I'm in the same position as you are."

"But you've done it all before…" Brittany muttered sullenly.

"And that you haven't yet is your own fault and you know it… I know for a fact that you've been bleeding for three years now- almost as long as I," Quinn chuckled.

"Hush Quinn, keep it down-" Brittany jumped to her feet and scolded Quinn. "Everyone else believes I just started a few seasons ago…"

"I think less believe that than you think…" Quinn informed her with a wry smile.

Brittany's face fell guiltily which only made Quinn feel bad.

"Hey, you weren't ready and that's okay," Quinn cooed in reassurance as she gently cupped Brittany's cheek, being careful not to smudge her still drying war-paint. "But Sue's patience with you has worn thin and you know it's your duty to the tribe to participate now."

"I know…" Brittany muttered regrettably.

"I promise you it's easier than you think," Quinn informed her with an encouraging smile. "The men want it. I hear there's a whole new group that have come of age… if you're still nervous just find one of the younger ones – they'll be inexperienced and excitable. Just get them inside of you and nature will do the rest. With any luck you'll be with child before the night is through and you won't need to go again for at least another year…"

Brittany nodded again, taking in all of Quinn's advice.

"Don't look so depressed- I know you like sex," Quinn teased, trying to get a smile out of her. "Everybody knows you like sex."

Brittany blushed and then offered Quinn a salacious grin with a waggle to her eyebrows, "You included huh, Quinn?"

Quinn rolled her eyes as her cheeks flamed, "Yeah, yeah… I was drunk remember?"

Brittany giggled as Quinn continued to blush, which only made the shorter blonde scowl at her.

"Why can't you just channel some of that confidence you usually reserve to charm your way into your Sisters' beds and use it tonight?" Quinn challenged.

"But I've never been with a man before," Brittany frowned unsurely.

"It's not that different-" Quinn shrugged. "They just smell bad and make noises that make them sound like wild animals. And their kisses tend to be really sloppy."

Both girls pulled disgusted faces at that description.

"So remind me again why it is we have to do this?" Brittany queried with lacking enthusiasm.

A loud horn blasting throughout the village made both girls jump and immediately returned the nervous look to Brittany's face.

"Because it's our duty," Quinn reminded her gently as she grabbed Brittany's ceremonial mask from the table nearby and handed it to her before taking her other hand and tugging her outside to join the rest of the raiding party.