This is a story I have popping around in my head for a few weeks now. I love reading stories about Harry becoming an Elfling. I will admit that I have never read Lord of the Rings, just watched the movies. So sorry if I get any Lord of the Rings stuff mixed up. The first few chapters will be in Harry's world. I have about seven chapters finished but will only upload once or twice a week, so I can write during the week and keep the story going. I am not sure where this is going to go or what not. But this story takes place a couple hundred years before the Hobbit or the Fellowship. I am thinking that Harry might have something to do with one or both. Not sure yet. I hope you enjoy it. This is my first fan fiction! Thanks

Sorry for any wrong spellings or if I get anything wrong. Just ignore it.

Plot: Found to betrayed by his friends and family, Harry receives a special gift, a new life in a new world.

Chapter One

Harry stood alone by Dumbledore's grave. He had come to place the elder wand back into his tomb in hopes that no one would ever find it again. He had come using his faithful invisibility cloak. He had to do this unaccompanied. "I did it, Professor, I defeated him. He is gone. The wizarding world is safe."

Harry quickly looked down, fighting back his tears, as he took out the elder wand. There were times that he was so angry at the dead wizard, but there were also times when he missed him. Just as he was he was about to left his head a shinning object caught his eye. He slowly moved towards it and picked up a ring. Harry slowly starred at it. He couldn't believe what he was seeing. There in the center of the stone was the Resurrection stone. He thought he had lost it back in the forest.

"That is because you did lose it in the forest, Harry Potter," a voice said from behind him.

Harry slowly turned and saw a man standing there. The man looked stern and not someone that was to be crossed. The man was tall with dark black hair, but he was a handsome man. "Who are you?"

"Who I am is not important, Harry Potter. What I am here for, well, that is a different matter all together," the man replied. "I was sent by my brothers and sisters to make you an offer."

"If you will not tell me your name, why should I trust you or listen to your offer," Harry said, keeping the elder wand in a tight fist, just in case it was needed.

"My name is Mandos, Judge of the Dead, a member of the Valar, and you would do well to remember that we do not offers lightly, especially the kind we are making to you."

"Who are the Valar? And why would the judge of the dead be sent to me?"

"I was sent because you are the Master of Death, the keeper of the Deathly Hallows, here on earth. The Valar are the powers of Arda, we create the order of the world."

Harry had no idea what he was talking about and wished Hermione was here. "What is the offer you have for me?"

"We have watched your pain, Harry Potter, and the life you have lead here on Earth. We have bared witness to your bravery and the love you have for your friends and family. We have seen your loses and your victories. We wish to honor you with the chance at a new life, with a family that loves you and will do all in their power to protect you. We have also seen the trails for you to come and wish to spare you this. We wish to give you the life of the Eldar," Mandos told him. "We wish to give you the immortal life of the Elves and give you a new home in Middle Earth, as an elfling."

Harry starred at the man. "Elves? Like house elves?"

"No, not like your house elves. Elves in Middle Earth look much like men, but they have a beauty and grace not found in the race of men."

"What do you mean trails to come?"

Mandos looked sad. "You will not believe me, but your friends will betray you, thinking you will rise to be a Dark Lord. They will try to kill you. Even now they are plotting. Only death awaits you hear"

Harry felt shock run through his body. He didn't want to believe him, but something within him felt as though Mandos was telling him the truth. "If I accepted your offer, what would happen to my magic."

"Everything you are here, you will be in Middle Earth."

Harry nodded, relief flooding through him, he would not loose his magic. "When do you need my decision? I would like to see if your words about my friends are true."

"They plot now in the Potions Lab, only your Godson and his grandmother can you trust. I will give you two days to think it through, Harry Potter. I will find you then, no matter where you go," Mandos said. "Do nothing with the Hallows, keep them with you."

Harry agreed with Mandos and watched as Mandos slowly faded away. Harry looked up at Hogwarts. Now was as good as any to so if the man was speaking the truth. He didn't look back at his old professor's grave.

This is the end of Chapter One. Hope you enjoyed….next chapter Harry finds out if Mandos spoke the truth.