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The Forest and The Weasel

"Naruto!" Minato Namikaze was a man of skill; he could kill men without them even realizing it! He could track down and take out a group of Kumo ninja when he was only twelve! Hell, he could even out run the Raikage! But for the life of him, he could not get his son out of the house on time!

Minato scowled as he stomped through the hallway towards his son's room. He was late as it is and suddenly he was second guessing taking his son to Suna with him. Minato grabbed the door handle and swung the door open revealing an empty room. Minato was taken aback by the empty room and started to stretch out his chakra to find that chakra he knows oh so well. He slammed the door shut and stomped back to the kitchen, grabbed his pack and headed to the front door.

Once outside he found his son, well his son's chakra signature, however the sight of the little blonde escaped him. Minato looked around and finally found the little blonde squatting on a near by tree branch right about another familiar 'face.'

Minato opened his mouth to say something when he realized what his little one was about to do. Naruto had a devious look on his face and the other's emotion was indiscernible due to the mask that was obscuring his face. Minato shut his mouth and chuckled. Might as well let his son have fun before they left, it would keep the chances of his playing pranks on his father, lower. Besides when does Naruto ever let his rambunctious side take over? So, he let his son have his fun.

Kushina, you really do live on inside him. You would be proud.

Naruto smiled then crouched down even further preparing himself to jump. Naruto sprang into action jumping off the branch to the one holding up the other shinobi. Minato watched in amusement as Naruto tried to out maneuver the experienced ANBU with little success. The blue clad shinobi spun around on the branch at the last second catching Naruto mid-fall causing both to tumble down to the ground. But as experience as the ANBU was, he spun in air like cat and landed on his feet holding Naruto like a log underneath his left arm. Naruto peeked open his eyes to see his father chuckling at him.

"Naruto, I'm an S-rank ANBU, and you are a young genin. Did you truly believe that would be successful?" The masked man asked.

Only a 'humph' sound was returned. The masked man placed Naruto down on his feet, only for said blonde to cross his arms and grumble some inaudible and most likely inappropriate words.

"Are you two done fooling around?" Minato asked, "We are late as it is."

"Hai, Hokage-sama," the ANBU replied straightening up.

"Yea," Naruto mumbled and grabbed his bag that was situated on the stairs leading down from the front door.

"Alright then," Minato sighed, "Lets head out then."

"Tou-san?" Naruto called.

"Yes, Naruto?" Minato replied.

It had been half a day since the duet had left the village. Naruto was surprisingly quiet most of the trip, which worried Minato. Minato could tell that Naruto was getting bored from just traveling, but he didn't want to show Naruto his affinity until tomorrow. Some how Naruto got the idea in his head that his father was going to teach him a new jutsu.

"How long does it take to get to Suna?" Naruto asked.

Minato glanced down at his son. He was expecting an 'are we there yet,' "well about 3 days time."

"Well, that's going to take forever," Naruto replied with an oh-so-familiar overly dramatic tone.

Ah, there's Kushina's side showing itself again.

Minato laughed, "It won't take forever Naruto. Not if I give you something to work on to pass the time."

Naruto stopped in his tracks as his eyes brightened, "What is it!?"

Minato stopped and turned around with an amused look on his face, "Well, I was going to see which chakra affinity you have. Then have you start working on controlling it. But we have to keep walking or it really will take forever to get there."

Minato continued to walk as he pulled a piece of chakra paper out of his bag and held it up to demonstrate it to Naruto, "Each shinobi have a main chakra affinity of one of the five elements; Water, Earth, Fire, Wind or Lighting. While you will have a main one, you can manipulate others as well through practice. Most by Jonin level can use two, while a small number can have three or even four."

"You can't have all five?" Naruto asked as they continued walking again.

"Technically, it's possible," Minato explained, "To obtain one, two or even three chakra natures is takes years of practice. Due the amount of time it takes for one to master one chakra nature, we consider it practically impossible to master all five and rare to master four. However that being said there has only been on shinobi in history to have mastered all five elements."


"The sage of the sixths paths," Minato answered stopping his son midsentence when he started to ask who that was while simultaneously handing his son the chakra paper, "Now, my affinity is mainly fire then several years later, lighting. I can also use a bit of water."

And a bit of wind, but you don't need to know that, son.

"Your mother's was water then earth. Pour a small amount of your chakra into the paper. If you are water, it will become wet. Earth it will crumple. Lighting it will wrinkle. Fire, it will burn and wind will cut it in half."

Naruto did as he was told and pushed a small amount of his chakra into his piece of paper. Surprising both Minato and the younger, the paper cut in half.

"Wind?" both blondes chimed at the same time.

This took Minato back, but then remembering that the Namikaze's are known for having wind affinities, however he thought Naruto would have had Fire or water since those run in both sides of the family. Minato chuckled slightly before snatching one side of the paper out of Naruto's hand.

"Wind huh?" Minato repeated.

"I have wind, but neither you or mom had wind… is that possible?" Naruto asked.

"Well, yes. It is possible for a child to not take after their parent's affinities if another affinity happens run in their family. The Namikaze's are known for having wind affinities as well as water, which is strange that I have neither. Kaze actually means wind, while Nami means waves. My father had mainly water, and a slight wind. My mother was a clan-less shinobi who had a fire affinity, while her father had lighting, leading to mine own affinity being mainly fire, while I can manipulate lighting and water. Your mother's clans the Uzumaki's were known for having mainly water and earth, which is why your mother could use both. Understand?" Minato tried to explain.

"I think so," Naruto nodded, "Is one affinity stronger than another?"

"No, each has their own weakness and their own strength. Balancing each other out," Minato replied.


"Yes, fire for example is strong against wind, but weak against water," Minato tried to explain, "There is a scroll back at home that will explain the strengths and weakness between chakra natures, as well as advanced types and Kekki Genkai."

"Oh ok, " Naruto nodded, "Tou-san?"


"Is there a way I can find out if I have a second affinity?"

"Well, no," Minato replied quickly but then thought for a moment, "I guess if you try to push chakra into these pieces that have your chakra already in them, then it may reveal another. You can try if you please."

Naruto gave his father a large grin and pushed more of his chakra into the half piece of paper, and to everyone's surprise the paper started to burn.

"Fire," Minato smiled then ruffled his son's hair as they continued walking, "just like me."

"So now that I know what chakra affinity I am, what are we going to do?" Naruto asked with a little too much enthusiasm.

"Well, you need to learn how to manipulate wind chakra," Minato replied, "However, because of your lack in chakra control, I'm worried you aren't going to be able to handle the wind chakra. So for now I want to work on your chakra control."

"Oh, come on, Tou-san!" Naruto moaned, "More chakra control exercises?"

"Yes, Naruto. More chakra control exercises," Minato chuckled at the pout on Naruto's face, "Here's what I want you to do. Since we are walking I can't have you walk up tree or walk on water, so I want you to use your chakra and try to hold a leaf to your forehead while paying attention to where you are walking. Understood?"

If he can master the leaf exercise, then I will begin to teach him the Rasengan. Moreover, I want to teach him the Rasengan before I want him handling the wind chakra. Once he can master the Rasengan, I know he will be able to handle the wind chakra.

"Yes," Naruto mumbled and reluctantly picked up a leaf on the ground and did what he was told. At first the leaf stuck but seconds later it fell. Naruto furrowed his eyes brows. This exercise was harder than his father let on. His picked up the leaf and tried again.

Hours later, Naruto was still having difficulty keeping the leaf on his forehead. Too much chakra and the leaf would start to fall apart, however too little chakra and the leaf would just fall right off. Minato concentrated on traveling and his up coming meeting with the Kazekage, but kept a watchful eye on his son, just in case.

As the sun was about to set, Minato suggested they stop and set up cap for the night. Normally, Minato wouldn't bother with a camp but since Naruto was with him, he thought he should. Later on, the two blondes were sitting across from each other with a small fire in between them. Naruto was playing with a small stick in the fire while Minato was reading one of the scrolls he brought with him. Naruto took a deep breath, and let out a loud sigh making Minato look up at him with a concerned look. Naruto didn't return the look but continued to stare at the stick he had in the fire.

"Tou-san?" Naruto mumbled just loud enough for Minato to acknowledge his title.

"Yes?" Minato replied as he continued to look over his scroll.

"Did Kaa-chan have trouble with chakra like me?" Naruto mumbled still avoiding his father's gaze.

"I believe so, yes," Minato nodded.

"Really?" Naruto stopped playing with the stick and looked up to meet those dazzling blue's that mirrored his own, aside from the deep pain that seemed to resonate inside those orbs.

"Yes, she although the Kyuubi's chakra wasn't mixing with her own, she was still an Uzumaki," Minato replied with a sad smile on his face. Those dazzling blue eye's seemed darkened slightly at the memories of his late wife. Naruto saw this but some how the desire for more information about his mom, pushed him to ask more.

"What do you mean?" Naruto replied.


"What do you mean she was still an Uzumaki?" Naruto explained.

"Well, Uzumaki's aren't just known for their longevity. They are also known for their remarkably large pools of chakra," Minato chuckled, "Those large amounts of chakra help with their sealing abilities. With more chakra, the larger their seals can be made. However, with larger amounts of chakra, the harder it is to control. Which is why your mother had a had time with chakra control like you."

"Oh, but she did learn it?"

"Over time and with lots of practice, her chakra control was one of the best I have seen. It allowed her to create very large and detailed seals. I believe she also learned small amounts of medical jutsu," Minato explained.

"Was mom a sensory type like me?"

"Um, no I don't believe so," Minato shook his head.

"Oh," Naruto replied.

"I see a lot of your Kaa-chan in you," Minato noted.

"Really?" Naruto's eye's suddenly brightened.

"Yes, aside from the hair, you look more and more like her everyday. She was very rambunctious, like you seem to be these days," Minato laughed, "They didn't call her the red hot habanero for nothing."

"Red hot… what?" Naruto tried to repeat.

"The red hot habanero," Minato said, "that was the nick-name given to your mom back in the academy."

"Um, why?" Naruto asked out of curiosity.

Minato laughed, then grimaced at the memories of his young wife, pummeling their classmate back in the academy, "You can ask her."

Naruto gave his father a curious look then shrugged it off; he would meet his mother one day soon. It was a day he couldn't wait for and often dreamed of what it would be like, "What about you? Did you have a nick-name?"

Minato laughed, "I didn't get my nick-name till years later. But I am the Yellow Flash."

"The Yellow Flash?" Naruto repeated, "Why that?"

"Because of my speed," Minato replied.

"Your speed?" Naruto asked.

Minato raised an eyebrow at his son. Did he really not know how fast his father was?

"Yes," Minato nodded, "Haven't you ever seen me use the Hiraishin?"

"Um no?" Naruto replied quickly, "Wait is that the thing with those weird Kunai?"

Minato laughed again, "Yes that, Naruto."

"Is that why you are named the Yellow Flash?"

"Yes, that's why," Minato nodded.

"OH!" Naruto exclaimed as if a light blub went off in his head, then whispered to himself, "The Yellow Flash and the Red Hot Habanero; Speed and Strength. I'm going to surpass them both"

Although Naruto didn't know, his father did hear that last sentence. Minato eyed his son fondly and pray that one day he would surpass both his parents, in both speed and strength. After all, each generation is supposed to be stronger than the last.

Minato smiled at his young son, "Lets get to bed Naruto. We have a lot of walking to do in the morning."

"Ok," Naruto gave his dad a quick nod, and then the two blondes headed off to bed.

"Tou-san! It's not working!" Naruto exclaimed, frustrated with the leaf still not sticking to his forehead properly.

"Well, it's not going to work with only a day of practice. It took your kaa-chan years to perfect her chakra control," Minato replied calmly as if his thoughts were elsewhere.

"Years?!" Naruto replied.

"Yes, years," Minato nodded as the two blondes continued to walk towards Suna.

Naruto was getting frustrated and bored with the leaf exercise and Minato knew he would have to do something or he would have a very rambunctious genin on his hands. The two were only day away from Suna. They had been walking for well over half a day and they would arrive this time tomorrow afternoon. Minato sighed, at the thought of dealing while a hyper active Naruto for another day. Lost in his thoughts of what to do with Naruto, he missed the sense of another chakra near by.

Jolting Minato from his thoughts and Naruto from his exercise, the two blondes were suddenly surrounded by six ANBU. Instinctively, Minato pulled his son closer to him.

"What is it?" Minato probed his subordinates.

"Did you not sense that chakra, sensei?" replied one of the ANBU with his back facing away from the blonde Hokage.

Minato stretched his chakra as thin as it would go to find the unwanted visitor. Then he found it and he knew exactly who it was. Minato whirled around, pushing Naruto behind him as he made eye contact with the red sharingan he knew oh so well.

"Kakashi, take Naruto and your team and go," Minato ordered, "I will deal with this."


"GO!" Minato barked the order once again.

Kakashi doing as he is told grabbed Naruto around the waist.

"Tou-san!" Naruto called out.

"I will meet up with you soon, Naruto," Minato reassured his son with one his legendary smiles, although with the worried look on Naruto's face, it seems his reassurance didn't work.

Kakashi, along with Naruto and the other member of his escort team took off in the direction of Suna. Using his chakra, Minato made sure they were well enough away from him before calling the Uchiha out.

"Itachi," Minato called as he turned back around to face where he had seen those red eyes, "You can come out now."

"Hokage-sama" Itachi nodded in respect as he stepped into view.

"Itachi, I thought we were going to wait till after I returned from Suna to meet up, no?" Minato asked in demanding voice.

"Yes, sir, however I came to warn you," Itachi replied bluntly.

"Warn me?" Minato asked.

"May I?" Itachi questioned.

Knowing what Itachi wanted, Minato gave a short, quick nod right before he heard Itachi state something, and was sucked into some sort of genjutsu.

"What is this called again?" Minato asked once he regained his composure.

"Tsukuyomi," Itachi replied.

Minato and Itachi stood in a parallel universe, with considerable differences. The red moon casting a red light throughout the illusion with a cloudy atmosphere, giving the background a blood-red appearance while the rest within the illusion is depicted in an inverted grey scale. It seemed to Minato that inside this illusion Itachi created, a considerable amount of time passes, but time on the outside seemed to stand still. This place Itachi created, was the only way the two could speak without interruption or ease dropping. They could also speak for any length of time, without worry.

"What did you mean you came to warn me?" Minato demanded.

"The Akatsuki are moving earlier than I anticipated," Itachi replied.


"Yesterday afternoon, our leader called a meeting and gave out assignments. Each member was assigned a tailed beast to capture, most correlated to the village which we were affiliated," Itachi explained.

"I thought they were waiting to obtain the tailed beasts, seeing as the three-tails has still not been revived after the passing of the Yondaime Mizukage?" Minato pinched in the bridge of his nose.

"They were, however something pushed Pein-sama to take action. The tailed beasts will be collected and sealed in order, starting with the Ichibi," Itachi continued.

"The Ichibi is located in Suna," Minato confirmed with a slightly angry expression, unsurprisingly due to being currently heading in that direction.

"Yes. Sasori and Deidara are headed there as we speak to obtain the beast," Itachi warned, "They will wait to obtain Naruto, seeing as how he is the last and strongest of the collection. However, that being said, if the opportunity presents it self to capture more than one, even if we aren't ready to seal it, they will take the advantage."

"I see," Minato nodded, "you said, the tailed beasts were assigned in order of villages. Does that mean…?"

"Yes, Naruto is my target," Itachi confirmed, "And he will be the last one to be obtain and unfortunately I can not give you an estimated time. It will all depend on how fast the others collect their targets."

Minato sighed. He knew Naruto being a jinchuuriki would make him a potential target but he thought he had a few more years before there would be any major threat to Naruto regarding the Kyuubi, however that danger has seemed to move up in the schedule.

"You will have to wait to collect the fours through nine, until the three tails is revived, no?" Minato questioned.

"Unfortunately, we will collect the beasts even before the sanbi's resurrection," Itachi replied, tone unwavering, "Pein has found a way to hold the Jinchuurikis' until their sealing. It seems his patience is wearing thin."

"I see," Minato nodded.

"You are heading to Suna, correct?'" Itachi asked.

"Yes, we are," Minato nodded.

"Then be very careful," Itachi warned, "If Sasori or Deidara get a wind that the Kyuubi Jinchuuriki is in Suna, they will not hesitate to act."

"I understand," Minato nodded.

"One last thing," Itachi said as his whole demeanor seemed to soften.


"How is he?"

"He is doing well. I placed him on a genin team under Kakashi's tutelage since he is last one to teach him something about the sharingan," Minato smiled softly.

"Has he activated it?"

"As far as I know, no he has not."


"You know how it goes; a bunch of D-ranks first, then moving up to C-ranks, until a Chunin promotion. But you would proud to know he graduated as rookie of the year."


"Yes, he is working hard, but I fear all the hatred will drive him in the wrong direction."

"What do you mean, sir?"

"From what I hear from Kakashi, he talks a lot about getting stronger. Strong enough to 'kill a certain man' which I assume is you. I fear this will drive him in wrong path, just to obtain the power to kill you. All that hatred for you seems to be building up inside him."

"I know," Itachi took a deep breath, "I told him to hate me, despise me, in order for him to get stronger. But looking back, it was something I wish I had not done. I do want him to kill me. I want to pay for my sins by the hand of another Uchiha, but I came at it from the wrong direction, I suppose."

"I suppose so, however we can not change the past and only he has the power to change the path he is headed down, I can only hope he chooses the right one."

"You are right, Hokage-sama," Itachi nodded.

"Thank you, Itachi for warning me about the Akatsuki," Minato nodded in return.

Itachi bowed before the Hokage before releasing the genjutsu and bringing both back to reality. The mental exhausted brought Minato to drop down to his knees only to glance up in time watch Itachi walk away. Just as he was about to head out and find the rest of his company….

Everything went black.




By the tenth time Naruto had called out for Kakashi, who was merely sitting next to him, the frustration was starting to show on the blonde's face. A small twitch started to appear above said blonde's left eye, while the silver haired man sat next to him reading a familiar orange book. Naruto's expression suddenly calmed then turned to an annoyed expression.

"S-e-n-s-e-i," Naruto called sarcastically.

"Oh? Naruto did you say something?" Kakashi looked up from his book with an innocent expression plastered on his face.

Naruto breathed out a heavy sigh in frustration. Kakashi and his student had been sitting in a small clearing for about three hours, about a thirty-minute walk from where the group had left the Yondaime. Although, Kakashi wouldn't show his worry for the eldest Namikaze, due to the risk of upsetting the youngest Namikaze, it steadily increased as the time past agonizingly slow. Even with Kakashi's worry skillfully hidden beneath the emotionless mask of his, it some how rubbed off on his student.

"Sensei, its been three hours, shouldn't we go check on father?" Naruto's words tasted like vinegar coming out of his mouth. He hated the idea of having to make sure his father was all right after being left with an S-ranked missing-nin.

Attempting to disguise his worry, Kakashi looked up into the sky with a placid expression to double check the time based of the sun's position, "I suppose it has been quite a while since we left Minato-sensei, it may be a good idea to check on him."

Naruto gave a quick nod in acceptance to his teacher's reply; only to have his hopes smashed a moment later.

"I will send Cat and Hawk to check on the Hokage, while you and I remain here," Kakashi explained throwing a gesture to nowhere in particular, signaling the hidden ANBU to find the Hokage.

"What!" Naruto threw his hands up as his frustration with the silver-haired man kept building.

A moment later, Naruto's twelve-year-old side showed it self, as he crossed his arms and threw himself in a cross-legged position on the ground with a pout on his face. Kakashi inwardly chuckled at the young ones response, only to mentally make a note to teach Naruto to control his emotions while out on a mission. For some reason, he got a sneaky suspicion it was going to be a lot harder than normal.

As the silence was eating away at Naruto, Kakashi acting as if he could careless by reading his porno book, was actually going over the scene from the last time they saw the Hokage. Why had Minato requested to deal with a clan exterminator alone? Why was that man even here? Minato was smart enough to know you don't deal with a genjutsu genius alone. So what was really going on? What were those two men really doing? Was Itachi here to try an obtain Naruto for the Kyuubi, and that why he had the ANBU take Naruto and run? The only way for Kakashi to find out the truth was to ask Minato-sensei himself, when and if the blonde Hokage came back.

Naruto was nowhere close to being actually pouting. From living with the Hokage, Naruto knew most of what went on in the village. He knew exactly whom that man was that the unit came in contact with. Unknowing to his father, he knew all about the Uchiha Massacre, about Itachi Uchiha, and the Coup d'état. Also, Itachi Uchiha was Sasuke's, the last surviving member of the Uchiha clan, older brother. Knowing all of this only made the young genin worry more about his father. A man who was able to slay his entire clan, the Uchiha clan at that, was exceedingly dangerous. Aside from being physically strong, he knew Itachi was a genjutsu genius, and you should never take on a genjutsu alone. There was only two was to break a genjutsu. One was to release it your self by stopping your flow of chakra, but that only works on low-level genjutsu. While the other was to have someone else pour his or her chakra into you, releasing the illusion.

Either way, his father was alone, and a genjutsu from Itachi could be highly fatal. It made Naruto feel bad about worry for a man, who he should have all the confidence in the world. Not only because it's his father, but also because he is the Hokage.

Naruto couldn't help but worry about his father.

"Kakashi-taichou," An ANBU member by the name of Cat called formally as she landed in front of the student-teacher combo in a crouched position.

"Did you find the Hokage?" Kakashi asked with a serious tone.

"Yes, sir," Cat replied.

"Where is he located?" Kakashi probed.

"He is currently with Hawk and three more members that were called as back–up at the location we left him at," Cat explained.

"Very well. Is he suitable to travel?"

"Sir, you should come see for your self," Cat hesitate a moment before responding.

Kakashi glanced over at the young genin to ensure he was all right, however the obvious expression of concern covered the boys face to the point that Kakashi worried about what Naruto might do. Then Kakashi's worst fear came true.

Naruto bolted.

"Naruto wait!" Kakashi called, then cursed under his breath and followed suit.

Naruto ran as fast as he could while simultaneously stretching out his chakra to find his father. Once he found the familiar sense, he retracted the chakra remembering the last time he almost choked his father with the potent chakra. Naruto remembered his father instructing him once to push chakra into his feet to boost his speed if he ever needed too. He did exactly that, surprisingly his rate almost tripled. Several minutes later, Naruto reached the small clearing where their unit had previously left his father.

His heart stopped.

Minato was flat out in the center surrounded by four ANBU members, two keeping watch while the other two kneeled next to him.

"Tou-san!" Naruto cried as he saw his father was out cold.

Kakashi reached Naruto a moment later, "Hawk come restrain Naruto!"

Doing as he was told Hawk flashed over to the young blonde and restrained him. Kakashi raced over to his sensei. Minato was out cold, but there was no physical damage. Whatever Itachi did, it was mental. For the first time, Naruto saw Kakashi lift his hitai-ate to reveal a red eye. Naruto stopped struggling against this man called Hawk, and watched in awe.

Kakashi forcible opened Minato's eyes to pull him into a genjutsu, hoping to break whatever spell Itachi had put the young Hokage under. Nothing surprised Kakashi, as this has happened before, however Minato would never give him any details. It was always 'classified'. However, the small genjutsu would break the spell Minato was under. Unknown to Kakashi, Itachi made it so the mental damage inflicted on the Hokage would be fixed by a counter sharingan jutsu. The eldest Uchiha knew Kakashi, the student and loyal subordinate, had the sharingan could break the illusion.

Not a moment later, Kakashi released Minato and unwillingly patiently waited. The patience paid off when Minato's eyes fluttered open. Kakashi held out his hand with a smirk and pulled Minato up into a sitting position. Naruto felt relief flow through him and forced his way out of Hawks grasp. Running over to his father, he jumped on him in an extraordinarily strong hug.

"Tou-san," Naruto whispered.

Minato responded to this rare sign of affection from his son, by pulling him into a strong hug of his own.

"I was so worried, Tou-san," Naruto whispered with a slight waver in his voice.

"Naruto, have some confidence in me," Minato chuckled lightly.

"But he… Itachi… he could have killed you," Naruto continued his voice breaking.

"Itachi?" Minato pushed his son away. Reading the vibe around the situation, Kakashi and the other ANBU flew from the sight, only to keep a watchful eye on the two blondes, "How do you know that name?"

Naruto looked down at his hands, "I'm more observant than you, or anyone else for that matter, thinks I am."

"Move observant?" Minato gaze his son a questioning look, then chuckled and stood up.

"Yes, I know about Itachi and the Uchiha clan and the coup d'état," Naruto explained.

"You do?" Minato raised his eyebrows.

"Yes, I over heard you talking to someone about it one night a few years ago. I wanted to know more so I went searching and found some scrolls about it in you office," Naruto explained sheepishly.

"Naruto," Minato paused, he didn't want his son thinking he shouldn't be observant, since it was a trait every shinobi should have, however there is some information too sensitive for a young genin like him, "How much do you know?"

Naruto looked up with a confused, yet smug look on his face, "Tou-san, it would be easier to tell you what I don't know."

Minato took a deep breath and let out a heavy sigh, "You know a lot, huh? How have you been able to get past my seals?"

Naruto shrugged, "I don't know exactly. The first time I tried to open on of your seals, I just pushed some chakra threw it and it opened. Since then, that's what I have been doing."

"That's all? No hand signs? Chants? Nothing?" Minato replied taken back by Naruto's answer.

"Nope," Naruto shook his head.

"Ok, well, when we get back to the village, I will investigate this farther," Minato leaned down putting his hands on his knees to steady himself, putting his face even with his son's, "I'll make this clear; Do not go in my office without permission again, and that includes any and all of my scrolls. Understood?"

"Yes, sir," Naruto nodded.

"And Naruto, how come if you know so much, why do you act as if you don't?" Minato asked as he stood back up.

Naruto opened his mouth in surprise, "Um, well, um,"

"Naruto…" Minato warned.

"Okay," Naruto sighed, "I don't let any know."

"And? Why not?"

Naruto shrugged avoiding eye contact.

"Well, there has to be a reason and you need to tell me. Now," Minato demanded, as he was tired of being surprise by Naruto and his actions.

Naruto stared at the ground.

This might have something to do why no one knew Naruto was my son. Is he purposely hiding his lineage?

Minato waited a moment longer before speaking up, "Naruto, you need to tell me. Does this have anything to do with why a great deal of shinobi and villagers didn't know I had a son, let alone that you are my son?"

Naruto looked up at his father with an expression that told Minato he hit the nail right on the head, then Naruto nodded, "Yes."

"Are you hiding your lineage? Are you hiding the fact that I am your father?" Minato questioned.

The only answer Minato received was slight nod.

Minato expected to feel anger, but what he felt was pain. His heart ached knowing his son was hiding the fact that he was his father. Was Naruto ashamed of him? Was there something he did? When he heard that those shinobi didn't know Naruto was his son, he thought it was because he was being too protective of Naruto. Hiding him from the public too much. Not being seen outside of the house with Naruto. But in the end, Naruto was doing it on purpose?

"Naruto, I…" Minato stumbled with his words, "Have… have I don't something to make you ashamed of me? I mean I thought since I was the Hokage, you would be proud of me. Proud to have me as a father."

"That's not it. I'm hiding… because I don't want people to treat me any differently. The few people who knew out in the village treated me… well like a celebrity and I didn't like. I just wanted to be normal," Naruto explained, "But with the Kyuubi, I'm the farthest thing from normal!"

"But Naruto, if those shinobi knew I was your father, they wouldn't have treated you that way!" Minato exclaimed.

"I know," Naruto replied quietly.

"If you knew they why? Why didn't you say anything?" Minato was starting to get worried; he didn't know what to think of this situation any more.

"Because, if I get everything handed to me, then I would be weak. The way they treated me only made me stronger and it wasn't anything I couldn't handle. I never understood why they treated me that way, but I know now, and besides if it ever got to the point where I couldn't handle it I would have told you," Naruto gave Minato an angry look, "No offence, but being the Hokage's son isn't all its cracked up to be, ya know. People treat you completely differently, like you're so fragile if they take one wrong step, you'll break. No one would want to spar with me, because they're afraid of hurting the Hokage's son and if they did they would let me win or go ease on me. It was only making me weak."

"So you let the shinobi beat you? You let me think that everything was going well for you? That everything was right with the world? Did you not trust me enough to tell me?" Minato kneeled in front of Naruto.

"I don't know. He kept telling me you were so busy with your work and you seemed stressed and I didn't want to keep adding to your problems. You were doing so much for me already and I thought, if I kept coming to you will all my problems, I would be viewed as weak and annoying. I just wanted to handle on my own," Naruto mumbled into his hands.

Minato stared at his son; this was the farthest thing he was expecting. However, he has learned that Naruto always did the unexpected, "Wait, you said he kept telling you. Who is He? Who kept telling you this?"

"I don't know his name," Naruto shook his head.

"You don't know his name? What does he look like? Do I know him?" Minato questioned.

"Um, yea," Naruto nodded scratching the back of his head, "He's one of your advisors. The guy with the bandages."

"Danzo?" Minato sighed angrily.

"I think," Naruto shrugged.

"Look," Minato placed a hand on Naruto's shoulder, "That's all in the past now. Its been taken care of and I hope you don't still hid your lineage. I want you to be proud to have me as a father, as I am of having you as my son. You, Naruto, are the farthest thing from weak, hell! You were the top of your class! Don't ever be afraid of coming to me for help. I am the Hokage, and because of that I am busy. But I am your father first and Hokage second. Understood?," Minato explained.

Naruto only nodded

Minato took a deep breath and continued, "I didn't know being the Hokage's son was that difficult."

"Its not difficult now!" Naruto laughed.

"What?" Minato laughed.

"Well, now that I'm a shinobi and have Kakashi-sensei teaching me, Sasuke and Sakura don't hold back when we fight! Although the shinobi of the village seem to be scared of me…" Naruto wondered to himself.

"He he, that may be my fault," Minato rubbed the back of his head sheepishly, "I think I scared the shit out of the shinobi when I punished those who had treated you so badly. Maybe I went overboard, but I wouldn't change what I did."

"Oh, well, being your son in the academy was hard, but it's not now. Plus I wouldn't trade being your son for anyone else!" Naruto smiled.

"If the academy was hard, then why did you continue to refuse to take the graduation exam?" Minato wondered aloud.

"Because, it was easier to fool people into believing I was a dead-last if I acted like if I took the test I wouldn't pass, plus I didn't know if I actually took the pass that I would fail if I didn't try."

"I see, so you just didn't take it," Minato assumed.

"Yea," Naruto shrugged, "But even if the academy was hard, I think being the Jinchuuriki is a lot harder."

"Well, its as you said, it only makes you stronger, and I wouldn't trust anyone else with that fox other than you," Minato returned that smile with one of his own, then stood up, "Naruto, don't be afraid to come to me for help, no matter what anyone else says, okay?"

"Okay," Naruto nodded.

"And thank you," Minato leaned down on more time and pulled his son into an embrace.

"For what?" Naruto asked into his father's chest.

"For opening up to me," Minato replied, "You don't know how much it means to me. I want you to trust me, so having you open up to me, means you trust me. You are so much like your mother, in the sense that you are stubborn and brash, but you are caring and smart. However you need to learn to trust others who care about you. You have something about you that makes people want to believe in you, so believe in others too. Not everyone will treat you badly or treat you like you're fragile. Know that."

"Okay, Tou-san, I will try," Naruto replied.

"Shall we head out?" Minato asked breaking their embrace and standing back up again.

Naruto nodded and followed Minato's lead turning to the direction which they had been previously head.

"Oh Naruto?" Minato said.


"Don't listen to Danzo any more," Minato said bluntly.

I'll take care of that man when I return. That was the last straw.

Naruto nodded and the two blondes started to head out to Suna, they were late as it was. Minato may have speed things up a bit if they are going to make it to Suna by tomorrow afternoon.

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