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Jace was feeling skeptical. That was hardly unusual. For Jace feeling skeptical wasn't so much a mood as a highly refined and practiced state of being. The unusual thing in this case was the purpose. Jace, Clary, Alec, and Isabelle were all standing over a swirling Portal that was glowing an eerily cheerful periwinkle blue color. The portal in question had been created by an equally brightly colored Magnus Bane.

"Are you sure that this will work?" Jace asked with some trepidation.

Magnus made an offended sound. "Of course I'm sure! According to me calculations I am nearly certain that there is no possibility that you will all end up tragically killed or lost in another dimension."

"Nearly no possibility?" Alec said nervously. "How nearly is your nearly?"

"Don't worry Darling," Magnus said soothingly. "There is at lest a 90% chance that you will end up in the London Institute for the joint Clave meeting in two minutes flat."

"What's the other 10%?" Clary asked warily. it was very important that they actually got to the meeting. The entire Clave was meeting to discuss the Sebastian situation. Or more accurately the Jonathan situation. Since Jonathan was Clary's brother and had performed illegal magic to brainwash Jace, it was kind of important that they both actually got to the meeting. Alec was going because he was Jace's parabati, and Isabelle had refused point blank to let both of her brothers and Clary go on a trip to London without her.

Isabelle grabbed her bag filled with clothing and gear and stepped forward with a toss of her hair and grabbed Alec's arm. "Just go already!" she exclaimed, and being ever the action oriented one, shoved her protesting brother through the portal. She jumped through right after him.

Jace slung his own bag over his shoulder, looked at Clary and shrugged. "It's faster than a plane anyway," he said holding out his hand.

Clary smiled and put her free hand in his. "I hope you know that if we die I will personally beet you up in the afterlife for dying again," she told him.

"Dually noted," Jace assured her with a grin. "Now let's get through that Portal so we can go to a very long and boring meeting in a building that looks exactly like this one in a city where almost everything is backwards from how it's supposed to be."

Clary raised her eyebrows. "So I take it you are not a fan of England?"

"Ducks," Jace muttered. "There are lot's of ducks there. England has ducks the way New York has pigeons. I find any country that has that many ducks to be incredibly untrustworthy."

"I hate to interrupt," Magnus broke in. "But if you don't get through the Portal now it's going to be closing. Maybe you can tackle Jace's duck phobia once you actually get to the meeting. Not that I really care weather or not you get to the meeting in question."

Jace made a face at the warlock and jumped through the Portal still holding Clary's hand.

Magnus made a gesture with his hand, and the portal snapped shut. He took out a pocket handkerchief and began to wipe away the symbols that made up the Portal. He let his brain pass over the things he had been trying not to think about for the past several hours. As soon as he had gotten word that the Clave meeting was in London Institute, thoughts of Will, Tessa, Jem, Jessamine, Charlotte, and Henry had started weighing in on his brain. That was a slight problem because when you created a Portal it was very important to picture the place and time you wanted the Portal to go to. If you thought about the right place but the wrong time, you could wind up with a Portal that took you to the complete wrong century.

Magnus might have accidentally thought about the London Shadowhunters of 1878 when he had made the Portal. That had the potential to make the future exceedingly more complicated. Besides, he wasn't sure that any one century could handle both Jace and Will at one time. A universe could only take so much arrogance and tortured sarcasm.

Well they were gone now, so there was not really anything to do. Unless... Magnus frowned in concentration and squatted down on the polished library floor. He reached out and drew a small series of runes with his finger. Glowing lines sprouted from his finger tip as he created a very small time connection from that spot to Camille's house in 1878 where he had been staying at the time. If his friends had been sent to the wrong century, he would get an alert, and be able to make contact.

Just in case...

The library, London Institute, 1878

"Is this a game?" Will asked, puzzled. "We just blurt out whatever word comes net to mind? In that case mine is 'genuphobia'. It means an unreasonable fear of knee caps."

"What's the word for a personally reasonable fear of annoying idiots?" Jessamine inquired.

Before Will could answer her with a witty retort, a loud whooshing sound filled the room. It was as though a miniature windstorm had filled the room. Tessa clutched at her ears as they popped painfully.

A moment later, two forms fell through the roof landing hard on the floor. There where a few grunts and moans of pain that hinted that the people were in fact human. A muffled male voice was heard saying, "get off me Izzy!"

A third shape fell through the library ceiling, dressed all in black. This for landed much more neatly than the other two. Instead of an undignified flop, he tucked his head and rolled quickly to a standing position.

"Jace!" Called the same muffled voice. "Get Isabelle off of me!"

"Mmm..." the boy called Jace mused. "No," he said decisively. "The two of us against Isabelle would hardly be sporting."

A girl who must have been Isabelle said. "It would only be unfair because you would lose!"

"No," Jace said coolly. "It would be unfair because your idiot older brother still can't get over the urge to protect you which means I would be doing all of the work, and frankly, I don't feel like the effort right now."

"Your loyalty warms my heart," the boy being crushed muttered.

Jace shrugged. "Think of it this way Alec," he said, giving name to the other boy. "You would have to pay a chiropractor good money to crack your back that way. Izzy is doing it for free.

Alec rolled over and shoved Isabelle on to the floor. Then he climbed to his feet and turned to face Jace. That also put him facing the group of London Shadowhunters.

Tessa felt her jaw drop. This boy looked startlingly like Will at a first glance. He had the same spill of ink black hair, and blue eyes, although his irises where perhaps a few shades lighter than Will's where. He was also a few inches taller. His eyes were also more open then Will's. They were open, honest, and more anxious then confident or arrogant.

Alec's jaw dropped momentarily when he noticed the group. Jace noticed and spun around so he was facing them as well.

Tessa, who had barely managed to bring her jaw back up again after seeing Alec felt it drop again at the sight of this boy. With his back turned all that could be seen of his features was his wiry build, and golden blonde hair which seemed to reflect and absorb all of the light in the room. But when he face them it was clear that his coloring was as golden as Jem's was silver. His skin was a pale, crisp, tan. His eyes were the same sparkling, changing, gold as honey. His features were handsome and angular, with pronounced cheek and jaw bones, and full lips. His eyes were wide set. Over all, Jace's sleepy arrogance, and predatory air reminded Tessa undeniably of a lion.

Jace seemed to take in everyone and everything with a quick flick of his eyes, before his features arranged themselves into a charming smile. "Excuse us," he said in a pleasant, American voice. "We didn't mean to interrupt a meeting of the Shakespeare society. Just give us a moment until our friend get's here and we'll be on our way."

Charlotte found her voice and asked the obvious question. "Who are you?"

"No one that you need to worry about," Jace assured off handedly, keeping his eyes fixed on the still glowing section of the ceiling.

Jessamine had a different question. "What in the Angel's name are you wearing?"

Isabelle got to her feet which allowed the group to get a good look at her. She was tall and slender, her hair was the same ink black as her brothers, and fell to well below her shoulders in soft curls. Her eyes were a few shades darker blue than Alec's and were even more similar to Will's. The pale blue velvet coat she was wearing set off her coloring even farther. She wore the same dark blue trousers made of a material that Tessa didn't recognize.

"Look who's talking," she said in a haughty voice.

Will's eyes widened and his jaw dropped. "Cecily," he gasped.

Isabelle looked at him sideways. "Um, no. It's Isabelle, and that's my brother Alec. The arrogant blonde over there is Jace."

"I resent that," Jace said without shifting his gaze. "I prefer to think of myself as aware as to the full extent of my personal charms."

"That's not important right now," Alec said stepping forward. Now that Jessamine had brought up there clothes Tessa couldn't help but take in the way the two boys were dresses. They wore the same kind of pants as Isabelle, and the shoes on all of them looked like boots that had been cut off just below the ankles. "Jace. She referred to the Angel."

"I heard her Alec," Jace replied. "I think we may be in the right place at the wrong time."

"Oh," Alec's eyes widened as the full implication of what she had said sunk in. "Oh,"

"Indeed," Jace agreed. "You don't have to agree with everything I say you know. I obviously agree with it since I said it first." At that moment the portal rippled again and a fourth form dropped towards the floor in a flash of red hair. Jace caught the falling girl easily, and Tessa guessed that she was what he had been waiting for.

The girl blinked up at Jace to get her bearings. "Thank you," she said in a soft, high, voice.

Jace grinned. "My pleasure." He helped the girl to her feet.

"Oh sure," Alec said skeptically. "Her you'll help."

"You came through the portal before me," Jace pointed out. "Besides," he gestured at the girl. "Clary," he gestured back at Alec. "Alec my somehow still fashion challenged parabati. Work the math it's not that difficult."

"Jace that's enough," the girl named Clary said quietly. A rosy blush coloring her pale cheeks. "Can someone explain to me how we ended up crashing in on the Historical Reenactment Club?"

"We didn't," Jace told her.

She looked up at him in confusion. At that moment Tessa noticed just how small Clary was. her head barely reached Jace at chest height. She looked very similar to Charlotte in terms of build, and her hair fell to her shoulders in curly waves. The fiery waves framed her delicate facial features and showed in stark contrast to her pale face and big green eyes. "Explain please," she said.

Jace raised his bright golden eyes to Will and Jem. Tessa thought that perhaps he felt more comfortable addressing boys his own age. "Can you tell me the date please," he said in a measured voice.

"November 4th of 1878 in the year of our lord," Jem answered automatically.

Clary's face cleared in understanding but she still looked a little confused. "Who are these people?" she asked.

Charlotte snapped back to herself. "Of course. We haven't introduced ourselves. Forgive us your sudden appearances were rather shocking. "I am Charlotte Branwell and this is my husband Henry. We run the London Institute. I assume you are from one of the ones in America." Most of the runes on them were well hidden by their clothes, but the open eye runes on their hands were still clearly displayed. Jace, who was more heavily marked than the others also had an array of marks on his upper chest and lower arms.

Alec nodded. "Mine and Isabelle's parents run the New York Institute. Jace lives there with us, and Clary lives in the city."

"New York?" Tessa asked suddenly. Speaking up for the first time since the strange Shadowhunters had entered the room. "Has it changed much since I've been there?"

The group exchanged glances. Isabelle quickly worked the mental math. if this was really 1878 then that meant the brunette girl hadn't been there in there equivalent of 135 years. "Yes," Isabelle said. "It has changed. Quite a bit actually."

Tessa felt a little bit crestfallen. Charlotte looked pointedly at Jem to continue the introductions.

He got the hint. "I'm James Carstairs, but please call me Jem." Jessamine got bored with the proceedings and flounced from the room in a swirl of skirts. The door to the library slammed behind her. "That was the ever lovely Jessamine Lovelace," Jem finished.

Will had already assessed most of the group, strange clothing included. He now moved his eyes to the red haired girl called Clary. She looked the opposite to Isabelle who was so much like his younger sister that it was eerie. Tall, dark haired, with sharp features and blue eyes. She also had the same fierce aura to her. Clary on the other hand, was small and delicate looking. Petite was the term Will thought. The soft cast to her features only heightened the image of her as being younger than she actually was. Her eyes were big and the same color as an emerald, surrounded by thick black lashes. They also held a fierce determination. Will thought that she seemed very like Charlotte.

Jace noticed the other boy's critical eyes and shifted closer to Clary, weaving his fingers through hers. "Who are you then?" he asked with narrowed eyes.

Will met his gaze calmly. Clearly Jace was a protective kind of person. "I am William Herondale," he proclaimed.

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