My Little Red Riding Hood

By: . .chelia

Summary: AU: Lucy Heartfilia had many things on her schedule when she left her cottage and getting kidnapped by a dragon was not one of them...NALU

Chapter 1

Why hello everyone! Isn't it a nice day today? The sun is out, the birds are chirping just like every story plot! Plain dull you know, and most of you people would wish for it to change just a teensy bit right? Well, if you just agreed with that statement, I will bust your head open with my picnic basket. Because I wish that I could have that sort of day. I two wished for stupid things to happen and look where I am now! A dragon's nest!

Let me start from the beginning. My name is Lucy Heartfilia, just another countryside girl. I live in a little cottage in the forest by myself where I enjoy the quiet and peace that you can't get when you're in the those lively cities! Yes, I enjoy it very much in here thank you very much and I do not want to go to the city. My location 1 hour ago would be my cottage. My location know? A freaking stinky dragon nest. -_-

You see I just woke up like any other morning to the sound of chirping birds. They sure provide the most pleasant melodies don't they? Well, at least the nightingale does. Well back to the story. I woke up, got dressed and ate my nice little breakfast that filled me up just fine. I was going to go to my garden to plant some more potatoes when I got a phone call from my beloved mother, Layla Heartfilia.

You see, even though we are mother and daughter, we live far apart from each other because my mother prefers one part of the woods while I prefer the other. Our argument made us split up and I headed towards my part of the woods. My mom called me because she was very sick. Father was always in that loud noisy city so my mother and I were alone in the forest.

Back to the topic. My mother was very sick so she wanted me to...get her medicine? No. Take care of her house? No way! Be her slave? Whoa whoa, that idea is WAAAYYYY off! No, she wanted me to visit her so she could have some company. Besides, I was going to visit her anyway so she said that I could come earlier which I agreed to.

So, I packed my water bottle, tissue paper and other basic needs. I also decided to add some of those little custards that I make. I love them very much and so does mother. I packed all my things and headed out the door. But, I quickly grabbed my cloak before doing so. It was a beautiful crimson red that came from the fabric of the highest quality. I loved that cloak very much and pretty much wore it every single time I left the house!

I strolled along the path way avoiding the deadly plants. Even though I live here, there are still many dangerous plants that can harm me sadly. I thought I had bonded with every plant by now but nope! Poison Ivy still doesn't obey me! Soon, I came to the road turning place. There were two roads. Mother always told me to take the right road no matter what so that's what I usually did.

However, this time would be different. Once I took a single step towards the right side, a red miniature dragon leaped right in front of me. Really! It was a true dragon with those scales, those reptile eyes, that sharp teeth! But it was miniature...-_- It growled at me which made me step back annoyed. I may look like a little red riding hood but I assure you that I can fight. And I do not fancy an annoying beast growling at me at all.

"Hello," it growled at me allowing me to see it's fangs. They were very sharp and they looked as if they could bite off my head any moment. I shuddered at its approach not liking the way it looked at me. That dragon looked as if he wanted to eat me...

"Why hello Mister Dragon, what fine event brought you here today?" I asked as politely as possible. Hey, I was taught to be polite to everyone! Even junk so yeah! I tried to look as carefree and innocent as possible if I wasn't innocent looking enough. I pride myself in my innocence and nothing is going to change that.

"Why miss, I have a very good reason. You see, I was just walking around the woods when I smelled something very good, do you know what it might be? Or where?" it asked me. Smelt very good? Was this dragon a pervert or something? But this was a dragon, dragons are not perverts because they are animals! But this dragon was talking...

"Oh dear, you smelt something good? Hm...Maybe it could be those blossoming flowers over there, they smell very fresh and are nurtured very well in the best way possible nature," I said as calmly as possible. What the hell was I saying? Nurtured by mother nature? Everything in the world was raised by mother nature!

"Thank you very much little red riding hood...Can you do me another favour and pick some of those treasure flowers for me?" Okay, now I was officially creped out. Little red riding hood? Asking me to pick flowers for him?

"Sure mister dragon, I still have some time to spare before I finish And by the way, by name is Lucy."

He grinned back at me. "I'm natsu."

So, I stepped past the dragon and bent down to pick some flowers. I was actually enjoying it until that bastard did it. You know what he did? That bastard knocked me unconscious! What the hell was wrong with him! He needed to learn some manners!

So here I was now, unable to visit my mother, stuck in this stupid dragon den all tied up! Oh shit, the dragon's back. It flew and landed in front of me and it radiated...-_- and soon enough, there was no longer that dragon there, there was a pink haired boy who was wearing vest and some baggy pants with sandals. He grinned at me.

"Hey, Ruchi was it? Can I ask for one more favour?" he asked. At this point, I was fed up with his favours. My vein popped but I still managed to keep my voice under control.

"Yes natsu, what is the favour?" He grinned exposing his canine teeth. Soooo dragon...

"Please allow me to eat you!"

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