My Little Red Riding Hood

By: . .chelia

Summary: AU: Lucy Heartfilia had many things on her schedule when she left her cottage and getting kidnapped by a dragon was not one of them...NALU

Chapter 12 aka epilogue.

"Lucy-san I think I'm going to heaven..." pouted Wendy.

"Come on Wendy, don't be shy!" laughed Sting.

"Shut it light guy," muttered Gajeel. "Wendy?"

"Where's Lucy-san?"

( ゚∀゚) ...

"We haven't sat here in a while did we?"

"No we didn't...Hey Natsu, what did you want to tell me."

"Oh yeah, I guess I'll tell those things now. The flowers here are really nice, and the moon is awesome too. Oh and I love you. That's it."


"Eh?" said Lucy flustered. "Repeat that part again?"

"Moon is awesome here?"


"I love you?"

"Y-you do?" shrieked Lucy. "Ah, um..well.. I love you too...Though I wish it was said more romantically," muttered Lucy under her breath.

"Yep, Yep! I looooove you!" Lucy pulled Natsu in a hug.

"Love you too, idiot."

END OF STORY. CRAPPY PROLOGUE. NEXT STORY WILL BE BETTER! I SWEAR! It's called, "My dear Yousei-san! I did something stupid again!" Please read it and review! Thank you for the support this story had!