Five years had passed since the birth of Macaria and Melinoe, and there were no two gods happier than Hades and Persephone. They had everything. Well….almost everything.

The sun was going to rise soon in the world of the living as Hades and Persephone emerged from the Underworld. She was giddy with excitement as she tugged her lord along by the hand. Coming to the spot where they had met in secret so many nights before they were lord and lady, Persephone let go of Hades' hand and laid down on the soft grass. Stretching her arms out towards her husband, he joined her, leaning down to gently push her legs apart and slowly push her gown up over her hips. Persephone tugged at him and he came to rest between her legs, one hand on either side of her head in the grass. She adjusted his tunic and wrapped her legs around his waist, grabbed his member and bringing it to her entrance.

Hades thrust forwardly gently and was enveloped by his love, her head tilting back into the grass and her eyes closing in pleasure. Hades dipped his head to let it rest alongside hers as he smoothly fucked her, slipping in and out effortlessly thanks to her slickness for him. Persephone's lips were parted in silent ecstasy and Hades grunted softly as he claimed his queen. Before long, they both reached their peak and came down again to lie breathlessly in each other's arms. Persephone noted the same unsettled feeling she had the last time they made love in the Upperworld and smiled to herself.

When he regained his composure, Hades stood and gently picked up his wife to hold her to him bridal style, one arm under her knees and the other behind her shoulders. He smiled to himself now, remembering this was how he had taken her to the Underworld the very first time. She wrapped her arms around his neck and leaned against him, ready to go home.

A short while later, Persephone lay propped up in their bed with Hades beside her, one of his hands gripping hers and the other on her large, pregnant belly. He had sat by her side as she swelled, his hands caressing and calming her the entire time. He had been alarmed at first, but Persephone reassured him. While the pain was horrible, Persephone was not afraid as last time. She knew she would survive it and she had Hades beside her. He was whispering sweet words of praise and encouragement into her ear as she pushed and braced herself against the pain. He hated to see her in such pain, he wanted so much to take it from her. Wailing and panting, Persephone tried with all her might. It would be over soon, soon she would have their baby in her arms, she repeated to herself. Squeezing her eyes shut and crying out, she felt Hades move from her side.

A moment later, she heard the cries. Flinging her eyes open, she saw Hades holding up a perfect little miniature of himself. A not so tiny baby boy. As with their daughters, Hades' blue eyes stared back at her as the infant wailed and kicked in his father's hands. Unlike his sisters, the baby bore no resemblance at all to Persephone. He was all Hades, from the tuft of pitch black hair to his perfect Greek nose.

Persephone thrust out her arms for him and Hades quickly laid the babe on her chest. Persephone clutched him to her breast, forgetting all her pain, and showered his little head with soft kisses. As she cradled him, laughing and crying, Hades in turn cradled her in his arms. She looked up at him and saw his eyes watered as he stared in awe of his newborn son. The babe began to quiet its cries, being calmed by the embrace of its mother, and Hades lightly kissed the top of his head before capturing Persephone's lips in a deep and passionate kiss.

As they broke apart and looked back to their newborn, Persephone giggled and mused, "He looks as though I had nothing to do with him. He is all yours my love."

Hades smiled warmly. "What is his name my dear?"

Persephone looked at the baby nestled into her chest. "Zagreus." She said. Hades repeated it as he stuck a finger into its little palm, which the baby immediately wrapped his fingers around to grip.

"Zagreus…" Persephone whispered to the baby and swore she saw him smile at her.

A few hours later, Hades was walking towards their bedchamber with each of his hands being held by a bouncing little goddess. Macaria and Melinoe were each gripping their father's hands and trying to keep up with him, their little legs no match for the large strides their father made. Both were excited about the surprise he had told them of and curious as to where their mother had been all day.

"Is it a pony, father?" Macaria asked looking up at him.

Hades' chuckled. "In mother and father's bedchamber my love?"

"We already have a pony…" Melinoe piped in.

Hades just smiled. They would never guess what was waiting for them.

As they reached their destination he swung open the large brass doors and let his little ones enter before he followed.

They ran through the antechamber and into the bedroom, calling for the mother the whole way. Persephone looked up from where she lay on the bed, a clean grey gown on now and a bundle in her arms.

She smiled as she watched her daughters happily bounding towards her. With the exception of their blue eyes, they looked just like her. Long, dark brown waves, full lips, rosy cheeks and skin darker than their father's. They hopped effortlessly onto the great bed and crawled towards their mother, excited and curious at what lay in Persephone's arms.

"Mama!" Macaria exclaimed. "Where have you been all day? We have been with lady Hecate since we woke."

"And have you been good?" Persephone asked smiling.

"Yes, mama!" Melinoe answered enthusiastically.

"Mama! What's that?" Macaria asked as she came to sit next to Persephone.

Hades had made his way to the bed and sat next to Persephone now.

"This, my little loves, is your brother." He answered her.

"A brother?! But where did he come from?" Melinoe asked.

Hades had not expected that question and faltered, knitting his brow and looking to Persephone to save him. Persephone smiled and took the question.

"Your lord father and I created him out of our love for each other darling." She said smoothing Melinoe's hair with the hand that was not holding Zagreus to her chest.

"You mean you grew him mama, the way you grow flowers?" Macaria chimed in.

Persephone couldn't suppress a laugh. "Yes darling, it is not unlike that. Father and I grew him, as we grew the both of you."

That answer seemed to suffice for the girls and they turned their full attention to their baby brother.

"He looks like father," Melinoe observed and Hades puller her into his arms to kiss her on the back of the head.

"Can we take him to see grandmother?" Macaria asked excitedly.

"Yes, darling. Soon." Persephone answered, knowing Demeter would be shocked to say the least at discovering she had another grandchild, but would dote on him as she did on her granddaughters. Hades had softened more than even Persephone had imagined, letting the girls visit Demeter and the Upperworld several times a year. It also helped that he could deny his little ones nothing, so when they begged to see their grandmother it did not take him long to cave to their request.

Persephone drew Macaria to her with her free arm. Both girls leaned over their mother to study their new brother, and as they sweetly regarded him, Persephone and Hades regarded each other. They smiled at each other, each silently acknowledging their love and how they had everything they had ever wanted, whether they had known they'd wanted it or not. Hades leaned forward to rest his head against hers and they looked down at their children. The two happiest and most faithful gods in existence, then and forever after.

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