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Dear Journal,

I guess that's what I'll call you.

Diary makes me sound like wussy who complains all the time (though that's what I'll do anyway).

And firstly….

Hi there. I'm Lucy.

My mum got you for me because she says I spend too much time watching anime.

As if it's MY fault.

Blame the person who created the Internet (although I LOVE that person).

She says high school life should be about socializing with friends…and L-O-V-E.

Then she proceeded to tell me about how she and dad met. It was a booooring story.

I told her I've got love…anime guys are way more perfect than real life ones.

Have you watched Bleach or Naruto? Ichigo and Naruto KICK ass!

She sent me to my room for saying the "a" word. No one in my family knows what "tsundere" or "yandere" even mean. It's pretty sad.

"Yu-Gi-Oh? What's that?"

My dad. He's what you would call a work-a-holic. If the entertainment business made an anime directed towards people like my dad ("And for the next episode, Rhea has to stack PAPERS!") they wouldn't be very successful…he's one of a kind.

My mom is too obsessed about how a teenage girl's life SHOULD be. Crushes! Secrets between FRIENDS!

I HAVE friends! They're just all involved with the social network, and are people who I will probably never meet face-to-face.

I won't know anyone at school, and the skirt is WAY, WAY short.

Makes me wonder who designed them. I hope it was a young, sexy guy…and not vice versa.

The school's called Fairy Tail Academy or something…what a weird name.

Imagine going up to someone and saying, "We're the Fairy Tails!"

A guy would get beat up probably. Don't know how girls would react to it.

Mom says I can't watch anime today, either online or with my DVD set of Prince of Tennis.

She says I should try to breathe in some fresh air more.

I told her that seeing the characters in the show get some fresh air supplied enough of it for me.

She glared at me, and told me no, I can't watch television because I'm obsessed with Japanese shows and comics more than a normal person would be.

Has she ever heard of the word "otaku"? That's what I am!

And I bet there are TONS of people like me who lack social lives because it's WAY better seeing anime people socializing!

All right, so maybe a FEW people like me. A few. I'd be lucky if it was a handful.

But like all wonderful otakus, I don't want anyone to find out.

I don't know why. What's the shame of liking a few T.V. shows, anyway?

A LOT wrong, the people of normal society would say. You'll be estranged from all people and you'll grow up old and alone with your one thousand something cats.

Why is that cats always have to live with the lonely people? Aren't dogs capable of doing that to? How about fish? They don't do anything but swim around in the bowl – or cup – you give them.

By the way, don't EVER put your fish into a cup. You might think it's some water you can drink, and then…

Even though fish spend their WHOLE LIVES taking a bath, they don't taste like they have been.

Luckily, I spit Goldy back into the water before I could swallow him.

If it was a him. I can' tell the difference between the female and male genders of pet fish, anyways.

And Goldy probably wasn't the best name for a GOLDFISH, but cut me some slack. I was a little kid.

What's that you say? Little kids should have MORE imagination?

Well, maybe I was one of those exceptions.

I don't know. Every little kid I've run into has added the "ee" sound to everything they own.

"Beary", "Rabbity", "Whaley", "Doggy". It's a classic sound for names.

Though it won't sound very good twenty or so years in the future when you name your kid "Kiddy" or something.

What was I talking about?

Right, lonely, otaku. I don't really think otakus are a lonely sort of people.

We have our boxed set of Pokemon shows (tapes, because the old episodes are SO much better than the NEW ones), and a couple of games to keep us going, you know?

So what if we listen to Vocaloid? So what if we spend our weekends practically locked in our rooms playing some king of long PC game? So what if…we have journals we insert are private and personal thoughts into?

Go ahead, rip up our notes (not really, I kinda need those), and trash our clothes (I kinda need those too), and write obscene names on our desks (you know what, just don't do anything to us nerds!)!

If someone rips this notebook, I wonder if I'll miss it.

I'll get back to you on this question.

Tomorrow's the first day of school, so I have to rise up bright and early.

Early is what gets me the most.

Who invented the idea of starting school early, anyways?

What's the difference between going to school in the afternoon?

Of course, there's always the issue of homework being completed.

What about NO HOMEWORK then?

These are just hopeful wishes that are bound to NEVER happen.

If someone created a petition for a ban on homework…

Hey, how come that's never happened before?

Maybe it has, and it just failed epically?

What if I start a-?

No way. That means interacting with people.

I was kidding. I'm not writing up a petition.

I'm dawdling again.

I might as well take you tomorrow.


You know…if I'm not too busy with hanging out with my friends.

If you just believed that right now, you better read this entry again.


Lucy Heartfilia

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