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Dear Journal,

I'm pretty sure the whole world is plotting a conspiracy against me or something.

For example, maybe I'm just not MEANT to fit in with society or something.

My hand is shaking so hard right now.

Out of plain FURY.

So today.

My mom, with a sickly sweet smile planted on her face, handed over a shopping list to me.

And despite the fact that I brought up a perfectly MAGNIFICENT argument that Sunday was 'Let's not bother your daughter with some errands' day…

Her face grew dark.

So valuing my life and deciding that 'Yes, I'm far too young to get killed right now', I headed over to the grocery store.

The supermarket near our house is a pretty big one.

The atmosphere isn't comfortable though.

There's absolutely no buzz of chatter, and the only sound is the classical or jazz music humming from the speakers overhead (which are occasionally interrupted by a robotic announcement of the store's unbelievably low, LOW prices).

Sighing, I stepped inside, and shoved my mom's list into my pocket.

It's memorized by now.

I grabbed a shopping cart, and headed towards aisle two.

I'll spare you (who am I talking to?) the boring details of picking out tomatoes, getting into a staring contest with a woman over the last carton of eggs, and enduring the pain of having my foot run over by a little boy recklessly pushing around a shopping cart like he was participating in a drag race.

I was in the fairly empty produce section when it happened.

I was closely examining the cabbages.

"What are you doing here?"

My head snapped up so quickly that I almost gave myself whiplash.

I tried to suppress the horror that was rising up within me.


Her narrowed eyes scrutinized me so thoroughly that I felt like peeing in my pants.

My eyes shifted left and right before I dared to meet her gaze again.

The short-haired girl raised her eyebrows. "Care to answer my question?"

I looked around.


We were in a grocery store.

What the F*** did she think I was doing?

I turned away from her.

"I like to visit my friends once in a while."


Her tone was incredulous.

I held up a carrot. "Yukino, Frank. Frank, Yukino."

It took a moment before her face crumpled up, and she scowled.

"I don't really appreciate your HUMOR."

"I don't really appreciate your inability to take a joke."

I closed my mouth immediately when she shot me a murderous glare.

All at once, the savage expression dropped from her face and she smiled sweetly.

I looked around me.


"I am UTTERLY impressed on how you MANAGED to STEAL Sting from right under my nose…"

Her smile became dangerous.

"I have just GOT to applaud you for it…sneaky bitch."

` My mouth dropped open.

"I had no intention of-!" I broke off. Bad wording, Lucy.

"I mean, that, um, I had no idea, um, that towards me, Sting is…uh…"

Yukino's eyes were growing colder and colder by the minute.

Her lips twisted into an evil smirk. "Yeah? Towards you…Sting, my ex-boyfriend, is what?"

I flapped my arms around helplessly, and stared at her like a goldfish.

I looked down. Her knuckles were white from how hard she was clenching her hands into fists.

I took a step back. I didn't need to have a purple, black bruise on my eye.

I didn't need that pain.

My thoughts were in a frenzy.

No. Maybe she wouldn't punch me. I took a step forward.

Or maybe she really would. It was Yukino after all. She was probably really moody.

I took a step backwards.

Wait. I mean…why should she punch me? After all…

One, I didn't know that Sting looked at me in that way.

Two, I didn't mean for them to break up.

Three, I didn't ask for it.



I couldn't think of anything else!

And the reason why she SHOULD punch me outweighed my reasons why she shouldn't.

I was the cause of her and Sting's break-up.

I took another step back…and bumped into something soft and warm.

Yelping in a high-pitched voice, I whirled around, throwing my arms around (pretending I knew something at least CLOSE to self-defense).

"Sting!" I squeaked.

The blonde looked down at me, and his eyes narrowed at Yukino.

Swiftly, his fingers coiled around my wrist.

"C'mon, Lucy. Let's go."

I flapped my mouth open and closed.

I turned around to see how Yukino was going.

She was practically spitting fire as we strode away from her.

I turned back around, and struggled to say something.

"Wait! Sting! Sting! Sting!"


I slammed into his back.

Immediately, I tried to reorient myself.

Before I could even readjust my eyeglasses though, I felt Sting grab onto my shoulders and slam me into a wall.

I was so close to asking him if he thought this was some kind of wrestling arena when something bumped against my face.

I blinked rapidly.

It was soft and warm and smelled like…cologne.

My lips were warmer than usual and there was a slight pressure pressing on them.

And then I realized that all I could see was…Sting's face.

The thought came abnormally late to me.

Sting was kissing me.

I stiffened.

Inside, my mind was screaming, and shouting gibberish.

Finally, I could understand what it was trying to say.

Stop him! Stop him! STOP HIM!

I raised my arms to push the blonde apart, but he pulled away before I could.

I froze as he grabbed onto my chin and forced me to look into his eyes.

"Lucy…I need to ask you something."

My breath hitched in my throat.

"Is…" he said, his voice close to a whisper. His gaze was intense. "Is…"

I opened my own mouth. My voice was hoarse. "Sting, I don't feel the same wa-"

"Is Yukino looking?"

I blinked.

Then blinked again.





His hold on my chin tightened. I shifted uncomfortably.

A look of impatience came over his face. "Is Yukino looking at us? Did she see the kiss?"

The last word comes out so naturally and nonchalantly that it sounds like he's talking about the weather.

"What?" I say. My eyes flicker over his shoulder.

Yukino is pretending to pick out some apples, but her glances are focused on us.

An icy feeling grips onto my heart.


His grip tightens again. "Is. Yukino. Looking?"

My fingers wrap around the hand that was apparently trying to suffocate my chin to death.

I try to gather up as much courage as I can, but my next question comes out as fragile whisper.

"Why does it matter?"

"Just tell me!"

"She is!"

My heart is slamming against my ribcage.

"Now tell me why it matters!"

The blonde stared at me like I was stupid.

"Because I want to get back together with her."

My mouth dropped open. "WHAT?"

Sting's face contorted into a sneer. "Don't be an idiot, Blondie. Did you really think I fell for you?"

My eyes widened. "Seriously. Yukino would always get hit on by other guys. And she didn't understand why I was so jealous. She even laughed at my jealousy in my face."

He regarded me as if he were looking at a test subject. "So I decided to show her how it felt like to be jealous. I picked you for my plans. Since Natsu was already showing some interest in you, I thought you'd be a good choice. So I pretended to be interested in you. My plan worked. Yukino got jealous."

Sting's face darkened. "But then it backfired. She got so mad and accused me of actually being in love with you. We got into a huge argument, and broke up."

He shrugged. "I figured the only way to get back together with her was to make her more jealous, and force her to ask me to become her boyfriend again."

So. All along, Sting had been a fake. He never LIKED me in that way. He was just a…just a…just a huge PRICK.

I could feel my mouth pulling back into a scowl. "That's…horrible! You're a jerk! How could you treat a girl you love that way-?!"

"I really do hate you, though."

My throat constricted. "What?"

Sting narrowed his eyes. "You come into this school with your half-assed appearance, and stupid personality and suddenly you sweep Natsu Idiot-neel and his partner-in-stupidity Gray Full-butthead off their feet."

He scowled. "I bet you think so highly of yourself right now. But you haven't changed a bit. You're still ugly. You're still a wimp. And you're still the biggest loser I have ever seen in my life. I can't believe everyone actually thought I was in love with a girl like you."

His hand dropped away from my chin.

And long after he had swiveled around and walked away, I stood against the wall, trying to swallow back the hurt and pain that was rising up in my chest.

Finally, I dropped the shopping basket, and sprinted for the store's front doors.

The world passed by me in a bunch of blurs and incomprehensible noises as my blood roared in my ears.

I rubbed my eyes.


I felt like crying.

I dashed through several neighborhoods until my foot got caught on something and I crashed into the ground.

Sparks of pain shot through my hands and arms as I skidded along the rough, pebble-strewn ground.

Breathing heavily, I pushed myself up, and whimpered when I saw the blood dripping down my right palm.

Patches of skin had been scraped on both of my arms, and my clothes were stained with black dirt.

My knees ached as I got up on my feet.


The whisper was almost inaudible.

I lifted my head in alarm.

Quieting my breaths, I looked around a corner, and stifled my gasp.

Framed by the afternoon sunlight were Gray and…Juvia?

My eyes burned.

They were KISSING.


I felt my face become hot as I looked away.

Biting my tongue, I limped the other way.

Long story short, I ended up sitting in a park.

At first, I wanted to cry my eyes out.

But I quickly grew angry.

Had Gray been lying the whole time, too?!

Had two people been messing with me and making my life harder?!

Had no one at Fairy Tail considered MY feelings for once – aside from Levy and Cana?!

I clenched my fists together, and spent one whole hour screaming and kicking trees in the park.

I'm just lucky that no one passed by or I'm sure that I would have been taken to the police station.

It wasn't until six in the evening that I dragged myself home and tended to my injuries.

Throwing myself onto the bed, I hugged a stuffed Vocaloid pillow and stared at the ceiling.

I shall not let what Sting said get to me.

I shall not let what Sting said get to me.

I shall not.

I shall not.



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