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Rose slept soundlessly in her room in the TARDIS. I knew because I watched her on the monitor. Yes, I realize that sounds rather like a stalker, but I only switch it on at times like this.

She thrashed against the covers, but thankfully she stopped screaming since I played the music. I went to her the first time she had a nightmare, but she yelled and cried and just generally showed me how much embarrassment I caused her.

She didn't say that, but that's what I did.

I turned the music up just a little more, a recording of the song the Ood soothed me with before I regenerated. I had wanted to keep that life—crashed the TARDIS in my fit—but now I felt gratitude. Because otherwise, Rose would be startled every morning; I would be a constant reminder.

She relaxed on the sheets, calmed by the music, and I plopped down on my chair with my head in my hands. I rubbed my eyes, pushing the hair back from my forehead. I tried everything. I took her to every planet I could think of that held beauty and peace and harmony among its people. When that didn't help her sleep any better, I took her to the Pas'i constellation and we toured the Festival of Fire. She danced with Crestads and attended concerts and even learned to breathe fire at one point (with Crestad assistance, of course)-but even the over-stimulation never tired out her nightmares. Now, I tried leaving her alone.

It wasn't going well.

I could make her forget, as I made Donna forget. I knew that. I wanted to do that. But she never remembered her nightmares in her waking life, and I strove to keep her from anything that might remind her of John. The last thing I wanted was to bring him up.

A scream tore through the TARDIS. On the monitor, Rose crouched on the edge of her bed and stared around the dark bedroom with eyes so wide, I could see the whites even in the dim lighting. She scooted back up on the bed, head bowed as though expecting a blow, and grabbed her pillow to clutch against herself.

She flinched, cowering away as though something startled her to her left.

I hit a button on the monitor and the lights came on in her room. She blinked, surprised, and gazed up at the ceiling in confusion. She turned back to look at the place on the bed to her left, saw that nobody sat there, and let out a snort of laughter.

She shook her head and set her pillow back at the top of the bed, her head son following it. As she got comfortable, I heard her mumble, "I was really about to lose my mind right there..."

She yawned, drew her blanket up to her chin, and closed her eyes. "Thanks, TARDIS."

I shut off the light. "You're welcome, Rose."

I needed to fix this.