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Brittany swallowed. Her father was standing in front of her. "Dad?"

"Hi sweetie," Paul Pierce said, looking a bit nervous, "I didn't wake you did I? I was hoping to catch you before work."

"I don't work today." Brittany didn't know what to do and suddenly felt like a little girl again. She didn't like being surprised like this, especially not by her father. "What…what are you doing here?"

"Umm, I came by before but you girls were gone and I left a note…"

"I saw the note," Brittany said letting out a breath. She closed the door just an inch more blocking as much of her father from Santana as possible. "Now's not a good time."

As soon as Santana realized Brittany's father was at the door, she shot up from the couch with clenched fists. From what she had read on Paul Pierce's file, he was living in Florida and working at a race track for the last two years. Brittany hadn't mentioned anything about her father being back in town and from the sound of it, he had been back at least for a couple of days. Santana tried to follow Blaine's advice to stay out of the family drama unless Brittany asked her for help. This was going to be hard.

"Is Jenny here?" Paul asked.

Brittany looked back at Santana and gave her a small smile before stepping outside and closing the door. She didn't want to bring Santana into her family issues. "Jenny's at school."

"Oh, I thought I saw someone in there."

"My…friend is visiting. Look dad, you can't just come here after two years and think we're going to be a family again. We were barely a family when you were around." Brittany was trying really hard to stay calm and not cry. She didn't want to go back in to the apartment upset and ruin her day with Santana.

"I know," Paul said, nodding, "Look, it's just that I'm not sure how long I'll be in town and I wanted to see you girls."

"I thought you said you got a job?" Brittany crossed her arms. She was still torn about wanting her father to leave again and wanting to maybe have some sort of relationship with him.

"Here's the thing about working for super rich people, they love to travel."

"So you're leaving?" Brittany just shook her head when her father shrugged his shoulders. She just wanted this visit over and to go back to Santana.

Santana sat back down when Brittany went outside to talk to her father and for a split second she almost ran to the door to try to listen to their conversation. What if Brittany needed her help? What if Paul Pierce was upsetting Brittany?

"Damn it."

Santana stood up again and paced a bit before heading to the door and opening it. Brittany jumped a bit in surprise while Paul looked confused. "Is everything OK?"

Brittany felt the air suddenly change and a new tension take its place. Santana looked like she was ready for a fight. "I'll be right in."

"Are you sure?" Santana asked, her voice soft.

"Oh, hello," Paul said, then turned to Brittany, "This is the friend you mentioned.

Santana stood straighter. "Santana Lopez."

"Ah, from The Dalton."

Both Brittany and Santana blinked in surprise. "How did you know?" Santana asked.

"We have an employer in common," Paul said.

Brittany chimed in. "You work at the casino? I thought you said you were a bodyguard or something."

"I don't work at the casino just for the owner. Grayson Smythe. I'm one of his son's bodyguards."

Santana hated being caught off guard but there was no way of knowing this bit of news. If she had kept digging further into Paul Pierce she would have found this out but Brittany's arrest record had taken her off that trail. "Sebastian Smythe?"

"That's the kid," Paul said, "Total spoiled brat." He looked between the two of them before speaking again. "I should go. I meant what I said, Brittany. Maybe tomorrow? Or dinner, tonight?"

"I'm busy tonight," Brittany said, "I'll call you later. For real this time."

"Great." Paul looked genuinely happy. "I'll talk to you later. Nice to meet you Santana."

Brittany and Santana went back inside and closed the door. Brittany went to the couch and sat down without a word. She had planned to tell Santana about her father today but she never wanted them to meet.

Santana couldn't get a read on what Brittany was thinking. She sat next to her and reached for her hand. "Are you OK?"

"I'm sorry."

"Sorry for what?"

Brittany turned to face Santana. "I wanted to tell you he was back. He showed up a couple of days ago saying that he wants to make things right with me and Jenny."

"Britt, you have nothing to be sorry about. I mean, he just disappears after your mother dies and shows up now expecting things to be OK? No, way."

"How did you know that?" Brittany asked with furrowed eyebrows.

"Oh, uh." Santana hadn't meant to mention she knew that bit of information. "When I was doing your background check…"

"Right," Brittany said, letting out a breath.

"I'm sorry."

"Don't be sorry," Brittany said, "It's fine. The day after my mom died, he left."

Santana lifted Brittany's hand and kissed it. "What happened?"

Brittany already felt tears forming and that familiar feeling of wanting to cry. "I was supposed to pick up Jenny from school but I was working on a project for school that I needed to finish. It was a big project that was like half my grade and I needed to develop just a few more prints."

"Photography?" Santana looked over at the far wall that was covered in family pictures. She had first noticed the night she came looking for Brittany, and now taking a better look, there were a few pictures that had an artistic touch to them.

Brittany nodded with a sad smile. "I was in art school and I loved it. I always loved taking pictures and I wanted to be a photographer. I first called my dad but he said he was busy. But I could hear the slot machines in the background. He was at a casino."

Santana didn't think she could hate someone she never met so much. Brittany's dad was proving to be a real piece of work.

"I called my mom and told her I couldn't pick up Jenny. My mom had to get to work but she said if she hurried she could pick her up. On the way there, some asshole ran a red light and hit her."

"Oh Britt." Santana brought Brittany in for a hug as soon as she saw the tears fall from her eyes. It was breaking her heart hearing the pain Brittany had gone through.

"I just…if I had finished my project on time…"

"Don't!" Santana pulled back too look into Brittany's eyes. "Don't do that. It was an accident. This wasn't your fault, Britt. You can't think like that." Santana placed a kiss on Brittany's forehead.

Brittany knew Santana was right. She had struggled with this for so long, fought with herself trying to make sense of this and it only made her miserable. Eventually she did accept that it wasn't her fault but there was still that little voice in the back of her head that just whispered "what if".

Brittany went on. "She survived for a couple of days, even opening he eyes and talking to us. We thought she was going to be OK. Then on the third day, she just died. The doctor said something about bleeding on the inside or something."

Santana leaned back on the couch, taking Brittany withe her.

Brittany rested her head on Santana's chest and wrapped her arm around her waist. "When she died, my dad said he had to go see some guy about a job and he just didn't come back. Now, two years later, he comes back wanting to be in our lives. It's bullshit!"

There was that hatred again. Santana remained calm and bit her tongue to stop herself from cursing Paul Pierce or upsetting Brittany more. She didn't want to push the dad issue too much just yet. "And your grandparents?"

"They were with us," Brittany said softly, "They stayed for two months but then had to get back. My family never had much money, but we got by. When my mom died, my grandparents wanted Jenny and me to move to San Francisco with them, but Jenny still had school and transferring schools would mess up her college program. So, I quit art school and found a job driving taxies."

"I'm so sorry you had to go through that, Brittany." Santana squeezed Brittany a little tighter to her chest hoping that the tears she felt forming would go away.

"It took a few months to get steady. We almost got evicted in the beginning and I had to sell my bag of camera equipment to make rent." Brittany smiled sadly. "Jenny and Artie are always trying to buy it back for me, but I won't let them. It's too much money."

They stayed silent for a long while just holding each other. After a while Santana spoke. "I noticed your wall full of pictures. They're beautiful. You're an amazing photographer Britt."

Brittany just shrugged her shoulders. "I'm sorry I ruined our day."

"No honey, you didn't ruin anything."

Brittany detached herself from Santana and sat up. "My life is so messed up, Santana. You should find someone who isn't so messed up."

"What?" Santana quickly sat up, stunned. "Brittany, I like you. A lot. I don't care how messy your life is and I'm definitely not interested in anyone else."


Santana leaned in and placed a soft kiss on Brittany's cheek. "No."

And just like that, Brittany felt like smiling. With that small word, Santana had managed to make the pain and sadness she felt at reliving her past seem less intense. "How do you do that?"

"Do what?"

"Make me feel better and that everything is going to be OK."

"I don't know," Santana said honestly, "But I'm glad to hear that I do. I meant what I said, I'm here for you. Anything you need."

"But why?" Brittany still didn't understand how someone as amazing as Santana could ever want to be with her.

"I…," Santana began, "I just know that you were the fist friend I made here and you are so sweet and good hearted. I know that I find you incredibly beautiful," Santana smiled and brought Brittany's hand to her lips and kissed it, "I know that I think you're the strongest person I've ever met and I know that I want to be with you. What I don't get is why someone as sweet as you would want to be with me. I'm kind of a bitch."

"No way!" Brittany protested, "You're the nicest person ever."

Santana lightly kissed Brittany's lips. "Only you would say that."

"It's true." Brittany squeezed Santana's hand and felt happy that Santana wasn't freaked out by her story. "I'm going to see what my dad wants. I don't trust him but he's still my dad."

Santana just nodded.

"But I don't what to talk about him anymore," Brittany went on, "I promise I'll tell you what happens with him. But now, I just want to get back to our date because, this is totally our first date, and it was going super great."

"It was," Santana said with a playful smile, "OK, back to the date. Now, where did we leave off…." Santana brought Brittany closer and kissed her, picking up where they left off. She wanted to know more about Brittany's life, but that could wait. But Santana made a mental note to keep an eye on Paul Pierce. The last thing she wanted was for that man to hurt Brittany and Jenny again.

Brittany melted into Santana wanting to forget her problems and just focus on this amazing woman who made all the pain go away. She moaned softly when Santana tongue found hers and as good as it felt, Brittany pulled back.

"What's wrong?" Santana asked against Brittany's lips.

Brittany leaned back so she could see Santana's face. "So you're really not interested in anybody else?"

Santana let out a soft chuckle. "Nope. Just you," she said honestly. Something about Brittany made her want to be honest with her feelings. She saw Brittany nod slowly and then Santana had a horrible thought. "Are you interested in someone else?"

Brittany smiled and shook her head. "Just you."

"Phew," Santana breathed out, "I got a little worried there for a minute."

"So.." Brittany felt a flush spread across her cheeks. "If you're not interested in anybody else, and I'm not interested in anybody else…"

"Yeah?" Santana encouraged with a smile.

"Then maybe we can only be interested in each other, like officially."

Santana's smile turned into a full grin. "Are you saying we should be girlfriends?"

"Yes?" Brittany was now grinning right along with Santana.

"You don't sound too sure," Santana teased.

"Yes," Brittany said with confidence, "I'm sure. Santana, do you want to be girlfriends?"

"Hmmm." Santana pretended to think. "I guess so."

"You don't sound too sure," Brittany repeated. If it wasn't for the look of amusement on Santana's face, Brittany would be worried.

"Yes. I want to be your girlfriend." Santana was never more sure of anything.

Brittany practically lunged at Santana and kissed her. Santana responded by laughing through the kiss.

"Britt.." Santana tried to speak but her giddiness making it difficult.

"What?" Brittany pulled back, "I'm just kissing my girlfriend."

"And as much as I want you to continue, I think if we keep going, it'll turn into more than just kissing."

"That's true." Brittany moved away from Santana. "I'm way too sexy for you to resist."

Santana laughed. "Yes you are. Listen, maybe we should go to the park like you said."

"Yeah." Brittany got up. "I'm just going to go change then we can go."

Santana watched as Brittany disappeared into her bedroom and once again thought how moving here was turning out to be one of the best decision she ever made.


Santana was starting to like riding on Brittany's scooter, mainly because she got to hold on to her girlfriend as tight as she wanted.

Santana smiled. She had never been the best girlfriend to any of the women she had dated but then again, she never really tried. But she would now. She knew she would do anything to make things with Brittany work and that told her just how special Brittany was.

Brittany smiled as she felt Santana hug her tighter. She felt like a huge weight had been lifted from her shoulders knowing that she didn't have to hide her past from Santana anymore. Brittany's biggest fear had been Santana running away after finding out about her past. Instead, Santana was now her girlfriend. Things were looking up.

They had spent a few hours at the park just walking and talking. At one point they had even gotten on the swings. They were now on their way to the diner for a light lunch.

Brittany parked her scooter and she and Santana walked in to the diner holding hands.

"Brittany!" Francine had spotted her favorite customer as soon as she walked in.

"Hi Francine," Brittany said with a big smile.

"Hi sweetie," Francine said, "And welcome back Santana." The waitress looked down at the pair's hands. "I take it there's been a change in this friendship?"

Santana felt herself blush. "There has." Santana knew this woman was close to Brittany and she felt that it was important to get this woman's approval.

Francine put her pad in the front pocket of her apron and engulfed both woman in a hug. "This is so great!" Francine let them go and practically pushed them to a booth. "Sit, lunch is on the house."

"You don't have to do that," Brittany protested as she sat down, "Anyway, we're not going to each much."

"I don't care," Francine said, "Whatever you want is on the house." The waitress turned to Santana and winked. "You work fast, don't you?"

"I…I'm just lucky she wants to be with me," Santana said.

"I'm the lucky one," Brittany added.

"Ugh, you two are already too adorable," Francine chuckled, "I'm going to go get you some sodas to start off. Decide what you want."

When Francine left, both women began to laugh. "I guess I have Francine's seal of approval?" Santana asked.


"I'm glad," Santana said with a soft smile, "It looks like Francine is a big part of your life and I'm really happy she likes me."

Brittany reached over and took Santana's hand, "After my mom died, Francine helped me and my sister a lot so she's super important to me. And, I knew she'd approve of you."

Francine came back with the drinks, "So, I want to hear the whole story."


Brittany parked her scooter and motioned Santana to get off. After lunch they had gone to a movie to escape the intense Vegas heat. Brittany figured the movie was good but she had missed a good chunk of it due to her and Santana making out.

After the movie, Brittany had planned to head back to her apartment to help Jenny with dinner when her sister had texted her that she and Santana were not allowed back in the apartment until six. Brittany had agreed and decided to take Santana to the arcade for the rest of the day.

"I wish your sister had let us help with dinner," Santana said taking off her helmet, "I'm not the best cook but I can slice and dice a tomato like a pro."

"She insisted." Brittany got off the scooter and took off her own helmet, "And besides, Jenny totally hates it when anyone else touches food she's cooking. Don't worry, Santana, she loves cooking."

Santana nodded and and let out a long breath. "I'm kind of nervous."

"What? Why?" Brittany leaned over and kissed Santana forehead.

"I just hope your sister will be OK with us being together." Santana was sure she was worrying for no reason, but this was Brittany's sister. Usually she wouldn't care what others thought, but now she did.

Brittany smiled and kissed Santana's forehead again. "Sweetie, she's been trying to get me to go after you since I mentioned you. She's going to love this news."

Hearing her girlfriend's words made calmed Santana. "You're right. Let's get inside. I'm hungry."

Brittany took Santana's helmet, which was technically Jenny's, and lead Santana to the the apartment. When they got to the door, Brittany opened the door and immediately smelled the delicious aroma of her sister's cooking. "Yum."

"No!" Jenny yelled from the kitchen, "You're early."

Brittany put the helmets by the table near the door. "It's 5:57."

"Early!" Jenny yelled again.

Santana smiled at the playfulness between the sisters. She stepped further into the apartment and came into view. "Hi."

"Yay! Santana, you're here," Jenny said as she put down the knife she was holding and when to hug Santana, "Britt said you were coming for dinner but I sort of had my doubts."

"You did?" Santana hugged Jenny back and knew she was silly for being nervous, "I could't miss this dinner, not after Brittany told me you're like a master chef."

"That is true," Jenny said stepping back, "Actually, I had my doubts cause I figured Brittany here would wuss out and not actually bring you."

"Hey!" Brittany protested, "Not only did I not wuss out but Santana and I have something to tell you."

Jenny crossed her arms and shook her head. "What? That you're a couple now? Old news. Yawn."

Santana and Brittany looked at each other, surprised.

"How did…." Brittany began.

"I have super awesome observation skills. I'm like TV's Sherlock Holmes. The British version, not the American one."

"Could you really tell just in the two minutes we've been here?" Santana asked with a smile on her face. "Because if that's the case, maybe I should hire you as one of my security for the casino. I mean, I would if you were old enough. "

"That'd be awesome!"Jenny was about to say something else, when she turned around when the oven timer when off. "Lasagna is ready!"

Brittany still stood there trying to figure out Jenny would know. Then it finally hit her. "Francine told you, huh?"

Jenny took the lasagna out of the oven and placed in on the already set table. "I can neither confirm nor deny."

Santana couldn't help but laugh. Jenny was just as sweet and funny as her sister and Santana was so happy that Brittany had someone like Jenny. "You two are funny."

Jenny smiled. "Seriously though, I am beyond happy you two are together." Jenny turned to Santana. "Brittany deserves to be happy and I know she really, really likes you and I hope the feeling is mutual."

"It is," Santana added.

"Good because if you break my sister's heart, I will destroy you." Jenny narrowed her eyes. "And I'm not exaggerating. I. Will. Destroy. You."

"Jenny!" Brittany was so embarrassed. She turned to Santana, "Don't listen to her, she's grumpy because she hasn't eaten yet."

Santana kept her eyes on Jenny. "Believe me, the last thing I want to do is hurt Brittany. I can promise you that I will do my best to make her happy."

That answer seemed to relax the younger Pierce because she started smiling. "Awesome. Now, both of you take a seat and get ready to have the best lasagna you've ever had."

"I don't know," Santana teased, "The Dalton has some of the top chefs in the country working for them."

"Pfft! Amateurs," Jenny said, sounding serious.

"It's true," Brittany added, "Jenny is awesome and she's going to have her own restaurant one day."

"Is that what you want to do?" Santana asked, taking a seat.

"Yup," Jenny said, "But first, I'm going to study business at college then culinary school."

Brittany loved hearing Jenny talk about her future. She had been sad, maybe a little depressed, that her own future was uncertain but knowing that her sacrifice would give Jenny a future, she knew it was worth it. "And she's going to hire me as a hostess."

"Forget hostess," Jenny said, "You are going to design the ad campaigns. Santana, did you know that Brittany here is an amazing photographer?"

"I heard." Santana turned to Brittany and took her hand. "And judging by the photos on the wall, she's more than amazing."

"Can we not talk about me?" Brittany reached for the large salad bowl on the table and served herself and Santana.

"She hates attention," Jenny whispered to Santana.

"Too bad," Santana whispered back.

Brittany continued to serve herself and Santana and soon had a full plate of salad, lasagna and bread for both of them. Jenny went ahead and served herself.

"OK," Santana said, picking up her fork, "Let's see if this all what you say it is."

Jenny leaned back in her chair and watched Santana take a bite. Then she smiled.

"Holy shit," Santana said, her mouth full, "This…is the best lasagna I've ever had."

"Told you so," Jenny smirked.

"Jenny!" Brittany warned, "Don't be rude."

Santana chuckled mid chew and took another bite.


Brittany watched as Santana literarily sat at the edge of the couch holding the PS3 controller and her eyes glued to the screen.

"Shit!" Jenny yelled.

Brittany frowned. She hated when her little sister swore but considering Santana was killing all of Jenny's soldiers or whatever, she couldn't blame her.

"Come on! COME ON!" Santana yelled as she jumped to her feet.

Jenny stood up to, trying to defend her…farm? Brittany wasn't sure. This game was way to confusing for her to follow. All the players looked too real and Brittany didn't like it. She loved Super Mario Brothers and other games that looked like video games. She leaned back and continued to watch her sister and her girlfriend play with a smile on her face.

This was perfect. Brittany was so glad they got along and hoped that they'd have more nights like this. Dinner had been so fun. Santana had stood her ground against Jenny's questions and it seemed Brittany had finally brought someone home that didn't annoy her sister. In fact, Jenny seemed impressed with Santana.

"YES!" Santana dropped the controller and actually did a fist pump. "I win! Your empire is destroyed!"

"Shit!" Jenny threw her controller on the ground. "Rematch."

Brittany feared this would go on all night. "Nope. You two are done. It's scary how intense you guys get. And besides, you have school tomorrow."

"Dude, it's only 9:30," Jenny protested.

"Your sister is right," Santana said as she sat back down, "If we go another round, you may end up punching the TV when you lose again."

"I take it back," Jenny said, "I don't like you."

"She's kidding," Brittany said to Santana, "She gets bratty when she loses."

"No I don't!" Jenny rolled her eyes. "Fine. I'm actually pretty tired. Do you guys mind doing the dishes?"

"No problem," Santana said, "It's the least I can do after you cooked."

"Sweet!" Jenny put the controllers away and turned off the TV. "You staying the night Santana?"

"Uh..well…ummm." Santana felt her cheeks start to burn. She had been having so much fun just being with Brittany that she never thought about what would happen at the end of the night. This was definitely a first. Usually, Santana made sure that her dates ended in sex. That's all dating really was for her, but this was not her usual date. Sex didn't even cross her mind.

"Go to bed." Brittany pushed her sister to her room and closed the door, but not before Jenny had shouted a good night to Santana. Sometimes her sister was the worst.

Brittany swallowed and turned to Santana. Did Santana want to sleep with her on their first date? Brittany wouldn't say no, that was for sure. She wanted Santana, but at the same time, she wanted to go on at least a couple of more dates. "Sorry about her."

"Don't apologize," Santana said with a smile, "She's a handful." She turned and walked to the kitchen, "Come on. Let's wash those dishes."

Brittany was going to kill her sister tomorrow. She and Santana washed the dishes, saying very little. When they were done, Brittany spoke. "I'm sorry my sister made things weird. You don't have to sleep over. I mean, unless you want to…I could sleep on the couch, or the bed. The floor is comfortable too."

Santana put down the towel she was holding and brought Brittany in for a kiss. "Things aren't weird. We spent the whole day together and the day is over. So what now?"

"Now it's time to sleep." Brittany tightened her hold on Santana. "I don't want this to end."

"Me neither," Santana breathed out. She kissed Brittany again, this time longer and deeper. When she felt Brittany's hand cup her breast, Santana knew she had to put a stop to this. "Sweetie…uh, we have to stop."

Brittany felt dizzy and her breathing was heavy and all she wanted was to keep kissing and touching Santana. "Sorry." Brittany removed her hand and stepped back a bit. "Sorry I touched your boob."

Santana let out a small chuckle. "Britt, never be sorry about that." She grabbed Brittany's hand and placed it back on her breast. "You can touch my boob any time you want."

Brittany squeezed and saw Santana close her eyes, then heard her moan. "Can I touch both of them?" She didn't wait for an answer as her other hand palmed Santana's other breast. She wondered what they tasted like.

"Fuck." Santana wanted to rip her shirt and bra off so she could feel Brittany's skin on hers. "Britt…stop."

Brittany removed her hands and practically attacked Santana's lips. If Santana's body tasted as good as her lips, Brittany was sure she'd get addicted. The longer this went on the harder it was going to be for Brittany to stop. "Yeah. OK."

They stepped back and just stared at each other, breathing coming in hard and heavy.

"I," Santana began, "I really want to stay over but if I do, things will happen."

Brittany smiled. "Things happening is good."

"They are," Santana went on, "But I'd rather things not happen when your sister is in the next room."

"Oh." Brittany nodded. "Is it cause you're super loud?"

The unexpected question, caused Santana to let out a laugh. "I am not loud. Well…unless you like loud."

"Loud is fun," Brittany said, wiggling her eyebrows. "I'm loud."

Images of Brittany writhing around in pleasure invaded Santana's mind and she felt her most sensitive area throb. But just as quickly, her imagination turned against her as she imagined just who had made Brittany be "loud." Santana took a breath and crossed her arms.

Brittany knew that whatever game they were playing had changed. "So loud is bad? I can be quiet. I can even not make any noise if you want. I mean, it'll be hard but…"

Santana uncrossed her arms and shook her head. "No. Loud is good. Really good. Just imagining you…God Britt. I just…here's something you need to know about me. I didn't realize it until this moment, but apparently I'm the jealous type because just the thought of you being loud with someone else… I don't like it."

"Ah." Brittany closed the gap between them and pressed their bodies together. Santana being jealous was pretty adorable. Brittany kissed Santana's ear then whispered. "A lot of those loud times, I was by myself."

Santana groaned as those erotic images of Brittany returned.

"And," Brittany went on, "I'm sure no one has helped me reach my full loud potential. But I totally bet you can."

Santana felt Brittany suck on her earlobe after finishing talking. She felt her breathing pick up again. "I can. And, I bet you can get me to be super loud." Santana suppressed a moan. Brittany hadn't really done anything and Santana was ready do fall apart. Yeah, Santana knew she would defiantly be loud with Brittany and she didn't care. She wanted to completely let go with this woman.

Brittany gently kissed Santana before stepping back. "You should go. I don't want to kick you out, but I'm like this close to dragging you to my bedroom."

"Yeah, I should go." Santana took a deep breath and let it out slowly. She walked around Brittany to get her stuff while Brittany waited for her by the door. "I'll see you tomorrow, right?"

"Yes." Brittany caressed Santana's cheek. "Today was the best day ever. Thank you."

"The best day." Santana repeated. "I'm swamped with meeting in the morning, but I can meet you for your break."

"Sounds like a good plan." Brittany gave Santana one final kiss. "I'll call you."

"I'll see you tomorrow," Santana said stepping outside, "I'm going to go home and probably be loud by myself."

Brittany laughed. "You better tell me all about that tomorrow."

Santana smiled. "Bye Britt."


As much as Santana didn't want to, she turned and walked away.