Brittany knew this day was coming but she still couldn't hold back the tears as she watched her sister walk across the stage and get her diploma.


Brittany turned to Santana, who was sitting next to her, and took the tissue she offered. "Thanks."

"You did good Britt," Santana said, squeezing her girlfriend's thigh, "She graduated with honors, has a full ride and is going to be a famous chef with, like, 20 restaurants."

Brittany laughed. "She totally is." She took Santana's hand and brought it to her lips. "Thank you for being here," she said, kissing Santana's fingers. She turned to her other side to look at her father. "You too dad. Thanks for being here."

"No way would I miss my baby girl's graduation," Paul said, proudly, "I'm just grateful I got my act together to be here."

"Me too." Brittany had been pleasantly surprised by her father all these weeks. He remained sober and showed up to all family dinners and events. He went to his meetings religiously and even had his daughters attend a family session. It has been a great way to get everything out in the open and start to rebuild their family.

Brittany felt someone tap her on the shoulder from behind. "Uh, excuse me," Quinn said, "Are you going to thank me for coming?"

"Or me?" asked Kurt.

"I was late but I made it," Puck said.

Brittany laughed. Mike, Mercedes, Artie, Blaine, and Rachel had all taken the time to come to her sister's graduation. Even Tina and Finn, who Brittany had gotten to know more since working at the casino and had somehow joined their group of friends, were here. "Yes," she said, scanning the area to look at her friends. "Thank you all for coming. This is awesome."

"There's still a party after, right?" Puck asked.

Brittany smiled. "Duh. Of course!"


Today was the day. Today was the day Jenny was leaving for San Francisco and Santana was a little worried at how Brittany would take such a big change. She stretched and turned over to her girlfriend who was still sound asleep. Santana had mixed feelings about the younger Pierce leaving. For one, she'd miss Jenny. They had become very close these past few weeks and she became the sister Santana never had. On the other hand, with Jenny off starting her adult life, Brittany was free to spend more time with Santana. In fact, Santana had been wanting to ask Brittany to consider moving into the casino, maybe even with her.

Santana looked at the clock and saw it was five past eight. Santana leaned in and kissed Brittany on the nose. "Honey. Wake up, it's eight."

Brittany stirred but failed to open her eyes. "Mmph."

"Sweetie, wake up." Santana scooted closer and kissed Brittany's neck. "As much as I'd love to kiss you awake, there's no time."

"Noooo," Brittany whined, "If I don't wake up, Jenny won't leave."

Santana hugged Brittany to her. "I'm sorry, Britt, but she is leaving. Today's the day."

Brittany opened her eyes. "I know," she said sadly.


"So, this is it." Jenny stood in front of her sister, father and Santana. She had her carry-on bag and ticket. They stood near the security check point saying good-bye.

"Be careful!" Brittany lunged at her sister and hugged her tight. "Call Grandma and Grandpa as soon as you land. I'm going to miss you."

Jenny groaned. "Britt, I'm going to see you next week."

Brittany let go of her sister and wiped away a tear. Brittany had arranged to have a long weekend next week so she could go see her grandparents and see how Jenny was settling in. She had also asked Santana to come with her so she could meet her grandparents. "Still, I'll miss you."

"Oh, brother," Jenny said rolling her eyes.

"You'll miss her too," Santana said, "And you'll miss me."

Jenny shrugged. "It's a toss-up."

Santana smiled because she knew Jenny was joking. "We'll see," she said, "Now, hug me."

Jenny smiled and did as instructed. When she pulled back she turned to her father. "I'll miss you dad. I'm sorry we didn't have more time."

"Me too," Paul said, sadly, "But I'll call you and we can face time and I'll fly up to San Fran soon. I need to make amends with your grandparents."

"Good luck with that," Jenny said. She hugged her father and when all the good-byes were said and done, she got in line to go through security.

Once Jenny was through, she turned one last time and waved at her family.

Brittany took a deep breath and watched her sister disappear into the crowd. "It's going to be so weird not having her around."

"Yeah," Santana agreed, "But hey, now you have me to keep you busy."

Brittany put her arm around Santana's shoulders. "Thank God."

"So," Paul said, "Do you ladies want to grab some lunch?"

"Good idea," Brittany said.

The three of them left the airport in search of some food.


A week later, Santana and Brittany arrived in San Francisco. Brittany's grandparents had wanted to pick them up, but Brittany had told them Santana had hired a car for them.

Santana held on to Brittany's hand a little too tight. They were just five minutes away from their destination. "What if they don't like me?"

Brittany chuckled and brought Santana's hand to her lips. "They'll love you. Don't worry, sweetie, they are the nicest people."

"I'm sure they are," Santana said, "But that just means that if they hate me, they'll do it behind my back."

"They won't hate you," Brittany said.

When the car parked in front of a small green house, Santana saw Jenny and two older people waiting in the front yard. "Here we go," she whispered.

"Britt! Santana!" Jenny yelled as both women got out of their car.

Brittany immediately rushed to her sister and hugged her. She then went to her grandparents and did the same. "I miss you guys so much!" Brittany hugged her grandparents a bit longer. It had been so long since she had seen them. Not since her mother died. "Nana, you look so good! You're so skinny. I guess the webcam adds weight. And Poppy, look at you. When did you shave your beard? You look ten years younger."

"Oh stop!" Nana said blushing, "Oh Brittany, dear. I'm so glad to finally see you and not through a computer."

"Me too," Poppy said, "You look great too! And you have to tell us about your new job!"

Santana helped the driver take the bags out and proceeded to tip him. Once he drove off, Santana stood there and watched Brittany reunite with her family.

"Santana!" Brittany waved her girlfriend over. "Come here."

Santana took a deep breath and went to stand next to Brittany. "Hi." Before Santana could say anymore, Brittany's grandmother hugged her.

"So you're the reason our Britt has been so happy," Nana said, "Thank you."

Santana smiled and hugged her back. "She actually makes me happy."

"Happy, happy," Jenny said "Everyone is happy."

Santana pulled away from the older woman only to have her husband hug her too. "It's nice to meet you both," Santana said after they separated, "And thank you for having me stay here, Mr and Mrs…"

"You call us Nana and Poppy," Nana said, "I'm sure you'll be marrying my grand-baby one day so you might as well get used to calling us that."

"Nana!" Brittany groaned in embarrassment.

"Don't try to argue with your Nana," Poppy said, "Come on. Let's get you girls settled. We've got the grill set up in the back yard for this family reunion."

"Now," Nana said, her arm around Santana, "Tell me about you catching some bad buys. I watch all those crime shows on TV. Do you have your own handcuffs?"

Santana let herself be led into the house by Nana and began to tell her the story about how she tackled a guy who tried to run out of the casino with another player's money.

Maybe this wasn't going to be so bad.


Turns out, Brittany's grandparents loved Santana.

"I told you so," Brittany said, snuggling closer.

They had just gotten into bed for the night. The small house only had two bedrooms and, despite Santana's protests, Jenny had been kicked out to the sofa bed in the living room. "Are you sure your sister isn't mad we kicked her out of the room?"

"She'll be fine." Brittany sat up and removed her white pajama top, shorts and underwear.

"Britt! As much as I love you naked, we can't. I mean your family is in the next room."

"The door is locked," Brittany said, settling back into bed, "And I wasn't going for sexy times, Santana. Just some naked cuddling."

"Oh." Santana thought about following her girlfriend's example for a few seconds then proceeded to get completely naked. "You win. I can't say no to naked cuddling."

Brittany giggled and spooned Santana from behind. "My family loves you."

"Well, not everyone," Santana said, pressing herself closer to Brittany, "I think your grandma's cat doesn't like me."

"Don't be silly." Brittany kissed Santana's shoulder. "Lord Tubbigton loves you."

"He kept taking a swipe at me every time I passed by!"

"He wants to play with you so that means he likes you."

"What about the hissing then?" Santana reached behind her and moved Brittany's leg across her waist.

"He did it once, when he saw you," Brittany said, amused, "Plus he's still a kitten, so he's probably still getting used to things."

"I'm pretty sure he hates me," Santana mumbled.

"He doesn't." Brittany snuggled into Santana and yawned. "Sleepy time, now."

Santana sighed and closed her eyes. She wondered how she ever fell asleep before Brittany. She wondered how she lived her life before Brittany. "I love you."

Brittany kissed Santana's cheek. "I love you too. So much." She then kissed Santana's neck and turned Santana to lay on her back. "What if we're super quiet?"

Santana smirked. "Naked cuddling always leads to sex."

Brittany shrugged. "When naked cuddling doesn't lead to sex, then we have trouble."

Santana pulled Brittany on to top of her. "I hope that never happens."

Brittany settled herself between Santana's legs and slowly ground her center against Santana, who moaned in response. "Shhh. We can't be loud."

"OK," Santana whimpered as Brittany began to slowly grind against her. "I'll be quiet."

Brittany playfully rolled her eyes. "Sure you will."


Summer had flown by in a flash. Jenny was into her first week of classes and said she loved it so far. Brittany was also into her first week of art school for her final semester. She had spent the summer taking pictures and really got back into her rhythm. Once she started taking pictures again, everything just came back to her.

Brittany had moved out of the apartment she had shared with Jenny a few weeks ago. She spent most of her time at Santana's suite and since she was a hostess for an artist in residence, she qualified to have a free room of her own. It seemed silly to continue to pay rent when she had an offer for free room and board. The money she used to pay for rent, now went into a saving's account.

"Sold out show again," Brittany told Rachel. She sat with her feet up on the couch in Rachel's dressing room.

"Fantastic!" Rachel checked her makeup one more time before turning to face Brittany. "Vegas Style Magazine calls my show a 'Must See'! Not that I'm surprised."

Brittany chuckled. Somewhere along the way, she and Rachel had become good friends. "Well that magazine must have lots of readers cause your show is sold out for the next month."

"This is going to be an amazing month! How about we celebrate with dinner and drinks after the show."

"Sorry, Rach, can't." Brittany got up and gathered her things. "Santana's parents are arriving in like an hour so we're having dinner with them."

Rachel clasped her hands together and gasped. "Meeting the parents? That's fantastic."

Brittany rolled her eyes. One thing she learned about Rachel was that she was a bit overdramatic about almost everything. "It should be fun. I talk with Mrs. Lopez a lot over the phone so it's going to be nice seeing her in person."

"Before you go you have to promise me something."


Rachel put a big smile on her face. "I get to sing at your wedding."

"Whoa, slow down there lady," Brittany said walking to the door, "No one is getting married."

"Not yet."

"I'm leaving," Brittany said with a laugh, "I'll see you tomorrow."


Santana had busted a major casino cheating ring and had become somewhat of a Vegas celebrity and was quickly climbing the status ranks within the high security circles. She had gotten a couple of offers from other hotels to come oversee security for them, but Santana had refused. The Dalton had become her home, at least for the foreseeable future.

She gathered her things, bid Sugar a good night, and headed home. Her parents would be arriving soon and she wanted to change before they arrived. Santana had wanted to pick them up, but they had just asked her to send a driver.

When she got to her room, she found a nice surprise. "Hi, baby."

Brittany got up from the couch and went to Santana, engulfing her in a tight hug. "Hi!"

"Hi," Santana laughed, "How's my favorite person in the world doing?"

Brittany pulled back and kissed those lips she loved so much. "You better be talking about me. And I am doing great."

"Of course I was." Santana kissed her girlfriend back. "You are my favorite person ever."

"Good, cause you're mine," Brittany said, nibbling on the plump lower lip, "How is it that I can still miss you so much? We've been, like, attached at the hip for months and I still hate when you're not with me. Is that creepy? Like stalker kind of creepy?"

Santana pulled Brittany to her and kissed her deep and slowly. Kissing this woman was like being in heaven. If her eyes weren't closed, Santana was sure she'd roll her eyes at her cheesy thoughts but that was the only way to explain what it felt like to kiss Brittany. "I missed you too," Santana whispered against Brittany's now slightly swollen lips, "And if that's stalker-creepy then I'm right there with you because I hate when we're not together. Have you given any thought to my suggestion?"

Brittany smiled and kissed Santana again. A couple of weeks ago Santana had suggested she move in with her, in her suite. It was bigger and Brittany already spent most of her time there ever since Brittany had moved in to the hotel. For all intents and purposes, they were already living together, but this would make it official. Brittany dipped her tongue in Santana's mouth, causing both of them to moan.

There was that feeling of heaven again. Santana tightened her hold and let herself go. She was never one to be submissive but that was before she met Brittany. "Is that a yes?" she asked against Brittany's lips.


Santana pulled back to see Brittany, a big smile on her face. "Yes?"

Brittany grinned and nodded. "Yes."

For the first time in her adult life, Santana squealed. "Yay! This is going to be so amazing!"

"Yeah, it is!" Brittany laughed, "I mean, we are casino-married after all, we should be living together."

Santana caressed Brittany's cheek. "I'm going to marry you one day, Brittany. And not just casino-married. Everywhere-married. Well, everywhere same-sex marriage is recognized."

Brittany bent down and grabbed Santana's thighs and lifted her up, with Santana's legs around her waist. "You are going to be my everywhere-wife even in those dumb states that say we can't."

"God, I love you."

"Now, we have some time before your parents get here," Brittany said, carrying Santana to the bedroom, "Let's celebrate us moving in together with some sexy times."

"Yes ma'am!" Santana giggled. She knew every day with Brittany would be this amazing.


"I want to have a party."

Santana took her eyes off the road for a second to look at her girlfriend. "OK. What's the occasion?"

"No occasion," Brittany shrugged, "I just think we should have a party. Everyone has been working so hard, that I think we need to let lose. Besides, we haven't seen our friends in ages."

"I'm on board," Santana said, pulling into the parking lot, "You're right. It has been a while since we all got together."

Brittany was about to answer when her phone alerted her to a text. "Your mom wants to know when we're going to go to New Jersey to visit."

"Good Lord!" Santana sighed. "They just saw us two weeks ago. This is all your fault for being likable and amazing. My mom is going to bug you endlessly now. She loves you. Maybe even more than me!"

Brittany laughed. She had gotten along so well with Santana's parents, it was as if they had known each other for years. The two couples had spent most of the week together. "I like your mom and dad. Your mom kinda reminds me of mine."

Santana parked the car and turned to Brittany. "I'm glad you two like each so much. Even if my mom is super nosey about our relationship. She already asked me when we were giving her a grandkid."

"Well, I want to get married first." Brittany took off her seatbelt and turned to Santana. "Plus, I want to finish art school and maybe have like a year to do more photography. Though, having a baby would be a great photography subject. I can dress the baby up in weird costumes and like, have him or her be gambling. I can do a whole Vegas series. Baby Vegas!"

"Hold up!" Santana put her hand up. "You are not taking our baby into a smoke-filled, drunk-laden, noisy casino. The second hand smoke alone is bad enough…"

"Santana," Brittany interrupted with a laugh, "I'm not going to have out baby in a real casino. I was going to get some props."

Santana let out a breath. "Good. Our baby is not stepping foot in a casino until they are 30!"

"You know that's not going to happen," Brittany laughed, "We work and live in a casino."

They both got out of the car and headed to the diner. "OK, fine," Santana said, "But when we do start having kids, we are moving into a real house."

Brittany stopped walking and pulled Santana to her to give her a kiss. "You are going to be an amazing mom."

Santana instantly relaxed at Brittany's sweet words and tone. "So are you."

They walked in to the diner and were immediately greeted by Francine. "Ladies!"

"Hi Francine," Brittany said, giving the older woman a hug, "How are you?"

"Great! Though I wish you girls would visit more."

"Hi Francine," Santana said with a smile.

Francine moved to Santana and hugged her. "You're family now, so we hug."

Santana laughed and hugged back. "OK."

Francine pulled back and led them to a booth. "How is my Jenny doing?"

"Awesome," Brittany said as she slid into the booth, "She loves her classes and already made a bunch of friends. She told me to say say hello."

"That sweet baby," Francine said, "You know she sent me a letter last week. A real letter, not one of those electronic emails you kids use now."

"That's awesome," Brittany said with a smile.

"Francine," Santana began, "How would you like to go to a party?"

"A party?" Francine's eyes went wide.

Brittany winked at her girlfriend.

"Brittany was thinking of throwing a party and I think you should come," Santana said, "And I know Brittany has tried to get you to the casino for a free dinner and show but you haven't taken her up on her offer."

"I've been meaning to," Francine said, "I just haven't had the time."

"Well," Santana went on, "You should make the time because not only will you get a free dinner and show, but I'm throwing in a free suite for the weekend for you and your husband."

"Oh dear." Francine took a breath and hugged her notepad to her chest. "That's too much."

"No, it's not," Santana said, "Not for family."

Brittany felt like she wanted to cry. Francine really was like family and Santana wanting to pamper Francine was one of the sweetest things she'd seen. Brittany had always made sure she or Jenny visited Francine at least once a week but with Jenny gone and Brittany working and going to school, she had missed a few weeks. "Make time, Francine."

"OK," Francine said, wiping a tear, "Thank you."

"Our pleasure," Santana said, smiling.

"So," Francine cleared her throat, "The usual?"

"Yup," Brittany answered.

"Coming right up!" Francine gave them a wink and left.

"That was sweet," Brittany said. She reached across the table and took Santana's hand. "You are so kind-hearted and that's one of the reasons I fell in love with you."

"She deserves it." Santana blushed. "And she's going to be great suggorate grandma to our kids."

"She will," Brittany said with a chuckle, "Oh hey, this is where we had our first date."

"It wasn't really a date, Britt," Santana said, "You were showing me around town."

"It was a date" Brittany said with confidence, "It wasn't labeled as a date, but it was a date."

Santana shook her head and laughed. "OK, maybe I do think of it as a date."

"And I can't believe you kept that singing Elvis I gave you."

"Of course I kept it!" Santana said, thinking of her singing Elvis proudly displayed on her bed, "I mean, it was the first gift you gave me."

"I saw a singing Wayne Newton at the store the other day," Brittany said, "Maybe you can start a collection."

"Elvis will do just fine," Santana grinned.

"OK, fine," Brittany said, "OK, so let's talk about this party. Where should we have it?"

"The Elixir of course," Santana suggested, "Though, now that the security cameras have been installed, we'll have to find a new place to have sex."

"Maybe we can try not having sex at The Elixir for once," Brittany suggested.

"I guarantee you that's not going to happen," Santana said with a wink.

"We can try."

"We will fail."

"Maybe this time we won't."




They argued back and forth until their burgers came.

Days later, at the party, Santana proved to be right.

"I told you so," she panted into Brittany's ear.

"Shut up, and fuck me," Brittany moaned.

-The End-

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