Tenebris omnia aequare non ad malum sicut omne bonum lumen non aequabo...fatum consumit...

If one just happened to enter Godric's Hollow that night, one would believe that it was a peaceful little town. And if one was to stand outside a little cottage in Godric's Hollow, belonging to one Mr. and Mrs. Potter, one would think that a very happy family lived there. But...it was quite the contrary.

"What do we do, James? He's only one year old...He already shows the signs!" A beautiful, fiery young lady. That's what most would say when asked about Mrs. Lily Potter nee Evans.

"There's nothing we can do, Lily. Nothing but wait till he turns seventeen; he comes into his inheritance. We will then know if he's of the Light or Darkness." Ask anyone about Mr. James Potter and they will reply that he is the most mature childish person you will ever meet.

To the muggle world, Lily and James looked like a happy couple with an even happier baby boy. To the wizarding world, they were famous Aurors, followers of the light, dedicated members of the Order. But no one knew the deep, dark secret carried by the Potter bloodline...one that always changed the fate of the unlucky victim.

"James, you said it was a dormant gene! That it was safe to have a child, even with the risks and that power hungry bastard Voldemort!" Lily glared at her husband accusingly. "He's already after to kill us. What if he finds out what our son is? What if he comes to take him and brainwash him to do his bidding?!"

Anyone who knew Lily properly, knew of her violent temper. So it was no surprise when she started throwing hexes at her beloved; yelling accusations at him, all the while minding the sleeping baby in the next room. "You know how strong our son will be! What if Voldemort comes? We'll all die! Seventeen years! Maybe less!"

James, ever the mediator-when not pranking as the Marauder no one knew him to be-tried to calm his wife. "Lils it'll be okay. I promise. We'll raise him in such a way that he would have no choice but to be of the Light. An-and if Voldemort comes...we'll protect him with our lives, I swear it."

"That's the point!" Lily shrieked at him, not even caring if her son woke anymore. "Who will take care of my precious baby if we die, James? Who will protect him from Voldemort? Who will raise him to be a good man? Surely as hell not that damned sister of mine!"

"No, of course not-"

"I will." Suddenly, a regal voice sounded behind James. Whirling around, he took note of the beautiful woman standing slightly to the right of the window closest to him. They bore a strikingly similar features. High cheekbones, haughty noses, and bright hazel eyes.

But whereas James' eyes were more a greenish-hazel, the woman's were more so golden; they gleamed in the moonlight, giving her a beautifully eerie look. She stood straight and tall, not quite stiff but neither relaxed. Her robes, a deep, almost black color of violet swept across the floor-reminding, anyone who knew him, of Snape-uh...I mean not the nerdy, scrawny teenage Snape, but the grown as fuck Snape that sent even the worst of men to tears with one glance and a raised eyebrow.

James stood statue still when he turned towards the intruder. His fists clenched before he spoke. "Grandmother. To what do we owe this... acquaintance?"

The woman-who by the way didn't look more than 50 at oldest and definitely not the grandmother of a grown man-merely raised an eyebrow at his scathing tone. "You cannot keep him away from me, James. I can sense him and so can others. He needs to know everything properly before he comes into his inheritance."

"Dammit, Iris! I said no! He will stay with me and his mother. I know you and your people." James spat out the word. "You believe that it is fate that decides which side one will choose. But not my son! He will be of the Light!"

Unbelievably, James and Lily were very biased back-and-white people. Iris could only stare at them. "You do know what you are saying, do you not? To deny that child of what he needs in order to survive-that stubbornness in you will be the death of him!" Her voice had not rose in volume, but the words she spoke were like a shout accompanied with a stab to James and Lily.

Iris sadly shook her head and faced the window. Over her elegant shoulder, she called out to her grandson; her voice merely a whisper that floated over to him. "And the death of yourselves." And she was gone, out the window.

Exhausted, Lily collapse on the large bed behind her-as they were in the bedroom-and began to sob. James stumbled to the bed to also fall into it, wrapping his arms lovingly around his wife, affectionately kissing the top of her head. "It will be fine, love. It will all be fine..."

Little did either of them know, Voldemort stood across the road; a death wish for two certain Aurors on his mind...

Iris halted, a sense of foreboding intruding her body; making her slightly nauseous. Turning back the way she came, the beautiful woman flew back to her grandson's home. Something told her not to leave, but she could not help it. Her beloved grandson turned against the family for the so called 'light' and to deny her great grandson the chance for fate to play its part. But she did still love him and would help James when in danger.

Upon arriving back at the cottage, Iris almost died of shock. Someone had set the house aflame and now the roof stood on fire, slowly eating its way downwards. Iris rushed in, desperate to save her family.

In the living room laid James; Iris wailed in mourning as she realized he could not be saved-not after struck from the killing curse. She rushed upstairs to find Lily and the child. They were not in the master bedroom; Iris made way for the boy's room, careful of the fire spread in patches down the hall. Desperate, Iris used her powers and convinced the flames to leave the house.

Again, Iris wailed upon walking into the nursery. On the floor in front of a beautiful wooden crib laid Lily, eyes closed and a single tear on her face. Iris readied to wail second time-surely her great grandson was either kidnapped or killed with his parents dead. She began to wail, but stopped short as another cry joined her own. A cry that came from the crib.

Creeping forward cautiously, Iris peered into the crib. Then she let out a gasp of shock. In the crib sat a gorgeous baby of unruly black hair and bright green eyes. Quickly, Iris swept the baby into her arms and held him close. The movement jostled him a bit, revealing the angry, dark red mark engraved upon the child's forehead; just above his left eye and a thin trail of blood slithering down his nose.

Iris smiled adoringly at the tiny one year old in her arms. "Oh you poor sweet child. Great Grandson of mine. I am your Great-grandmother but for now you may call me grandmother. Your parents were against this, but I will raise you. And when the time comes...fate will lead you on your path. For everything dark does not equate to evil, as everything light does not equate to good...Fate consumes all, Harry."

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