Blaise looked between Moltagh and Blodhren in confusion. After Harry stormed off for seemingly no apparent reason at all, the two elves had joked for a moment, then suddenly grew serious, looking towards the direction Harry went.

As they walked through the forest, following Harry's path, Blaise kept glancing at Moltagh and Blodhren, who were a few steps ahead of him. Moltagh was scowling as usual, but it seemed a bit more intense than usual. Even stranger was Blodhren's expression. The elf usually wore a cheery expression, but now he was frowning, his brow creased in thought.

It was strange, their reaction to Harry's outburst. The two seemed used to the way Harry was, if going by the way they laughed at him. But then it seemed like something occurred to them and with a look, they suddenly became serious, in Moltagh's case extra grumpy and moody. Blaise's guess was that there was something behind Harry's outburst, not just a spontaneous occurrence. And they knew what it was, even if Harry might not've. Blaise certainly didn't.

They walked in silence the whole way, but it wasn't a long walk. It wasn't long before they heard a familiar thwack of a bow, assumedly Harry's. The sound repeated in a quick succession, so fast that the sound almost blended into one.

Then they were in a small clearing and there stood Harry, looking confused and angry at the same time. He was on one side of the clearing, holding his regular bow, not that huge one he had during the attack, and on the other side of the clearing was a very small target, covered in many fiery arrows though not catching fire itself.

Blaise gaped as another arrow appeared in Harry's hand and he shot the arrow so fast that Blaise only saw a blur. He did it three more times in less than ten seconds and would've kept going had not Blodhren stopped him.

"Harry, enough." The red-haired elf stepped towards Harry, laying a hand on his shoulder.

For a second, in thought Harry would shrug off Blodhren's hand, but he relaxed. His bow disappeared and he turned to face us, his face closed off, and Blaise's eyes widened at the darkening of the young elf's eyes. His conflicted emotions, though not appearing on his face, was most obvious in his eyes. Blaise's own eyes widened impossibly farther as Harry glared at Moltagh before marching to stand directly in front of the large elf.

Harry squinted at Moltagh, who stared impassively back at him. They were both tense, as if they were ready to jump each other. Which, Blaise was beginning to believe, they were. But it seemed to him that he was the only confused one; Blodhren was only looking on smugly with his arms crossed. Something was definitely up, but Blaise wasn't one to pry. He just hoped that whatever freaky elf thing that was going on didn't end up involving him.


Blodhren smirked as he watched his best friend and his youngest, strongest pupil face off, crossing his arms. The Wryda was correct in putting the two together, in his opinion. They would push each other and push each other, no regard for the other's temper, until whatever goal that was strived for is accomplished. Blodhren wasn't sure what was going on in Harry's crazy head, but he did know that Moltagh was trying to get the young Dark elf to accept their bond. It should have been easy for Harry to recognize Moltagh as his Bonded, and yet the young one still hesitated. From what he heard from the gossiping servants, Harry had went into a slight depression after Moltagh and himself had left for Hogwarts. A sure sign that they were Bonded; it had to be. The only way Harry wouldn't have already accepted Moltagh was if…there was another they were supposed to be Bonded with.

But who? Blodhren frowned. Growing up, Harry was never a child to really play with the others and make friends, a trait that has followed him into maturity. There wasn't many who the boy knew and the Wryda would not bond two who unfamiliar with another. The only way they would do something like that was if—… Blodhren's eyes suddenly widened and he turned to look at Blaise, who was watching Harry and Moltagh with faint concern—…was if…an elf was to only meet their Bonded later on in life. He blinked. It finally made sense; Harry's abrupt interest in the young wizard. Harry wouldn't usually take so much time over a simple instance where someone showed a moment braveness during a ghoul attack, no matter how rare that was. And the Drott must know as he so easily gave in to Harry's wishes.

Blodhren smiled at three, a devious smile on his face. Had either Harry or Moltagh seen him, they would've immediately avoided the elf. But Blaise happened to glance at the red-haired man at just that moment, and to say the least, his curiosity was piqued.


Inwardly, Amelia groaned as the Earth bitch droned on and on about the most boringest things. She wondered how someone could make their home seem so boring. There were so many things that girl could talk about. What the hell was Moltagh thinking putting Tierra in charge of the tour? Amelia knew that she and Harry would do a way better job. She sighed and trailed behind the rest, making sure no one got any ideas and wandered off somewhere.


Had it been anyone else, they would've reflexively looked up when their name was called, but Amelia was far trained against doing such things.


"How's life with Tierra?"

"Not funny Harry. It's so boring."

"Better than over here. I pissed myself off at Moltagh and now he's ignoring me in favor for Blaise and even though I know he supposed to in order to train the kid, I can't help but be pissed. And I think Blodhren's up to something but I can't guess what."

"Harry, you need to confront your feelings for Moltagh. That man is your mate, I'm telling you. And about Blodhren, stay on your guard around him. Svit knows he's scarier than Moltagh on any day when he gets to thinking about things."

"But it doesn't feel right. And it's weird because I get the same felling about Blaise—."

"Oh! Harry, I'll talk to you later."

Amelia grinned at the human wizard that slowed down to walk beside her. He was the tall, white blonde one who held himself as if he was royalty but Amelia knew that the wizards had no such thing, per se. The boy was tall and lightly muscled and beautiful in his own way. Amelia couldn't help but admire the way the sunlight bounced off his hair, making it look near silver, or how silver his eyes actually were, or the power and grace he walked, or the way his muscles showed when his clothes moved in just this way.

He glanced at her and grinned, making her own widen. "You look bloody bored back here."

Amelia arched a brow. "I could say the same for yourself."

He snorted. "This has to be the one place I have ever been to that captured my interest, but have such an abysmal tour guide. I actually believed it was not possible until today." They shared a laugh.

The boy stuck his hand out to Amelia. "Draco. Draco Malfoy."

Amelia grasped and shook his hand with a grin. "Dragon, eh? Powerful name. Drottningnu Amelia, at your service."

His brow creased slightly in confusion. "Drot—dron—?"

"Drott—ning—nu. Or you if you prefer, it simply means Princess in English."

Draco's eyebrows rose in surprise. "You're the Princess? I thought there was uncanny similarity between you and the King and Queen."

"Yeah, my mom and dad. And Harry's my brother, the Drottnu—Prince."

Draco blinked. "Harry…is Prince here?"

Amelia gave him one firm nod. "He and his grandmother were…adopted into our family; I was friends with him since he came here."

He looked away. "Interesting. It would seem no matter where he goes, flourishing life follows."

Amelia's brow creased. "What do you mean?"

"Well, the name 'Harry Potter' is quite famous in the Wizarding world."

"Oh really?" Amelia grinned mischievously. "Do tell…"


Five exhausting hours later, Harry stumbled to his bed and collapsed. He wasn't physically tired—that was nothing but a warm up for him, but Blaise was out cold—but emotionally. He was feeling insanely conflicted about his emotions for Moltagh and also somehow, Blaise. It didn't make much sense to him. He was restless unless both Moltagh and Blaise were near him, and would suddenly explode if the two were together and Harry wasn't with them. He got yelled at by Moltagh twice and Blodhren hit him upside the head with the flat of his sword in irritation, but seemed amused by what was going on. Harry had the inkling feeling that Blodhren at least had an idea about what was going on, but wouldn't risk going to the nearly insane elf to ask. But…he was getting horribly bothered by his mood swings. He was proud of his ability to stay calm in any situation, something Moltagh used to compliment him on—or as close as the grumpy man could come to complimenting—and loathed his wishy-washiness. With a huge sigh, he pushed off the bed and left his room, determined to find the red-haired elf.

He found Blodhren at his home, singing a tune softly as he cleaned his blade…blades, leaving the door wide open. Harry cleared his throat, knocking on the frame, and Blodhren looked up, smiling when he saw Harry.

"Hey Harry." He set his blade down. "Come in, come in. Don't be shy. I won't bite you…hard."

Harry scoffed at the prospect of Blodhren, the notoriously known germophobe, biting anyone and sat down in a comfy looking chair. Blodhren could afford a bigger house, but he loved his little quaint cottage and to be frank, Harry wished to live in a house like it someday. Sometimes the castle was just…too big. It drove him insane, which was why he spent most of his time outside.

"So, what brings you to my humble abode?"

Sitting forward, Harry licked his lips. "I have…a couple of questions for you."

Blodhren leaned back in his chair. "Okay, shoot."

"It's about…well, I just can't understand why I keep feeling this way around Moltagh and Blaise."

"Well, that's not much of a question." At Harry's glare, Blodhren laughed. "Okay, okay. It's actually rather simple, Harry. I'm surprised that you haven't figured it out."

"Excuse me. I'm kind of going through a lot of turmoil; too much to be thinking about why this and how that."

"Sorry, sorry." The red-head grinned ruefully. "We'll start with the simplistic then. Harry, Moltagh is your mate, through and through. Everyone knows it."

Harry nodded once. "I figured as much."

"Good. Now, here's the complexities. You know Moltagh is your mate; I think Moltagh knows. Or at least he better. But…neither of you have felt the urge to consummate the bond. Why?" The man grinned. "One reason. Harry, my dear, you have another mate."

"Wh-what?" Harry swallowed hard. "But…how is that even possible?"

Blodhren shrugged. "How is it possible that you are a Hikki Staja when it's a proven fact that only one can exist during a single Drott's reign? How is it possible that you and Amelia, not related by blood, can talk to each other?" He grinned at Harry's surprised look. "Yes, I know. I won't tell anyone."

Harry relaxed. "Thank you."

"No problem. But what is your problem?" Blodhren grinned. "You have to find out who this 'other mate' is. And I think you have an idea, yes?"

Green eyes widened and Harry gasped, nearly falling from his seat. "Not—not Blaise, is it?"

"You tell me. I'm sure by this point you've found it quite strange how interested you are in that boy. Your emotions have been in turmoil since he arrived, no?"

Harry nodded firmly, but absently. His mind wasn't there, but deep in his memories. Before he met Blaise, he could only think of Moltagh; being near the man, pleasing the man…other, much more embarrassing things, but something felt not right to Harry. Incomplete. And when Blaise appeared, the empty sensation filled. With Harry's confusion and sporadic anger, that is. Alone with the wizard, Harry's attraction to him was prominent, but put Moltagh into the picture and, while Harry still felt his attraction, it was accompanied by burning anger.


The raven looked up. "What of my anger, then? Why do I feel that way when both Moltagh and Blaise are around at the same time?"

"Because, Harry, your subconscious recognizes them, even if you don't, and can't understand why the bond hasn't been set. You feel angry simply because you want them."

"Want them?"

Blodhren glared at him. "Sex, Harry. To consummate the bond, the three of you have to have sex together. Your anger is just a bunch of sexual tension mixed in with your worry of being attractive enough for your mates."

Harry bit his lip and looked down. "How come you know so much?"

"I'm older, cooler, smarter, and awesomer than you." The red head grinned smugly. "I know everything."

"Whatever." Harry rolled his eyes with a grin and stood. "Thank you, Blodhren."

"Anytime, Harry. I'm always here…or not."

Harry shook his head a left, swiftly making his way back to the castle. Odd of all odds, he bumped into Moltagh. Literally. The large man caught him by reflex, quickly pulling him into a hard body.

"Moltagh?" Harry's voice was muffled by the man's shirt.

The elf pulled away, but his hands stayed around Harry's waist. "Harry? What are you doing up? I'd expect you to be in your room knocked out right now."

Harry tried for a nonchalant shrug. "Couldn't sleep, so I went for a walk. Have you seen Amelia?"

"No. I just came from speaking with the Drott."

"Ajihad?" Harry wondered what the two spoke of. There was no doubt in the kingdom that the Drott had a favor over Moltagh. "What were you—?"

Harry was cut off as Blaise wandered by, looking half-asleep, only to jump on surprise upon nearly crashing into Harry and Moltagh…who's hands slid from Harry's waist. But Harry paid no attention to that—for the moment—and focused on keeping the anger bubbling in his chest away. Now that he knew why he felt the anger, he felt as if he needed to control it so that he could work out a way to explain to Blaise the whole mate thing and then track down Moltagh and get the grumpy man to concede the fact that he and Harry were mates.

"Oh. Hey, Harry, Moltagh…wh—what are you two doing up?"

Moltagh raised a brow. "I could ask you the same. The both of you."

Blaise rubbed the back of his neck, a slight blush darkening his cheeks. "I, uh…couldn't sleep. It's weird, because I feel exhausted, but I can't fall asleep."

"Something on your mind, then?"

"Uh, well…" Blaise shot a glance at Harry, then quickly looked down. "Not really."

The glance wasn't unmissed by Moltagh. "Harry? What did you do?" He said in a warning growl.

Harry blinked in surprise, making an indignant sound. "Nothing! Why did you automatically assume I did something?"

"Because you're always doing something. Every day, you have a new prank, a new person."

Crossing his arms, Harry scowled at the man. "Bullshit. I don't prank someone every day."

"Uh…" Blaise tried to insert. "It's not Harry's fault." Both volatile elves shot him a dark glare, effectively shutting him up. Harry growled at Moltagh, stepping up to the man and poking him in the chest.

"You listen here; you don't know anything. So stop trying to act as if you do. Even I was the reason why Blaise couldn't sleep, you don't know if because I did something bad to him. I also just happen find it very offending that you automatically think so much of me to assume that, if anything happens to someone, it's because I pranked them, or something of the like."

Moltagh's lip lifted into snarl. "Then maybe you shouldn't fuck around so much! Have you thought of that Harry? No, you haven't. Maybe I expect the worst out of you because, of the late, that's all I've been seeing."

Harry shook his head, eyes burning. "Really…?" His voice shook and he took a step back, away from Moltagh. "O—okay, Moltagh. I see now. I get it…I—I'll just go now."

He turned and ran, clenching his teeth against the tears that threatened to spill. In his haste to get away, he didn't notice Moltagh's eyes widen, or when the man threw his hand out as if to catch Harry, to stop him. He didn't notice the regret and anguish in the man's eyes. But his speed did get him to his room faster, where he quickly slammed the door and flew into bed, burying his head in the pillows and also scaring Amelia, who had been waiting for him.

"H—Harry?" she went as if to touch his shoulder, but jerked back when he suddenly screamed into the pillows, eyes widening. "Harry! What happened? Where were you?"

"I—…" He sat up, eyes red from the tears now streaming down his face. "I was confused as to my feelings to Moltagh and Blaise, so I went to Blodhren 'cause he seemed like he knew something earlier today during training, and he said that both Moltagh and Blaise are my mates and that my sudden anger around them was my suppressed sexual tension. So I was on my way back here when I bumped into Moltagh and then Blaise walked up a—and…Moltagh said some really mean things to me." He buried his head back into the pillows, making his next words muffled. "But it was my fault. I lost my temper, making him lose his and…"

Amelia reached out and ran a soothing hand through his hair. "Well then, tomorrow you should go apologize to Moltagh, and to Blaise, and hope that Moltagh will apologize back—."

"No!" Came Harry's explosive response from the pillows. "I never want to see Moltagh again."


"I don't. I hate him for making me feel like this."

She frowned at him. "Now you know you could never hate him. And what are you going to do about training, huh? You'll have to see him then."

He thought for a second, going silent. "I won't go."

Amelia scoffed at him. "Now you sure as hell know no one's going to let you do that." She started ticking off her fingers. "Mom, Dad, Iris…do I really need to go on?"

"I don't care. I'm not going and I dare someone to try and make me."