Author's Note: This isn't a story but after having so many readers' demand for Dumbledore's death in my story I had the idea to simply make a list of all the different ways to kill off Dumbledore, after all in book 6 Draco Malfoy tried numerous times and failed. Of course Dumbledore decided to be an idiot and allow him to keep trying even though students were getting injured and nearly dying from his rather sad attempts. This is my list of ways that Draco could have tried to kill Dumbledore with if he had been more creative and clever, although I can't guarantee that they would all kill him, just be extraordinarily painful.

50 Ways to Kill Dumbledore

Have Grawp or Hagrid sit on him

feed him a poison flavored bertie bott's every flavor bean

have him attend a week long history seminar done by Professor Binns

send him into the acromantula nest with a huge steak

send him a picture of Dolores Umbridge naked

get Grawp really drunk and convince him that Dumbledore is food

tell him that lemon drops will no longer be made

convince him that his death will be for the greater good

trick him into tasting one of Neville's ill made potions

force him to eat Hagrid's cooking (sorry Hagrid!)

have the giant squid strangle him

do nothing (he's already pretty old)

give him a blanket with dragonpox on it

have him try and fight what harry did in the harry potter books

challenge him to write his entire life story

run him over with the knight bus

polyjuice him into harry potter in voldemort's secret hideout

find a genie and wish for him to die

write santa and ask him to kill him for christmas

get chuck norris to kill him simply by looking at him

get snape to kill him (wait that's been done before)

announce to the world that dumbledore is gay as some homophobic person should kill him

put his name into the goblet of the fire

lock him in a room full of nothing but lemon drops (oh sweet karma)

make him do all the dangerous stuff that he allowed harry to do

turn him into a baby and have him be raised by the Dursleys

turn him into a baby and have him be raised by Umbridge

teach him how to drive a muggle car at 10 miles per hour on the freeway

or drive the wrong direction on the freeway

get him to write a harry/umbridge fanfiction (such authors need to be killed)

get him to write a harry/voldemort fanfiction (same thing)

track mud throughout the entire castle then tell Filch it was Dumbledore

set up him and Filch on a blind date

set up him and Umbridge on a blind date

create a marriage contract between him and Umbridge

get him addicted to dungeons and dragons

constantly hitting him with a laughing charm so he'll laugh himself to death

have him and Neville try out using a cheese cauldron

force him to clean the chamber of secrets without magic

put him into a dragon's den wearing nothing but fireworks

have him overdose on u-no-pu

come up with something clever here

transport him to middle earth and have him fight gandalf

give him a cursed rock that you say will bring back his sister

a bullet (enough said)

somehow get peeves installed as headmaster

force him to retire to an old folks home

have him fight voldemort without a wand and wearing nothing but a diaper and a burger king crown

convince snape to adopt harry (the world will end then)

turn him into a dog and get him put down at the pound

Author's Note: This now has a list of ways for Dumbledore to get out of being killed by this list of possible ways to kill him. It was sent as a review by IveGotNoIdea but I thought it was funny enough that it simply had to be in here as well. Check out Chapter 2 for it.