So...I was thinking a human would have memory jumps, what would the god of Mischief and Lies have jumps in...and that made me think AHA! HE'LL HAVE JUMPS IN HIS POWER AND MAGICAL ABILITIES! oh poor Phil... :P

"Okay, Loki there is something we humans have that we call 'personal space' and not stalking people," Phil explained, looking down at the boy seated cross legged on the floor before him. "It means we don't randomly show up right next to them without them noticing, okay? We like to leave some space between each other as well, so it's not that I'm mad at you, I would just prefer if you didn't randomly end up right next to me while I'm sleeping, okay?" He was beginning to realize why he had sounded so creepy and stalker-like when he told Steve that he had watched him while he was sleeping. Man, did he regret that.

Blank. Phil sighed and dropped his head into his hands. This was going to be a bit complicated. He looked back up, gathering his patience to try once more but frowned when he saw that Loki had backed off a few paces and was sitting father away from him. "Well, what do you know? You do understand some things."

Loki mimed shivering and rubbed his arms vigorously. Phil's eyes widened slightly, and the adult gave a small smile.

"You cold?" Loki didn't respond, but drew his legs up to his chin, resting his head atop his knees and staring off into the distance again. "Well, it's a start..." Coulson got to his feet and reached over to grab the blanket that had been on his bed, only to see that his hand was reaching out to nothing. He turned back around and saw Loki with the blanket wrapped around his thin frame, watching him with those wide eyes. "How did you do that?" Still with the blank stare. "Fine. I'll just watch the feed with JARVIS later." Phil walked out the door and jumped as he saw Loki curled up on the couch, flipping through a book written in some foreign language that he didn't know.

"Where did - how - what?!" He finally settled with that final exasperated word to sum up everything quite nicely. Loki completely ignored him and simply continued to read, oblivious of the fact he was now materializing different objects and teleporting from room to room.

This was going to be problematic.

As the door to the elevator eased open, the Avengers looked at the couch with something close to trepidation. Phil was sitting at the far edge of the couch, casting wary, puzzled glances over at the small boy who was flipping through a book that was obviously not from Midgard. Tony grabbed Banner and beelined for the lab before the situation could erupt like a solar flare; Clint and Romanoff quickly and discretely made their way to the air vents so they could mull over this most recent development in the archer's "nest" in the air ducting; and Steve and Peggy left to go and find a quiet corner of the tower to converse. This left Thor awkwardly standing in the middle of the kitchen with no where to go, and before he could make his move to vacate the premises, the agent pinned him down with a very serious request.

"Thor, please explain what's going on here," Phil said, voice tired, as the god of thunder watched his younger brother climb wordlessly into the agent's lap and start reading a book written in Asgardian runes with what seemed to be drawings that would be in a children's story book decorating the pages. His attempt to sneak unnoticed into the hallway had been pointless: Coulson saw virtually everything that happened around the house, even when he wasn't looking.

"He said cold to me. And then he started doing what I can only assume is magic. He somehow teleported my blanket into his hands and then teleported into the living room onto the couch right here. And now he has a book written in runes." The man looked frazzled and completely frayed, and Thor knew that there wasn't going to be much more of this randomness that the man could handle. Then, something lit up in the god's eyes and he walked over.

"I believe I actually know what's going on here..." the blonde giant began and sat down beside Loki. He started speaking to the boy and Phil frowned as the child immediately looked to his brother with piqued interest.

"Hello, Loki. I am Thor, your brother. We're here to help you okay?" The boy nodded slowly as though trying out the movement.

"You're speaking English...why does he know what you're saying?" the agent asked, baffled.

"Actually, I'm using the All-tongue. You hear it as English, he hears it as whatever language it is that he understands."

"How come he didn't do that when you were trying to talk to him last time?"

"I was speaking English. I forgot to try it before this just because i had gotten so used to speaking that language around you Midgardians.," Thor said simply and Phil shook his head, brain overloaded. "I'm speaking All-tongue right now for instance." Coulson just stared at him.

"I didn't need to know that Thor. Now my head hurts." Thor frowned.

"Why would the all-tongue make your head - "

"Thor! Just focus on fixing Loki..."

"Loki, can you talk to me, or can you only understand?" The boy frowned and blinked a few times. "Sorry. Nod if you can understand." The dark head nodded up and down. "Okay, shake your head if you can speak to me. Do you understand the language that much?" Loki frowned and just stared at his older brother. "I take it you can't." He went to pick up Loki but the little boy dropped the book and clung onto Coulson's shirt like there was no tomorrow, eliciting an aggravated sigh from Phil.

"Not again, please..." Thor was wise enough not to smirk but instead busied himself with picking up the book. "What is that?" he asked as he wrapped his arms around the small body on his lap. The asgardian's eyes widened.

"It's a book we read as children..." He turned the small book over in his hands, the smile of a ghost of a memory touching his lips. "Mother always used to read it to was with this book that Loki learned his first words in the Asgardian all-tongue."

" did he get it?" Phil asked trying to twist his body so he could look around Loki at the object of discussion. Thor shrugged and the agent sighed in aggravation. "That's helpful."

"He seemed to have conjured it up with magic...Maybe what happened to you with your memory is happening to him with his powers? His teleportation is what he can do as an adult as far as I know, as well as teleporting with other objects..." Thor commented, surprisingly insightful. Phil frowned a thought hitting him.

" far can he teleport?" The older of the Asgardian siblings frowned in response, completely stumped.

"That is a good question, son of Coul...I do not think he has yet reached a decisive limit - "

"And can he teleport people?" There was a specific train of thought that Phil was following, and he didn't like the direction it was heading in.

"I suppose..." Unseen to the two adults, Loki smiled at the book in his hands and pointed at a drawing of Asgard, of the Throne room. "Why do you ask, Ph - "

Home...the child thought to himself, and two seconds later, Thor was staring at an empty couch beside him with the book lying discarded on the floor, full import of what had just happened, sinking in after several minutes of simply gaping. One moment, boy and moment, air and sofa. That was all his brain was able to grasp and comprehend. Finally though, the message hit him like a ton of bricks. GONE.

"METAL MAN!" he shouted, and his voice must have sounded terrified since a loud rumbling was heard overhead as Romanoff and Barton scrambled to get onto the ground and doors banged open as the lab door and Steve's bedroom door were both slammed against the wall. The super soldier and the agent came sprinting into the room while Tony and Banner practically jumped over the counter to get over to the stunned god's side.

"Where's Loki and Phil?" Tony asked, seizing the issue immediately. Instead of answering, Thor simply gesticulated towards the empty impression before him where the agent and his younger brother had been sitting moments before. "Thor...where. Are. They?" Again, random gestures and a small "eeeehhhhhheeeaaa" sound were their only responses. Romanoff kicked open the vent, making everyone jump and the two agents dropped to the floor, running over.

"What's going on?" Steve knelt beside Thor in answer and literally grabbed the god's head and turned Thor to face him.

"Thor...what happened to Loki and Phil?" he asked, voice dead serious and demanding an answer.

"Steve, let go of his head!" Peggy scolded and Rogers fought rolling his eyes as he let go. "Thor," she said firmly and he looked up at her. "What happened?" she continued, voice gentler. He made a poof gesture with his hands.

"Wait, did they teleport?!" Tony nearly shouted, voice jumping. Thor nodded. "Where?!" Finally, the source of focus in the room found his voice once more and his response drove Romanoff to near insanity and Barton drove the heel of his palm into his forehead while Banner sprinted back to the lab and Tony jumped to strangle the god.

"How should I know!?"

Phil looked around at the bright gold and stone around him, trying to wrap his head around what had just happened. He seemed to be in another realm, but he had no idea how on earth he would have gotten there -

His expression of confusion went deadpan and almost pissed off as he lifted the boy in his arms up like a kitten almost and held him up so they were looking eye to eye.

"Loki..." he began warningly and the small child looked at him wide-eyed. "What did you do?" The boy seemed to shrink in on himself like a little lion cub carried by the scruff of his neck. "Loki!" he cried, exasperated, and the little boy started. "Right. Of course you don't understand english!" Sighing, he brought the child close to him again and turned around, right into the chest or stomach plating of a rather tall person. He looked up to see a dark skinned man glaring down at him with golden eyes nearly hidden behind a massive golden helmet. The sword that he carried effortlessly by his side looked like it was sharp enough to cut the tall agent in half, and all Coulson could manage as he looked up at this new adversary was,

"Uh, hi." The man - if he could be called that - growled and took a step forward, Coulson taking an equal step back. "Uh, you're big. Um...right." He gave a nervous laugh before turning around and running, ignoring the fact that the little boy was waving over his shoulder at the massive giant now pursuing them. "Loki, now would be a good chance to teleport us back to Midgard. You got that? Midgard. Not wherever this place is. Loki?!" The little boy just giggled at the way he was being jostled around by the running.

"Great. Splendid. Wondrous." But just as he was about to continue on with his listing of words to ironically describe their current scenario, he ran full speed into the strange armored being that had been chasing them, sending him crashing to the ground where Loki tumbled out of his arms. But instead of crying or trying to get back to Phil, the boy simply laughed and pointed at their pursuant.

"Heimdall!" he said, laughing, and Phil looked between this "Heimdall" and the usually so silent Loki. "Heimdall" seemed as confused as Phil as he stepped forward to pick up the boy much like a lion, grabbing a fistful of the back of the boy's clothing and lifting him up at arm's length to scrutinize him. The boy laughed once more and reached out, trying to swat at the man's nose. The gatekeeper's frown deepened.

"Loki?" his low voice growled, the frown turning into a deep crevice on his brow when the boy giggled incessantly once more and tried to squirm out of his grip. He shifted his dark gaze onto Coulson, who promptly tried to defend himself.

"Not my fault," he said pointedly, pointing at the little Loki. Judging by the continued glare, and the now flared nostrils, his position wasn't any better, Phil decided, and came to the conclusion that he had best just sit here until someone told him what the hell was going on.