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Chapter 1: Transfer

Hajime Kanzaki.. Member of the fabled Tohoshinki.. Survived a direct assault from the Ishiyama demon; Oga Tatsumi and lived to tell the tale.. Known for his unhealthy obsession of yogurt drink.. A powerful enemy with a golden kick.. A fearsome warrior at heart..

So if someone says that he`ll be fidgeting with a crying girl at his disposal, he`ll drop kick them to oblivion..

Unfortunately, said predicament is currently happening to him now.

"O-oi.." looking at the teary eyed female, Kanzaki fidgeted even more when a couple of delinquents started gathering around him and the teary female..

"Hoo~ I haven't seen you before.." Kanzaki said as he looked at the female in front of him.. He saw said girl walking around his turf with a curious expression and oddly enough, without a hint of fear on her face.

As what every delinquent will do if presented the same position as him, he went towards the girl and began maiming the suddenly wary female.

"Eh? I-I just transferred.." the girl meekly said, her blue eyes darting everywhere.

Her uniform screams transfer alright, the usual fuku with the color of white and blue partnered with a darker blue handkerchief and a black camisole on top.

"I don't care if you're a transfer.. This is my turf and you`re trespassing.." he glowered, the chain accessory ominously gleaming from his face.

He expected her to cower and run, the usual reaction when he threatens girls like her.. But imagine his shock when doe like eyes widen and Kanzaki suddenly felt guilty.

Hastily bowing lowly, the girl sputtered.

"Im sorry! Im so sorry! I didn't know that I was invading, Im sorry!"

"O-oi.. I didn't mean it like that.." Panicking due to the growing crowd, Kanzaki pushed the female on the classroom he was previously occupying and jumped inside before slamming the door close.

"You didn't have to push me mister.." Remembering his 'problem' in hand, Kanzaki turned to face the sitting female.

"You sure know how to cause a ruckus don't`cha?" he grumbled.

"Well.. You looked mad and upset.. So I guess.." She trailed off. Sighing, he crouched down to meet the girl`s eyes.

"Soo.. What`s your name koneko-chan?" Watching in amusement as the transferee blanched at the nickname, Kanzaki took out a yogurt out from nowhere and drank.

"A-ano.. Hi-Higurashi Kagome.. Yoroshiku.."


Well.. I got the idea after watching an episode featuring Kanzaki training to beat Oga.. You know, when he found Kota (Aoi`s brother) and took care of him? I think under those layers of punkness, he`s such a softie inside..

This is not a KanzakiXKagome pairing! NO! This will be a pairless fic until the time I deemed it so..