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Love in Different Worlds [Rewrite]

Chapter 1




The weather was gloomy and the sky looked like it was about to cry any moment but that did not stop the sixteen-year-old teenage girl as she trudged her way to the temple, pale lavender eyes looked ahead as the wind blew her midnight tresses. A ring of the bell, two claps and a bow was what she did while she said her silent prayers for her family and for her cousin's future college entrance exam.

In the midst of her solitude a light sob was heard from the sakura tree behind her. The girl walked to where the cry was coming from when heavy rain started to pour. She searched for her umbrella inside her bag and upon finding it she proceeded to where the sound came but she immediately came to a halt when she noticed a small figure, cloaked and soaked under the tree.

The lavender-eyed teen rushed to the figure only to find that was it was a young boy around eleven years of age. She shared her umbrella with him to protect him from the torrent of rain pouring heavily. She put a hand on his shivering shoulders that had startled the boy who abruptly turned his head to the intruder.

"Hey, little kid, what are you doing standing here in the rain?"

Deep dark onyx eyes stared into the girl's pale lavender ones which made her heart skip a beat. She looked at him intently and studied his features; raven hair that clung on his pale face, perfectly lined brows knitted in confusion and shock, his deep alluring eyes, aquiline nose and quivering thin lips.

'Cute' she thought and smiled to him but the boy swayed to and fro until he fell on her chest, unconscious.

"Do you think she's here?" A male voice asked his companion.

"Of course. Your cousin always comes here before and after our class." A girly voice filled with worry answered. "Neji-senpai, there she is!"



The two figures who were sharing an umbrella came to the girl whose back turned to them.

"Neji-nii, Ino-chan!" The girl turned to them with the unconscious boy as she struggled to balance him and the umbrella she held.

"Where were you? I thought you went home early but the maids said that you haven't came home yet." Neji scolded his cousin.

"A-ano... I'm sorry but can you please help me with him?"

"Who is he?" The male Hyuuga scrutinized young boy unconscious on his cousin's chest.

"I don't know I just saw him standing here. He seemed lost so I went to ask him but he fainted before I had the chance to." Hinata explained.

"Oh Kami! He is soaked. What should we do, senpai?" Ino inquired as she noticed the boy's dripping clothes.

"I think we should take him home."

Neji and Ino shared a looked before their eyes turned to the Hyuuga girl who kept her eyes away from their gaze.

"We are never to bring home a stranger you know that, Hinata." Pale grey eyes glared at Hinata.

"I'm the one who found him... And I'll take responsibility if anything happens and I'll watch over him."

"Are you sure, Hina-chan? We don't even know him. What if he's a thief or a member of a syndicate?" Ino asked her best friend.

"Yamanaka has a point, we don't know him."

Hinata stared at the two with her pleading eyes. "He might catch a cold if we don't hurry."

A sigh left the male Hyuuga's lips and he succumb to his dear cousin's plea.

"Alright, you got me there. I'll carry him." Neji looped an arm on the boy's shoulder and the other one under his knees.

"He sure is heavy for his height." He grumbled.

"And he has weird sense of fashion." Ino looked at the boy's cloaked figure with disgust.

"Oy, don't just stand there, Yamanaka, you have to share that umbrella with me." Neji smirked at the gaping blue-eyed girl.

"What the-?! I'm not your slave, Hyuuga-senpai!" She stomped her feet but complied to him.


The last thing the little boy remembered was seeing a blurred figure in front of him as the heavy rain started to pour when darkness engulfed him. Afterwards, he recalled being carried as voices started to argue under the downpour of the sky's tears and at the moment he felt at ease with a soft matress beneath him and no more of the heavy and wet clothing he wore earlier.

The little boy felt light and comfortable but that did not last long when he suddenly felt a burning feeling forming on his collar to his shoulder. He whimpered in pain and curled in pain as it started to penetrate through his skin to his flesh, the boy let out a strangled cry which caused the two Hyuuga inside the room to check on him.

Hinata rushed to her bed where the strange was currently lying and when she saw curled up while screaming in agony she turned his body to check him.

"What's going on with him?" Neji moved closer to see the boy's scrunched up face with his hand trying to scratch his left shoulder.

"I-I don't know... He just started crying in pain."

"What the hell is that?" The male Hyuuga pointed at the glowing thing inside the boy's new button-up pyjama shirt.

"It must b-be his necklace, the one we saw earlier that he wears."

Hinata unbuttoned the pyjama shirt to see the mysterious glowing thing only to find out that it was really his necklace, it was a red and white fan pendant and a ring with an onyx stone, she tried to touch the jewel but it only got her fingers burned.

"Nii-san, the necklace is burning." She told her cousin as Neji grabbed a cloth and pulled the boy's necklace from his neck.

The next thing they knew he was crying again in pain this time his tears were red. The strangers was crying blood, literally.

"Oh Kami, N-nii-san... He's eyes a-are b-bleeding!" Hinata called out to Neji. She was starting to panic on what was happening to the little boy.

"Just stay there, keep calm and watch him. I'll go get water and a towel."

When Hinata could not take the boy's cry any longer, she sat next to him on the bed and held him, like a mother does to her child during a child's nightmare.

"P-please... stop... s-stop crying... y-you're not a-alone... I-I will w-watch over you..." The girl pleaded as she cried along with the stranger.

Neji returned with a small basin filled with water and a wet towel. He felt worried when he spotted his cousin crying while she tried to ease the bleeding boy but then they couldn't do anything since they don't even know what's happening to him. He went to the two figure on the bed and wiped the blood that was all over the boy's face and neck, when he cleaned the stranger's collar he saw something forming on it like a lasered tattoo.

"Hinata, look."

The said girl looked at the thing her cousin was pointing. The thing was like a magic trick slowly appearing and forming a shape on the boy's collar. After it was formed, three tomoe were instantly tattooed on the boy and when it was done, the little stranger also ceased from his strangled cry and only soft sobs were heard as he snuggled closer to Hinata searching for comfort.

"So, that was the cause of his pain and not that necklace?" Both looked at the discarded jewel on top of the table next to the bed. "Keep that thing, he might start looking for it when he wakes up."

Hinata took the necklace and hid it inside the drawer with her mother's necklace.

"Change his clothes while I call for the maids to change your blood-stained bed sheets." Neji carried the unconscious boy to the couch inside Hinata's room.

The next day, Hinata was still lying on her bed with the little boy asleep next to her. Since from the events last night, he still had not woken up.

'When will you wake up?' She thought as she gazed on the boy's sleeping face but was interrupted with her thoughts when a head poked on her bedroom door.

"Hinata, why aren't you dressed yet? We're going to be late."

"I-I don't feel like g-going to school, Nii-san... I'm tired."

The male Hyuuga noticed his cousin's fatigued and sleepless look. He nodded to her before he silently closed the door and left her.

At lunch time while Neji was on his way to his friends' table he was ambushed by his cousin's best friend, the blonde and blue-eyed beauty, Yamanaka Ino.

"Senpai! Where is Hina-chan? Did she catch a cold from yesterday?"

"Yeah, sort of."

"Can I visit her later? We have homeworks from our class this morning."


"And how was the little kid we saw yesterday? Is he alright?"

"I guess."

"What's with the short replies, senpai?" Ino looked at the young man questioningly.

Neji closed his eyes and breathed deeply. "You ask too much questions and everyone's staring at us, if you may excuse me I'll be going now."

Ino scowled at the Hyuuga before she stomped her foot and walked away.

"Oh, Neji! What took you so loooong?" Rock Lee asked as the male Hyuuga sat next to him.

"Yamanaka got on my way here."

"Oh. The beautiful blonde girl who is always with your cousin?"

Neji gave no reply while Lee continued to blabber about the girl and youthfullness. Tenten looked at Neji suspiciously and leaned on the table to ask him.

"Are you dating her?" Neji raised an eyebrow with the girl's question as his irritation grew. "I think she's with the Nara genius, you know." Tenten's voice was filled with jealousy and envy that Ino always gets the attention of the male Hyuuga.

"That's none of your business, Tenten. And please, stop acting like you're a jealous girlfriend."

Tenten scoffed as Neji left their table without even touching the food she and Lee had ordered for him.

"Oh. I think you got him really mad, Ten-chan. Neji does not usually walks away even if he is very much annoyed." Lee stared confusedly from Tenten to Neji.

As the Hyuuga was on his way to the locker area he heard the familiar voice of another of his kouhai, Inuzuka Kiba, and the girl who had ruined his mood when she suddenly walked away during lunch. He leaned himself on a corner before he to turn left to the locker area.

"Come on, Ino-chan, wouldn't you like to see the movie with me? We can go out on group if you like." Kiba asked the blonde beauty on a movie date for the second time that day.

"How many times do I have to tell that I'm busy and not interested, huh?" Ino's voice dripped with irritation at the persistent boy.

"Please... Just this once!"

"I said no."

"Come on, Ino-chan!"


"If you don't want to watch the movie then maybe we can go and visit Hina-chan together?"

"I'm busy, Kiba-kun. My family needs me in our flower shop today."

"Oh. Okay, then maybe next time?" Ino only shrugged and went straight to the exit.

"Oy, Kibaaaa!" A blonde man ran towards the brunette and slung an arm on his shoulder. "I just saw Ino-chan passed by, have you asked her on a date yet?" Naruto asked his friend.

"Nah. She declined and said she said they needed her in their shop."

"Aww man, maybe when Neji-senpai graduates you'll have your chance with her."

"Tsk. Way to support me, dude."

"Well, tomorrow's weekend d'you want to go to the arcade? And then we'll go to Ichiraku's since I have free beef ramen coupons."

"Is that your way of consoling a broken-hearted man?"

"Uh... Maybe?"

"Tsk. Alright, we're going." The two young men continued their walk as they passed by the pale-eyed Hyuuga standing in the corner who suddenly broke into a run after Kiba and Naruto disappeared on another corner to follow Ino.

When Neji was out of the building, he saw the blonde girl sitting under the nearby tree. She was eating her bento alone with a solemn look on her face.

"Is this where you stay when Hinata is not around?" He asked as he sat next to her.

"Why are you here? You don't want other people to see me talking to you, right?" Her tone said with poison.

"I... I'm sorry." Neji whispered while he stopped her hand from getting another piece of vegetable from her bento.

The girl sighed and lost her appetite. She pushed her meal to the young man next her.

"I know you're hungry... So, here. Eat it. My mom made that."

Neji nodded and took the bento box from Ino and the chopsticks she held on her hand.



The people in the palace were in panic, rushed footsteps and wails could be heard around the place. Itachi, the former crown prince, with the palace's royal alchemist, Nagato, left the second prince's room after they had achieved their first goal - to save Sasuke from the intruders.

The two where about to get to the king's chamber when a man who looked similar to his brother, only this one has shorter hair, appeared before them.

"I didn't know that you accompany your little brother in sleep, Prince Itachi." Sai, the man expert with ink and magic, told the prince coldly.

"Whatever you are planning with the baron you'll never attain it, with me as the general of the king's High Knight, I will never let you lay a hand on my family and my people." Itachi said outraged at the man blocking his way.

Sai drew lions on his large parchment which came to life and attacked Itachi. The creatures got a hold on the prince's legs and arm but before Sai could make a move and harm Itachi, Nagato sent a water spell that emerged from the floor like a fountain and washed away the ink creatures.

The Uchiha prince, as he was free from the clutch of the stange creature, did a few hand sign and sent a fireball directed towards Sai and his magical parchment. The man was burnt but not enough to leave him dead, Sai managed to flee and jumped out of the large glass window falling straight on the pond below.

Upon knowing that the enemy will not return anytime soon, Itachi and Nagato ran to King Fugaku's quarter. When the first-born prince opened the door, Danzo was already there with his sword drawn and his father, the king, was holding Mikoto, the queen, in a tight embrace. Both His Royal Highness were defenseless with no armor nor weapons with them.

Danzo was speaking to the royal couple but Itachi could not understand the conversation because of the noise around him, the only thing he knew was that the king threw a charm on the fireplace and pushed the hesitant queen towards the green flame. It was a transport charm that King Fugaku had made and it was only god-knows-where Queen Mikoto will be sent.

Time seemed like it had stopped the moment he saw his mother disappear and then the baron charged at the king with his sword piercing through King Fugaku's heart. Itachi's eyes widened in shock and moved to run to his father but before he could do so, Fugaku smiled to him with a silent 'Take care of your mother and brother' and sent the whole room in black fire. Itachi stood stunned as the door closed with a loud bang.


The cry of the general was heard throughout the halls. The king is dead. The queen is missing. The second prince was sent to the other world. Itachi shed tears for a little while and when he calmed down, he called for his men, the High Knights. Together they left the burning Sun Kingdom castle with the other survivors of the rebellion.

'I will not let them harm anymore Uchiha.'

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