A boy the age of ten darted across the castle hall, giggling. He was chased by his friend Alice. He ducked behind a pillar, and looked up to see if she was after him. Maybe he had lost her earlier. There was plenty of room to do that here in Cameron castle, especially since he had run almost all the way across from the kitchens to this mostly- empty wing. He poked his head around the side to look down the long, empty hall. "Mew!" Suddenly a voice was heard behind him.

He jumped and yelped, laughing. "Alice, you scared me." He patted the mew's head, and she licked his cheek gently. The boy pulled away from the wall and took a pokeball off of his belt. The boy was at the typical beginner's training age, where kids traditionally got their first pokemon. Matt had a corsola with him now, the only pokemon his mother would leave him alone with. She was afraid that others would be tempermental or dangerous. She didn't know about Alice. No one but Matt did.

Releasing the corsola, he patted her. "Go play girl." He said, and she smiled before going to swim in the fountain. He yawned. Today his parents were out, a few towns over. He was pretty much alone right now, once again in exception of Alice. The sun was setting, and it was almost time to go to bed. Typically anyway.

Matt wasn't the kind of boy to skip out on it when he had a chance to stay up late watching adult cartoons. "Wanna make popcorn and watch TV when I get on my PJs?" He asked his friend, beginning to walk down the hall. It was lit with golden sun that made Alice's pink fur glow warmly. He couldn't help but think that she was really cute- no- pretty.

The female nodded, and nuzzled him. "Mew. Me Mew." She poked him on the nose with a paw, as if to say 'Sure. And also, tag!' Before she disappeared. The boy giggled and ran off to put on his pajamas. Alice appeared on the other side of the castle in the basement.

She immediately reached a paw in between her legs and began to rub, moaning softly. "M-Mew…." She thrust her tiny fist down against her folds, biting her lip gently. The pokemon was glad for relief, if only it was for a few minutes. You see, she was in heat, and it was the worst yet. She felt a horrible need to mate, but didn't find any of the males around the castle suitable. The only one she even liked at all was Matt, but he was so young, and he wouldn't understand what she needed. The female pushed harder against herself, thinking of a mate that would pleasure her.

This continued for almost five minutes, but she couldn't seem to bring herself to a climax. The female sighed uncomfortably and began to rub even harder, thrusting a tiny finger into her folds. "Me-m-Mew..." She finally sighed and stopped as Matt began to call from afar. He was in the kitchen. The pokemon sighed, angry with herself at being unable to finish before joining Matt again.

The ten-year-old was in a chair, attempting to reach the bags of butter-flavored popcorn. He stretched before stepping back, crossing his arms. "Hey Alice!" He smiled as she appeared. The Mew wiped her paw uncomfortably on her stomach to remove the fluid and grabbed a bag of popcorn hurriedly, passing it to him. He tilted his head at how hurried she was before shrugging and unwrapping the bag, putting it into the microwave.

"Mew." She took a deep breath smiled, flying circles around her best friend. Oh he looked so good….

"Are you okay?" The boy looked concerned, sensitive to her feelings. She looked very thoughtful. The boy stroked her head and she shuddered but shook her head to say no, she was okay. He nodded, still looking worried. "Alright, if you say so…" The child smiled as the microwave told him their snack was ready. He grabbed it and ran into the living room.

Matt flopped onto the couch and turned on the TV, smiling excitedly. He loved when his parents were gone. Alice followed almost reluctantly, but forced a smile for her best friend and floated above him as he watched. For a while, there was blessed quiet from her friend and the mew watched some mind-numbing television, her mind slowly moving away from her need to mate.

It didn't take long for Matt to fall asleep, his ten-year-old body betraying how much he wanted to keep watching. He hadn't been out long before Alice began touching herself again in the dim light, moaning as quietly as possible. Apparently she wasn't being quiet enough, because the whines woke him. He looked up to see her pressed against the wall, her paw and slit slick with fluid. He cocked his head, confused. "Alice?"

She suddenly looked up and blushed. "M-mew…." The pokemon removed her hand from between her legs.

"Are you okay?" He sat up, looking her over. "If you need me to I can help you." No, he didn't know what she needed, but she was his best friend and he always felt like it was his job to do anything she needed.

She bit her lip and finally made a decision- yes, he could help. He could mate with her and satisfy her heat. She nodded before flying over, pushing him down. He blinked in surprise. "A-Alice?"

She shook her head. "Me- mew." The female pushed a paw against his lip to hush him before nuzzling up under his chin to show that she didn't mean to hurt him. When he took a deep breath and relaxed, letting her know she had his trust, Alice ducked down and worked down her friend's pajama pants. He looked extremely confused, and shivered when she did the same with his underwear.

At the sight of his young member, Alice became even more aroused. While yes he was short for a human since he was young, it was just the size she thought was perfect. The pokemon placed her hands on the dick and began to rub it with her wet, soft paws. Matt moaned in surprise as a mysterious pleasure filled his lower half, sending shivers up his spine. Alice smiled tenderly as his penis became erect, reaching almost six inches after a few moments. She continued to pump him up and down, reaching one paw between her legs again.

The boy arched his back in response to the fondling. "A-Alice, what are you doing?"

She only replied with another simple moan, and jerked the member up one more time. She saw a pearl of pre appear on the tip, like honey from an innocent little combee. The mew licked it off quickly. Matt's back arched as if she had jolted him with electricity. She smiled softly. He was ready.

"Mew." She flew up quickly and licked his cheek. He smiled, though still looking a little bit nervous.

"What now?" He swallowed as she positioned herself over the erect penis.

The mew didn't say a word, now far too absorbed in finishing what she had started, and slid down onto the Penis. They both gasped, and then moaned in harmony. "Meew…" She moaned, finally cumming after teasing herself for so long.

Matt bit his lip. "Oh-oooh…." He dug his fingers into the couch as she began to pump, hard and fast, up and down his shaft. The boy felt himself growing even harder, if that was possible, and he knew something climatic would happen soon. Mew could feel it to.

She forced herself down, swallowing every last in of his shaft into her womb, and practically cried out when she felt him finally release. The semen blasted into her and filled her womb, and she felt her stomach expanding slightly from the copious amount of human seed. Finally, with a moan, the boy finished. Mew floated up and allowed his penis to fall, now limp, out of her. It was followed by a stream of seed. The mew quickly licked it up, and when she looked up he had fallen asleep. She cleaned herself, worked the boys pants back up, and cuddled him gently to show her gratefulness as they slept.