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Her life was officially over.

"Hah, Nee-chan," Souta snickered as Kagome stared at the letter wide-eyed and slack-jawed with trembling hands, "It's not really that surprising, is it?"

"Are you kidding, you little brat?!" Kagome roared, finally snapping out of her utter stupor and directed a fierce blue glare towards her little brother, "Do you know what this will do for my future?! I'll have no future now that this..." She suddenly trailed, collapsing in a depressed lump.

"You don't need to exaggerate, dear," Nodoka smiled pleasantly and Kagome gaped at her, "After all, it was only to be expected with all your absences from school."

"B-but, Kaa-san!" Kagome cried out, angrily ripping the letter into tiny shreds, "Even I know of this school's reputation and I was in the Sengoku Era for the last year!"

"It's the only high school that will accept you with your all absences," Nodoka said calmly, sipping her cup of tea, "And I will not homeschool you, dear. You need to start socializing with your peers again."

"You want me to socialize with delinquents?!" Kagome looked somewhat horrified at her mother's serene mood. The little brat wasn't exactly helping with all his snickering over there either.

"I'm sure you're just distorting the school's reputation," Nodoka stated with a smile, "I doubt the students there aren't that bad."

"Do you really expect me to get into any college with this high school under my belt?" Kagome sighed, slumping down and resting her head on her folded hands.

"I'm gonna tell all my friends you're a Yankee!" Souta teased with a grin and pouted when she gave him a light smack to the head.

"I'll attend the damn school for one year, pull my grades up, and go to another high school for the next two years!" Kagome said passionately.

"I'm sure you'll be fine, dear." Nodoka sipped her tea once more and watched with a smile as her children teased one another. She knew it was hard for her daughter to leave her precious companions in the past, but she simply couldn't allow Kagome to sink into the dark hole of depression. Interacting with her peers, even if they were delinquents, should help keep Kagome from succumbing to it.

Besides, she was more than sure her daughter could take care of herself.


'Well,' Kagome looked grimly up at the tattered building, 'This is it.' She let out a sigh, adjusting her skirt before walking through the gate.

Ishiyama High.

'I doubt the proper dress code is even enforced here.' Kagome thought, a bit self-conscious of her attire since Souta thought it would be good for her to dress up like a 'punk' to try help deter people from approaching her.

Her white dress shirt was left untucked and she shrugged on a black hoodie that she simply left unzipped. Hell, she wore a belt low on her waist over her shirt, sneakers instead of the of standard loafers, and fingerless gloves!

That was punk enough, right?




Not punk enough it seemed.

'It's like they've never seen a girl before,' Kagome thought with disgust, finding herself already surrounded despite taking only about five steps onto the grounds, 'Do girls even attend here?' She thought vaguely and frowned when someone stepped forward.

'Seriously?' She thought, eyeing his camp purple suit and something that he probably thought was a suave smirk.

"What's a pretty little thing like you doing here?" He flicked a lone strand of hair away from his face, "I'll be sure to give you a good night."

Kagome certainly didn't look impressed and simply moved forward, ignoring how the males were giving off lewd catcalls and encouragements to the freak in purple. She stopped in front of him and her eyes suddenly turned icy, "Move it."

A second passed and since there was no movement, Kagome grabbed his side by his tacky suit and easily managed to shove him away rather roughly, causing him to lose his footing. She watched in satisfaction as he slid across the pavement with a stunned look, "That was barely even a warning." She threatened with a glare that sent shivers down their spines and didn't even bother to watch the reactions.

'What a first impression,' Kagome sighed mentally, about to enter the building when she froze, feeling a very familiar tinge in her spiritual senses, 'Is that really...?' She glanced back, looking around frantically for the source.

It was then that she spotted a brown-haired male in the distance with something small clinging to his shoulder and it surprised her that was where the source was coming from.