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'I hate this school even more!'

Kagome stomped through the halls and her aura flared in response to her anger, which helped clear the way so she didn't have to deal with any lewd stares or catcalls.

After a few moments, she sighed and slowed down, reigning in her wild aura, 'Maybe I overreacted?' Kagome wondered, before shaking her head.

She couldn't start having such soft feelings otherwise she wouldn't last a year with these delinquents. Hell, she could compare them to lesser Youkai with their swarming and mannerisms.

'Which reminds me, why does that boy have a demon infant with him?' She thought with furrowed brows, 'That doesn't make any sense.'

Then again, strangely enough, nothing in the modern era made sense to her anymore.

"Oi, bitch."

The curse immediately stopped her and she felt a lethal amount of irritation beginning to take her over, "What did you just call me?" Kagome asked in a low dangerous tone as she slowly turned around, spotting the source of the voice.

"You deaf, bitch?" The blond sneered, "What are you doing walking into my turf like it's your own?" He began to crack his knuckles in what he probably thought was a threatening gesture.

She really didn't want to fight, "I'm new," Kagome stated, though she didn't let her body relax because she doubted this would end peacefully, "I didn't know this was your 'turf'..."

"You think I give a fuck for your excuses?" He was coming closer now and Kagome turned around completely, ready to use the moves Sango taught her, "I'll just beat the lesson into you, girl or not."

"Would you really hurt an innocent girl?" Kagome asked mockingly, side-stepping his first punch with ease, "It's not like I know the rules of you delinquents." She slid on her toes, thankful she was wearing sneakers as she grabbed the blond's arm, ready to use his own weight against him.

"She's mine, Kanzaki!"

Kagome stepped back in surprise, watching with wide eyes as the blond was suddenly thrown back with such force that he was ripped out her grip and slammed into a wall. She stared as he slid down, looking up with a glare while wiping away blood that leaked from his lip.

"I need to pay you back for that cheap shot you took on me," She glanced back, spotting the boy and the baby demon, "Show me what you got."

Kagome was not impressed as he slid into an offensive stance, "No," She simply said and he blinked, obviously not expecting that answer, "I have no need to show you anything."

"WHA–!?" "Hel~lo, beautiful!"

The brown-haired boy's companion was abruptly latched onto her hands and she gaped as his face came way too close to hers for comfort, "What's your name, gorgeous?" He asked with a familiar suave smile and Kagome gaped some more–

–before she broke out into laughter.

"W-what'd I do?" The boy looked confused as she doubled-over, trying to gain control of herself while Oga looked on with raised brows, "I-I didn't break her, did I?"

'With that silver hair, he's like a blend of Inuyasha and Miroku-sama!' Kagome let out a breath and quickly moved on before the thought could send her into a bout of depression, "My name is Higurashi Kagome." She answered with a smile simply because she would much rather deal with a wannabe Miroku than a delinquent pervert.

'S-so cute!' Furuichi felt heat creep into his cheeks at her bright smile and sparkling blue eyes – and they all were directed at HIM!

Even her name was just as appealing as she was!

"I'm Furuichi–" He was swiftly slammed into the adjacent wall before he could finish and could only let out a pitiful moan as he crumpled to the floor in a sad heap.

Kagome frowned, turning her stare to Furuichi's companion, "What an unkind thing to do to your friend." She said neutrally, eyeing down his dark grin.

"He'll be fine," Oga smirked and Baby Beel bounced excitedly on his shoulder once again at the sight of the girl, "You're plenty strong to take this kid off my hands."

Kagome let out an irritated noise, "I guess even delinquents can't handle demons, even baby ones." She said, much to his surprise.

With his guard let down, Kagome was touching his forehead and allowed her spiritual energy to manifest, just as Kikyou had done to her only a year earlier. He was paralysed against the wall within seconds, glowing a light blue that only she, Oga, and Beel were able to see.

"What the fuck did you do to me!?" Oga tried to move, but was unable to under the strange glow. He could only watch as Kagome took Beel from his shoulder, seemingly looking him over for something. And then he knew she definitely was not a normal student with her next words.

"You made a contract with a demon?"