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He sat next to her unconscious body for two days, wondering when the drugs in her system would wear off. The area was perfect for their situation though; it was secluded and surrounded by trees.
He was a patient boy; waiting for days to pass in the patch of green, without so much as a sigh or a complaint leaving his lips. He passed his time by looking at the trees, feeling the breeze on his skin. He'd often glance at her and wonder how her face could still look so serene and peaceful after all she'd been through. He didn't expect her to wake up anytime soon, neither did he expect the ANBU to take this long in securing the area. It must be serious then.

He felt the humid breeze against his skin. He sat there, afraid of what might come. Unfortunately, there was just no avoiding the inevitable. It started to rain, heavily for that matter. He found himself quickly drenched. Without a moment's hesitation, he carried her to the trees which he'd hope would shield her from the heavy rain. He leaned against a tree, with his eyes closed. His brows furrowed as he heard the sound of something clicking together. He opened his eyes in an instant, only to find the girl chattering her teeth to no end. He wondered for a moment, what he could do; he had no blanket, no towel, not even a piece of cloth. He watched her, desperate to find warmth. He took out his gloves and fitted them into her small hands. He folded her arms on her chest and rubbed his palms together. Her expression softened the moment she felt the warmth on her cheeks. Her chattering began to slow down. With her senses stimulated, she slowly began to regain consciousness. She tried opening her eyes but they felt so heavy.
"Don't force yourself." She heard a dark yet comforting voice.

Feeling curious, she tried even harder to open her eyes. She began to see two slits of light, slowly they widened, and she could see the leaves hanging above her. She blinked several times before turning her gaze to the masked boy who seemed to be looking directly at her. Her eyes were fixated on the strands of silky jet black hair that hung in front of his mask. "P-pretty," She whispered. The boy tilted his head, wondering if he heard her right. It's probably the drugs. He saw her mouth open and close as if she were about to say something. He noticed the dryness of her lips and immediately grabbed the bottle strapped next to his kunai pouch. He sat behind her and lifted her onto his lap. While tilting her head, he slowly brought the mouth of his bottle to her lips. He tilted it slightly, not wanting her to choke. She swallowed with a painful expression showing on her face.
"Are you alright?" the hyuuga turned to look at the masked boy and smiled.
"I-I-I am s-sorry." Knowing that she wouldn't be able to see his face, the boy furrowed his eyebrows in confusion. "Hinata-san,"
He gestured her to drink more of the water. She slowly opened her mouth, letting the water enter her mouth and flow down her dry throat. She felt pain and relief at the same time.
"It's because you haven't drank in awhile. Your throat is too dry," the boy stated.
She turned to him again. "You'll get used to it soon." A smiled slowly curved on her lips.
"T-thanks Neko-san." Puzzled at first he stared at her for a few minutes, before realizing that he was wearing a cat mask.

It was just a few hours ago when she first woke up. Once again he didn't expect her to wake up again so soon. She had a strong heart and will, despite her fragile, petite frame. She turned her head to look at the boy; her eyes were tired, and yet they still had a spark in them. She has such huge eyes.
He noticed that she'd been staring for quite awhile. After a moment's thought, he reached out for his bottle when he saw the girl shaking her head slowly. He halted.
"Do you need anything, Hinata-san?"
His question was answered when he heard a growl; and it wasn't a wild animal. The girl quickly turned away, feeling embarrassed. "Hn,"
The masked boy stood up and walked past her when he felt a light tug on the edge of his pants. He immediately stopped. He looked down at the girl; eyes tearing, gleaming with fear and insecurity.
"D-don't go!" Her voice was trembling.
"I'm going to get food Hinata-san." He shook her head.
"P—please, d-don't go!"
He continued to look down at her, not knowing what to say. It was the first time he was assigned to take care of someone; and it was a girl no less. He was afraid to scare the girl by saying something rash. He couldn't stay with her and let her starve, but he couldn't leave with her feeling scared and just about ready to cry. He leaned down looking straight into her flushed face through the two small holes in his mask. "It's okay Hinata san,"
He put his hand on her shoulder. Comforting, be comforting.
"You're safe."
He was a nice boy, compassionate and caring. Not many noticed that about him, but the Hyuuga girl caught that part of him before she noticed anything else about the boy. She could feel from the bottom of her heart that he was a kind boy, and knowing this she let go. She continued staring at his mask, wondering what lied beneath. But she didn't really care, she was just glad he was there.
The boy stood up, turned, jumped up on the branch of a tree and disappeared from sight. Instantly, she felt her heart drop. I wonder if he'll actually come back for me.
For awhile she laid there just staring up to the clear blue sky. She could've sworn she was under a few trees when she last woke up. "I-I guess he m-moved me." She mumbled to herself. She cursed herself for being such a burden.
She didn't even know what hit her when it happened. It was just a few weeks after she had become a genin. She felt so proud of herself. Though it may seem like it was just an insignificant step to other much higher ranking shinobi; especially in her clan, she was happy. She felt she was finally going to be able to take on the world, and show people she wasn't just some weak, timid little girl. She felt like she was finally going to be able to break out of her shell, finally show who she really was despite her disorder. Then, it happened. She was in the fields doing her usual training at night. She immediately stopped when she heard a loud yelp coming from the pathway of trees on the left side of the fields. She quickly ran towards the sound, thinking it was someone in need of assistance. That's the last thing she could remember, before she blacked out and woke up to find her arms and legs tied, and a cloth tied tightly onto her mouth, being carried by a huge, intimidating individual. Judging by their looks and forehead protectors, they were Jounins from the Hidden Cloud Village. Immediately, she knew why she had been captured; they Byaakugan. She struggled, she cried, she bit into the cloth that sealed away her screams and cries for help hoping to rip it open. But she found herself going in and out of consciousness. She never felt so helpless and useless in her entire life. She thought she had advanced. She thought she had become someone worthy of being acknowledged. She told she could finally show her true self. The person she really was, but in reality; she was still person everyone saw her as. Weak. Useless. Hopeless. And most of all, a burden. At the moment, she felt like no one in the world would care. No one would come to save her; the world would be free of a burden. If they cared, it would only be for the Byaakugan. She felt the same now; abandoned, alone and just pathetic. No one would come, no one cared. She was going to stay here, alone... "Hinata-san,"
Her eyes immediately widened, and was struck by overwhelming joy and relief. "Neko-san."
No one would come, no one cared, except for this boy she though; her cat boy.

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