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Long ass author's note (READ... at your own risk): Alright, so finally here I am making the long awaited 'Plot B' to Gundam Seed: Humanity's Fate. After thinking to myself about how I was going to plan out and write this fic, I am now putting it onto the 'digital paper' that I have on my computer thanks to the program known as LibreOffice Writer. So here I am, the author, ExArchmagus, symbolically standing before all of you readers right now, here to tell you something important before you start reading this fanfiction. In an ideal world, you all would read this, and in an even more ideal world (as in Marxist ideally) you all would respond to this in your reviews. I know that wont happen, but for the few that read with detail, for the few that look between the lines, here you go:

(Note: Question and Answer) The reason why I'm giving this large author's note is because I want to explain some issues to you guys, some issues that while I haven't been asked about much, I know exist, and I know are several reasons why this fic does not appeal to people as much as other re-writes of the epic failure of a television series, Gundam Seed Destiny. Conformity is the word I mean to talk about. Gundam Seed: Humanity's Fate in both it's 'Light, Plot A form, Power of ORB' and 'Dark, Plot B form, Consequentialism' does not conform to the interests of most people who want to read a Cosmic Era GSD re-write in my mind because while I do stick to the main plot in some areas, I change it around drastically in others.

A lot of people want to see the cannon couples stay as they are; they want to see Kira end up with Lacus, Cagalli get engaged and eventually married to Athrun, as symbolized by the ring, and have Shinn end up with either Stella or Lunamaria.

Pairings was one of the areas where Gundam SEED in all it's 'fundamentally inferior to both Mobile Suit Gundam and Zeta Gundam yet is still a very good anime series' glory fell flat on it's face, HARD. I am not a shipper of KxL, nor AxC. SxL is contrived but still hands both the previous pairings their buttery, bruised buttocks on a shinning silver platter yet is still inferior to SxS, or my personal favourite, SxC. (Before you state that bogus argument that SxL is a good pairing because Kenichi Suzumura and Maaya Sakamoto are married and that it's a good pairing because of that... so are the voice actors of Roy Mustang and Lust from Full Metal Alchemist and he killed her!) I'm sorry, but when I went through the thought process of making this fic, I knew that I wasn't going to have KxL or AxC, and that they would already be broken up, or be quickly broken up, as we've seen. That isn't going to change either.

You stick too close to the original plot and don't diverge from it, or you've changed it in all the wrong places and I disagree with your modifications.

In my honest opinion, SEED Destiny had the potential to outdo Zeta Gundam, which is considered to be the 'best' gundam series by a lot of people, even given the present situation and circumstances that it had. The plot does not need to be changed a great degree but it does need several things hard-fixed about it **cough** Cagalli's performance **cough** character development and balance **cough** Lacus Clyne **cough** ORB's hypocrisy, Kira's ignorant douchbaggery **cough** If you've read my fics then you've seen what those changes are and have been, and while you may disagree, we're all entitled to our own opinions.

I want to see Athrun and Kira fight side by side, as friends, whether it be against Shinn and Rey or have Shinn defect to ORB. After all, best friends forever and they were like brothers!

Problem One: Having Athrun defect again leads him to do the same bloody broken record nonsense he did in GS. I decided to take his character from 'what am I fighting for?' to a feeling of 'I am fighting for what is absolutely and objectively good, and you are indisputably in the wrong, other side!' and I think I might have done that good... or bad, depending. Problem Two: I want to see Shinn and Kira side by side should they be living by the end of the fic (pay special attention to that).

Oh, but then why can't we... for instance, have your equivalents of the Strike Freedom, Infinite Justice, AND Destiny fighting the Legend in the final battle?

Two (or three, depending on how you look at it) words describe that: "Rape" and "Faceroll". I've heard from some people that they liked the final battles of Power of ORB because there was actual conflict, not the good side rushing in and owning everyone on the bad side in the face so hard it made them seem like sore losers (see GSD50) and everyone took damage pretty much (unless you were Kira but then again you didn't get nitty gritty with the fighting, you 'charged ya lazar!') In my mind the final battle is meant to be somewhat of a horrific bloodbath where everyone suffers loses, it's bittersweet, people die, plans backfire no matter which way you look at it and in the end the protagonist's side does pull through, but their body is covered head to toe with cuts, bruises, scratches, dirt and blood, metaphorically speaking. NOT 'Herp Derp Durandal is indisputably in the bad and Lacus-sama is always, no matter what right and we auto-win'. With that in mind Kira, Shinn and Athrun vs. Rey equals one very, very, very dead Rey, and in a short time span, giving the ending no conflict. That's why I switched it around to Kira and Shinn vs. Rey and Athrun.

Then add some original characters on Zaft's, duh! I've seen other rewrites where they do that and it works, so you should do the same!

Except I don't believe that in order to improve Gundam SEED Destiny or even Gundam SEED you need to introduce new ocs to the fic, you can greatly improve BOTH series by making use of what you already have given to you, character wise. I don't need to throw in 'myself' as a character in order to fix the plot, I can just manipulate the order of events and the character development to change things. Besides, once you get to that point where you're basically adding on a complete new crew I think you're getting over your head with the amount of character development that needs to happen. At the end of Power of ORB the only real original characters that had a major effect or was Kendan Westenfluss and, as some could argue, Edir Arak. The rest of the cast that actually mattered was already in the series to begin with. In fact as some of you may know that even if I were to ever re-write the original SEED, Lacus Clyne would be outright cut from the plot.

What! You said you would just 'cut' Lacus? How could you? Why would you?

(Note: Character bash here, with purpose) Because she is easily one of the most piss poorly put together characters in the history of anime that I have watched and a blatant Mary-sue who is responsible for why SEED took a dive after it's 30th phase and why Destiny sucked with her over expressed significance and influence. Not to mention she's a goddamn hypocrite who can't even recognize her flaws, terrorist who believes she can do no wrong, and is utterly narrow minded. None of those traits are what I want to see in a leader of the good guy's side. I have no love for her, and that's the end of that. People compare her to Relena from Wing sometimes... 1) I found Cagalli is more like Relena than Lacus 2) Despite the fact that I am completely apathetic about Wing (don't hate it, but don't love it either, and Freedom would pwn Wing Zero XD) I can actually say I have a shred of respect for Relena, and I can't say the same for Lacus. Somebody told me that the way I was treating Athrun and Lacus was 'needlessly weighing the story down' or something like that... as far as I'm concerned Lacus' very character weighs the story and fic down by default. The bottom line is my fics are not for Lacus fans and people should know that by now. That being said her fate in Consequentialism is different from Power of ORB, and I think some people will like it and others will hate it, in comparison to what happened in Plot A.

Alright... alright... okay... okay... still, one question... why did you change the Destiny Plan in the end... make it more extreme, and why didn't Shinn outright reject it like what happened in cannon? I mean, it's genetic slavery, a violation of freedom's and human rights! It's wrong, and it should be shunned! That's the end of that, period!

(Proceeds to roll eyes) Know right now that when you're talking to me, you're talking to a person who will honestly tell you that Gilbert Durandal was in the right at the end of the day in Destiny and that Lacus and her mindless drones were in the wrong as far as I'm concerned. That being said, would I want the Destiny Plan instilled in our world? Hell no! In the Cosmic Era world? Yes, given the CONTEXT of the situation and what has happened. I'm not going to make this even longer and go into a huge ass rant about why I side with Durandal but what I will say is this: In Dynasty Warrior Gundam 2 (I think... it's one of the games out there, saw it on a Ytube clip) at the end of Shinn's storyline, while he is kicking Athrun's ass (^.^) he says this "So fighting for the past is wrong, but fighting for the status quo is Justice?" Last statement, in my opinion, rarely is ever true, and the case of SEED Destiny is not one of those exceptions. I changed Durandal's plan somewhat so that I personally would be against it now, and I modified the 'good guy's' idea on what to do in a way that I would personally be giving them the 'moral high ground' in my opinion, as the author. Also if you noticed Shinn's talk with Durandal at the end of Power of ORB the reason why he opposed the Destiny Plan was not because of the plan itself was 'evil' (it's not, learn to see beyond your own bias, and the bias of the time period you live in, rather then take the quick and unintelligent way out and reject it on 'principle'), it was because it found itself partially rooted in the nonsense that some ideas are ALWAYS good and right in EVERY TIME and EVERY SITUATION. So, there you go. You're free to disagree with me but at the end of the day, in regards to the ethical, moral, and philosophical messages of the fanfic... Shinn, tell them like it is: "You don't have the right to decide that! That's my decision!" (Proceeds to fist bump Shinn)

You said that SEED, even in it's original form, is inferior to MSG and Zeta... I hear this a lot, but no one ever explains themselves, why?

1) Yoshiyuki Tomino is just flat out better than Fukuda 2) When you compare two war stories where one portrays it as a battle of ideologies; as a massive gray area, and the other portrays it as a black and white battle between clear-cut evil and knights-in-shining armor good, the former wins by default, unless it is really bad. One of the worst arguments I've heard about SEED being inferior to MSG/Zeta was because 'It's depressing'? (Laughs) What? Oh, so you're not happy with it because it performs better in the heart-wrenching emotions category? Because we meet characters, get to know them, relate to them, want to see them happy, and then they die? Yeah, this is a war story. It's bittersweet, not white knights in shining armor curbstomping clear-cut villains and losing nothing in the process. Save that idea for your fairy tale, alright?

Alright, so how should I read this fic then, considering what happened in PoO already?

Consider this fic and everything in it separate from Power of ORB and don't ask questions like 'well, this happened in Plot A... why isn't it happening here?' because the two fics are utterly different. I'll even go as far as to say that some of the scenes will be directly copied (Durandal's anti-Logos speech for the most part) but you should not be asking me why something like the prison break out didn't happen in Plot B while it did happen in Plot A, alright? In addition to this, I've thought over what I want to do in Plot B for a while. Please forget anything I've said or promised before about it, including pairings and just read it as is, making guesses based off of what happens directly in the fic.

Why do you put Mobile Suit specs in the middle of the page instead of in a separate chapter or at the bottom of the page?

Because I link you the specs when I want you to see the specs, not as a general format. Heck, I'm already going against one of my own personal standards by posting this separate Author's Note paragraph instead of putting it above the chapter, because I'm kind of 'OCD' and like the chapter numbers and actual chapters to match up numerically.

Why haven't you updated Logos' Last Stand yet?

I'm not going to lie, when I originally planned that fic out, I knew what was going to happen event wise, in my head, but I only wrote down the notes for the first three phases, and I've been a little lazy about it. That being said the second half of the fic has battles both in space, on Earth somewhat James Bond style, and political rambling to set the stage for Valkyrie somewhat. Don't worry, I haven't forgot about it... I've just gotten a little burnt out from writing my GSD rewrite line from PoO, considering how complex LLS has been for me.

Lazy? ExArchmagus, you should not be lazy!

And in the time where you guys have been left chapter less I've managed to finally finish my first two gundams. Yes, go to my profile and click on the deviant art link right now. I've got the ORB-04 Judicator as well as the ZGMF-X20S Legacy uploaded for all to see, and I hope that if you review you'll comment on how they look =D Know right now the next machine to be knocked out is the ORB-02 Veneficus or the ZGMF-X70S Assassin.

With all that in mind I realize that my Gundam Seed Destiny re-write does not really appeal to a large amount of people because of the changes I've made, and how they do not conform to what most people want in a rewrite. These changes, specifically the choice to rearrange the pairings and to have Athrun not only join but stay with Zaft, were changed that in my opinion, changes for the better. That's just my opinion though. After all, I've actually been told by someone that the reason that GSD was a failure sits on the shoulders of the AsuCaga breakup, a statement which I fundamentally disagree with to every extent. But enough is enough. To those who have still read my works and will read them in the future, I thank you.

Alright, with that in mind, Phase 31B is on the next page. There you go!

P.S. I'm also kind of depressed. Although a lot of people told me that I was too hopeful that the GSD remaster would actually change anything, I still kept just one little spark of hope deep in my heart that it actually would change somethings and fix the plot. Then Phase 8 happened and they even went to the extent of remastering that outright idiotic AsuCaga scene for the ravenous fangirls, rather than have Cagalli do the in-character thing and tell Athrun to f-off with his ring or stay with her. **Sighs** I posted a deviant art pic in my gallery that expresses what should have happened. Who's with me, anyone?