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It is such a fine day, the morning light shine in through the transparent window, the bird chirping, people is wide awake and ready to start their day and today is the best day ever since there will be festival and sales also today is also a day off to celebrate his highness birthday which make all the students shouts happily because of the news.

No need to study, shopping and hang out with friends all day long.

Indeed it is a great day except for a boy who just receive a phone call from his father.

"I just got marry!"

"Dad, today it is not April fool."

"This time it is not a lie Tetsu chan, I really got marry to a woman who have the same job as me."

"Dad . . . Are you really serious?"

"Yeah! And I have sold our house and everything except for your stuff for my honeymoon."


"BYE! She's calling for me and before I forget you will be living with your new stepbrother from now on. I have left the address in my room. Good bye."

Before Kuroko can say anything his father has cut off the connection and he fell lifelessly on the floor unable to believe of what just happen, he can't believe that his father has just sold the house without talking to him first and furthermore he didn't tell him about living with someone he hasn't even met yet. Has his dad gone nuts?

"Why did he keep making crazy decision without telling me beforehand? WHY?" Kuroko shouts.