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Kuroko feel better lately, his family has been happier as well which he truly grateful for. Ever since that day Ryota is release from the hospital Kagami visit him a lot but not as much as Akashi which makes him wonder. Why does a rich kid like Akashi that have everything that everyone ever dream of always spent his time in his home acting as if he has lived there for years? Ryota and the others don't mind at all except for the part that he sometimes likes to kiss Kuroko at the cheek when he got the chance.

Jealousy is cute especially when they got all red when Akashi suddenly hug him or suddenly wrap his arms around him and using as an excuse to comfort him.

Even though it hasn't been a year yet but he feels like that he has lived with them for a long time to know everything that he needs to know about them. Ryota is a cheerful, bit dumb but protective and faint all the time as his daily routine. The twins (That doesn't look-alike) which is Shintaro and Atsushi like to keep quiet and do their business, Daiki is an otaku, doesn't have a job which makes him wonder how he got the money to buy all the anime stuff in the first place. Lastly Akashi, the guy with red hair that likes to threaten people with scissors and someone who he shouldn't make an enemy with.

All of them have in common is that they all love one person the most in the world which is none other than a new member of the family/classmate which is Kuroko Tetsuya.

Seeing how close they are to each other even someone like Kuroko can tell that his life is perfect. Now he is surround by people that care fr him and for once he doesn't have to be alone anymore.

That is until he got a call from his father telling him another bad news but he bet that his past self-will be thrill but the current him wouldn't like this.

"I'm getting divorce." His father told him from the other line which almost causes Kuroko to drop the phone.


"We got a huge fight yesterday and I don't think this is working out between us."

"But it hasn't even been a year yet."

"I'm sorry Tetsuya, it turns out I am becoming a failure as a husband again. After I got back to Japan me and your former step mother will fill up the divorce paper and I will take you back home at the countryside. Your grammar house is still there but needs to be clean a bit and then when you finish high school the second time we can both go travel overseas just like you always wanted when you're a kid. Sounds great? I will be back to pick you up in three weeks."

'Idiot, why now?"

"Goodbye Tetsuya, I love you."

It was then the line cut off by the other side and it was then Kuroko finally let the phone drop on the ground, his knees feel so weak and start trembling and it was then he feel two pair of arms wrap around him to give him support.

"You're okay?" Daiki asks.


"Your dad again?"

" . . ."

"What did he say?"

"Y-your mom and my dad are getting divorce."

It was then three other voices are heard coming from the living room. "AGAIN?" They all say in unison, Akashi drop the book his reading and close his ears to block off the voices from outside, how can they all be so loud all of a sudden. If they were just stranger he would have given them a lesson. A lesson that mortal would never forget since it is like a punishment that will make you scream and spill blood . . .

Ops . . .

That's to violence.

Better not mention the details since the words will get censored anyway so why bother?

"I win the bet!" Ryota cries happily. "PAY ME!"

"No way in hell I will pay you." Daiki glare at his blond brother.

"Why not? I know they will get a divorce soon."

"Even so I won't pay you Ryota that money deserves to be spent on something worth it than giving to you because of a bet." Daiki crosses his arms and grin at Ryota with a look that says 'I know what you're doing'. "I have a feeling you going to use that money for that secret job of yours, am I right?"

Kise blushes and quickly shook his head.

"Where did you hear that from?"

What Daiki meant by secret job is that Ryota is secretly auditioning for a model job secretly behind their back hoping to get a career as a star and stop burdening his family because of his weak state. He has thought of becoming a model for a long time and get a job to help support his family and after his coach, Momoi Satsuki encourage him Ryota finally decide to try auditioning and see how it will go. Just like everyone else in the world he was praying that he will get a job in the agency that he wants to work in so badly.

When he sees them looking normal, Kuroko struggle out from Aomine and take a good look at his two-step brother face wondering why they look fine despite knowing their parents were going to break up soon. Are they used to it until they don't care anymore?

"Why are you guys seems okay with this?" He asks.

"Well . . ." Ryota says with a smile. "No matter how many times our parents get divorce it doesn't mean we can't be siblings anymore. What I meant is that I, Daikicchi, Shintarocchi, and Atsushicchi still live together no matter what happen."

He says it so confidently . . .

Does this mean he has nothing to worry about?

Hearing the way his brother says it and the way all of them are smiling at him makes him feel relieve. This mean that they still have a deep bond no matter what happen and he want to share this with them too. There is no way after getting comfortable living here that he will move to an unknown countryside with his father that have left him for years. This time he will make his own choice and won't let his father decide anything else for him.

Also he got three whole weeks to plan on how he should tell his father about this. And his whole siblings are here to support him and even Kagami, Momoi and his other stepbrother Haizaki will support this as well. His sure everything is going to be just fine but sadly those thought is going to disappear soon before he even knows it.

Anyway . . .

He will just talk to his father about this face to face about the situation and tell that man he wants to live here with them. Without him knowing Akashi is staring at him with confuse eyes and a curious feeling develop inside of him.

'Why did Tetsuya father want a divorce all of a sudden?'

Haizaki sighs as he sink into his sit while his father Kagami Taiga is smiling widely as he drive the car while listening to one of the old songs which the youngster this day hate.

"Dad, why 80th?" He asks and prays that the song will just end.

"It's a good song, what's wrong with it?"

"Very, very wrong."

"Why don't you just listen to your Ipod or something?" Kagami asks glancing a bit toward his son. "Did your mom take it away from you again or something?"

"She says that I should have some bonding time with you instead of playing with technology and trap myself inside my room for an entire day." He sighs. "Kids this day are different from your time, why can't she just get it. Also this bonding involves no motorcycle, how I'm supposed to go to places?"

"There's a thing call bus." Kagami says taking a left turn at the corner of the street.

"Bus is for loser."

"Only for you." The man chuckles. "Anyway, we're going to meet Tetsuya today."

It was then Haizaki eyes light up.


"Yeah, I was thinking of taking them all for dinner once in a while since they are my family as well." Kagami says. "Even though it has been years but I want to make a fresh start with him."

"So the reason you're bringing me along to get our family relationship close or something?"

"Yeah, I actually want to bring your brother as well but he doesn't seem free at the moment." When Kagami mention Nijimura, the silver hair can feel an electric pulse running through his body, is this sign of fear? "Are you boys fighting? You seem quite distant and cold toward him lately."

"It's nothing dad."

'If I told you guys he kill a woman before will they believe me?'

Akashi flip open his phone and start dialing a number.


Akashi can't help but smile to hear the man voice, it has been a long time since he talk to his very, very old friend. Even though they only spoken to each other for a few times but he think of that person as a friend and someone he can trust. Even though that person is only 4 years younger than him but the person is very mature that many people always think of him older than he looks.

"Hello Himuro Tatsuya, can I ask a favor from you?"

"What is it Akashi?"

"Can you please tell me details about Kuroko-Aomine Daiki and his personal life; I want to know every detail about him from 5 years ago until now."