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Aomine looked at Akashi who was sitting on the opposite sofa with a glass-type table in the middle.

Oh, it wasn't because Akashi wearing a red apron he was staring.

Akashi stared back and if you looked closely, you could see a slight blush on his cheeks.

Aomine's dark blue eyes then stared at the man beside Akashi. His hair was red, redder than Akashi. At first, Aomine thought the man in front of him was his long lost twin or something.

The young man only stared back at him and he could see that the weird eyebrows guy was confused.

He finally shifted his gaze towards the young girl who was sitting on Kagami's lap. The young girl stare was piercing at him and it was far from the innocent stare that had on children her age.


"S-saa! Have some cake!" the dark red-haired man broke the silence by giving a plate of gingersnap to Aomine.

"I'll make the tea." Akashi excused himself while getting off the couch.

"W-wait!" Aomine blurted out, making Akashi stopped in his track.

The red-head stared at Aomine and vice versa.

The darker-skinned male then looked at Akashi from head to toe.

"Oh my Gosh, he looks sexy in that apron" he thought but quickly dismissed it before he thought about it any further.

"What?" asked Akashi while glaring at Aomine.


Akashi shook his head and sighed. He went into the kitchen, rolling his sleeves until it reached his elbows.

He felt guilty for leaving the ex-captain and looked towards the dark red-haired young man.

"And you are…?" he asked.

"Ah, Kagami, Kagami Taiga. Yoroshiku.

"She is…?" Aomine gestured towards the little girl on top of Kagami's lap.

"Aoshi." She replied, short, concise and clear.

The tanned male raised an eyebrow, "Family name?"

"Isn't that obvious?" a pause, "Akashi"

Aoshi looked at Aomine.

"So it means that he's already married" he murmured to himself and asked again.

"Who's his wife?"

Instead of getting answers, he was given two free sharp gazes that pierced him from Kagami and Aoshi.

"Sorry, I have no obligation to answer-"


A small child's voice was heard from the front door.

"Are..? There're a pair of addition shoes here. Hey dad, did you buy-?"

Small and light footsteps could be heard approaching the living room and a small child that was similar like Aoshi and also the same age. He could have been mistaken as her clone if their eyes and hair color were similar.

"Akane, you do know what time it is? Didn't I tell you not to play until late at night?" Kagami scolded his 'son'.

"Eeh~ mendokusei…" was the boy's reaction.

"I also taught you to speak politely towards older people" Kagami said, patiently.

Comparing him with Aoshi, Akane was a really rude boy.

"Hai, hai, wakatta yo.. huh?" Akane finally spotted Aomine which pissed him slightly.

"Nanda kore!? Looks like this old man has the same color as your hair, Aoshi!" Akane said while laughing, "See that dark blue hair and dark blue eyes! They're really similar to your left eye!"

This kid was too honest..

"Damare" Aoshi replied dangerously.

"Akane… Aoshi…"

A certain voice that was coated with pure darkness made Akane and Aoshi startled. Turning their heads slowly towards the kitchen, they finally spotted the owner of the voice who was currently carrying a tray with a glass of hot tea.

"I already told you two to be on your best behavior when there is a guest, didn't I?" Akashi said sternly.

"H-hai", came the meek reply from his children.

The red head could only sighed before walking towards Aomine, setting the glass on top of the table in front of the ex-ace.

"Anyway, do you know him Akashi?" Kagami asked while looking sharply at the tanned man.

Akashi crossed his arms on his chest as soon as he sat down on the couch, right next to Kagami, "Yes I do"

"Sou ka… One of your friends?", he asked again.

The smaller male just stay silent while looking at Aomine before letting out a soft sighed while closing both of his eyes, "Kind of"




Aomine sip on his tea until the glass was empty.

"Ah, I got you this", Aomine took out a box of chocolate that he just bought, "I don't like eating sweet things, so…" he trailed off.

"Daiki, Didn't I already told you that I don't like sweet thin-"

"Woah! Sugooooii! The shape of the chocolate are unique!", Akane took the box of chocolates.

"C-can I try some, mister?" Aoshi asked shyly.

Both of the children look at Aomine, pleading at him with their eyes to ask permission to eat them.

"E-eh? The both of you can eat it you know", Aomine replied with bewilderment.

After that, the both of them looked at their 'mother'.

Akashi let out another sighed, "Alright, you can eat them but don't forget to brush your teeth after eating."

The children brighten up instantly, "Yattaaaa!", they cried out in joy.

Akane took the chocolates towards their room, "Come on Aoshi, let's eat it in our room!" and ran towards the room.

Aoshi jumped off Kagami's lap and dashed towards Akane, "wait up!"

Aomine smiled unconsciously at the children's antics.

"I'll talk to you at another time. Go home; it's getting darker and colder".

Akashi got off the sofa and headed towards the kitchen.





"You kicked him out?"

Akashi was startled out of his thoughts and stared at the bigger male that was currently lying on his bed. After he had told Aomine to go home, he busied himself in the kitchen until it was pretty late.

Akashi averted his gaze towards his children that were now sleeping in between him and Kagami.

He stared at his left hand idly while his other hand was stroking Akane's hair.

"I did not", he finally replied.




"Tell me the truth, who was that guy?" Kagami asked.

Akashi didn't answer for a while, his hand continued to stroke Akane's hair.


"Do you still remember about a man who was responsible for getting me pregnant with the children that I told you about long ago?" Akashi said gently even though he wanted to forget about it.


Both of Kagami's eyes widened "Don't tell me..."

Akashi lay down on the bed and hugged Akane gently.

"Mmm.. You could say that he's the 'father' of the children", he replied and closed both of his eyes, letting sleep took over him.





"So, Aominecchi.." Kise started while poking Aomine who was currently sitting beside him, "Have you visit Akashicchi yet?"

The question made Aomine choked on his drink. He stood up abruptly while dusting his pants off, trying to calm himself.

"W-why did you asked?"

Kise just slurped on his ramen.

"Hm?" the model looked at the blue haired man, "Just pretend that I know something that happened between the both of you, ne?"

Oh the sound of death seems to be such a beautiful tone for Aomine right now.

"Just relax, everyone already knows anyway, Momoichi, Kurokocchi, Midorimacchi, Murasakibaracchi…" the blonde stated and drank a glass of water.

Relax!? How can he relax when everyone knows!?

"Ah… sou ka.. What did Akashi told you? Or Murasakibara?" Aomine asked.

Kise only shook his head, "Mmm.. It's only an anylisis from Momoicchi, she then told it to us" " Silence, "But it seems Murasakibaracchi already known long ago, so he wasn't that surprised" he then played with his chopsticks, "Andlogically, the respond from Murasakibaracchi was a sign that Momoicchi's analysis was true."

"Err… uh.. How much do you guys know?"

The ex-copycat rolled his eyes, "C'mon Aominecchi… This is a private matter, right? Are you stupid or what?"

Aomine was a bit stunned by the respond, "Your point?"

"Do you really think I'll tell you in a public area like the campus's canteen!? Are you really that shameless, Aominecchi!?" Kise hissed angrily at him, trying hard not to lash out and create a scene.

Aomine was stunned once more.

"E-eh? .. Sorry.."

"Hmph!" the blonde instantly stood up, "I'm going!"

With that said, he left the tanned man alone.





"Actually, I also can do it you know"

Kagami only glanced at the red head's way.

"Look, now you have to stand.."

"What can we do? The bus is full of people in it"

Akashi who was sitting with Akane and Aoshi looked around to find a place to sit but could only saw a sea of humans.

"Do you want to sit at my place?" The ex-emperor offered.

Kagami just shook his head, "Nah, daijobu da yo. I'm strong enough to stand for a long period of time."

"But the things we brought are a lot and heavy, isn't it?" Akashi pointed at two big and heavy plastic bags that were held in one of the tiger's hand.

"This won't kill me you know" he answered while laughing sheepishly.

After a few minutes past, the bus finally stopped and a few people got out of the bus but it didn't minimize the crowd in the bus.

Akashi saw an elder woman who was currently standing in front of him and he instantly stood up, offering his seat to the eolder.

The elder whispered a soft 'thank you' to him which was returned with a nod and a smile from Akashi.


"Dad, I want to see the view from the door" Aoshi said to Kagami who was currently carrying the child. The tiger smiled and headed towards the door which was a bit far in front of them.

"Alright, alright" he answered and looked at Akashi, "I'm heading there, alright?"

The red head nodded, watching Kagami and Aoshi disappeared into the crowd.

"You're not following?" Akashi asked Akane who was holding his hand.

"Nope, dokusei" Akane replied.

Akashi pinched Akane's nose and pulled it slowly, "How many times to I have to tell you to be polite-"

Akashi tensed when he felt a big hand touching his lower back.

His heart started to beat loudly. Chikan? Why must it be in this situation?

"Mom?" Akane looked at his 'mother's' paled face, "Doushite?"

"Ah, i-it's n-nothi-" he shuttered as he felt the hand caress his lower back and went lower, squeezing his bottom.

Akashi quickly covered his mouth with his right hand out of reflex. Both of his eyes widened, sweat beginning to form and his breathing were coming out in pants.

"Your face's red mom and you're sweating. Are you going to vomit?" A confused Akane asked.

No, he can't tell Akane what's happening. Besides, he's still a child to know this kind of things.

Akashi snapped himself back into consciously and let out a shaky sigh.

He then looked at Akane, "Go to Taiga, now. And don't come back here, understand?"

A confused Akane just nodded and followed Akashi's order. He tried to squirm his way in the sea of people and went to Kagami's spot.

He felt a bit relieved but it didn't last long—

"Oh? Looks like you're a little 'special', aren't you?" The chikan whispered into the ex-emperor's right ear which made him shivered.

"Mpreg, eh?" a soft laughter, "Looks like I'm lucky to see one"

He felt a red light flashing In front of his eyes and Akashi went into the crowd to stay far away as possible from the pervert.

Damn it! The pervert had made the situation into his advantage to take actions.

Akashi started to clench his hands. No. There was no way he'll scream and attract a lot of attention just because a pervert's hand was touching his bottom, right? This was truly embarrassing.


Akashi slipped out a soft moan when he felt the pervert's right hand slid into his clothes and started to play with his left nipple while the other hand touching his clothed crotch.

Both of the smaller male's shoulders started to tremble when the Chikan pulled Akashi's hip closer to him. He could feel the other's hardened member poking his bottom.

The ex-captain bit his lower lip and both of his heterochromatic eyes started to widen. He covered his mouth to stop the moans that were threatening to spill out any moment.


It happened again.

Despise. Akashi despised himself for being so helpless.

Akashi lowered his left hand and tried to pry the pervert's hand that was currently pressing his covered crotch or try to prevent someone from looking at the embarrassing display.

And it looks like the Chikan was amused and it was proved when he heard a quiet laughter from behind.


Akashi's fear started to climax when he felt the hand pulled down his jean's zipper.




He cried out in his heart as he shut both of his eyes while looking down. He bit on his lower lips harder and his face had turned a deep red from embarrassment. Akashi still tried to get the pervert's hand off. If not, he still looked like he was still trying to get away even if the effort was so little.

But the Chikan didn't give up; he nibbled the red head's ear.

"Nnh.."- it made the smaller male let out a soft groan.


Dareka, tasukette..


"Sir…"- A person put a hand on the pervert's shoulder and squeezed hard.


The pervert's hand stopped.

Akashi glanced slightly, only to know what made the big hands and harassment stopped.


"Sorry for interrupting your 'conversation' with Akashi" Kagami gave a forced smile at the pervert, "But it looks like the both of us have reached our destination"

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Saa- Well...

Nandemonai- It's nothing

Tadaima- I'm home

Mendokusei- This is troublesome

Wakkata yo- I get it

Nanda Kore- The heck

Damare- Shut up

Sou ka- I see

Sugoi- Cool

Yatta- Yay

Doushite- What's wrong?

Chikan- Pervert

Dareka, Tasukette- Anyone, please help