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Guardian of Omens


"Ancient Spirits of Evil…" A white ball of energy appeared as a loud voice broke through the darkness, piercing the layer of silence just beneath the surface. It was calling out to her, but she barely stirred. She was not even sure if she was even alive at this point. All she knew was that she was in a deep sleep that she could not wake up from.

"Give this soul a body to dwell in. Give it the body of an innocent child. Breathe life into this mindless puppet, so, that I, Mumm-Ra, the Ever Living may destroy those accursed Thundercats for good!"

A gust of wind came out of nowhere, seeping into her very being. She then heard the sound of her own heart beating in her chest, only it sounded faint.

"Ancient Spirits of Evil,"

She found that she could breathe, but she still could not move, let alone open her eyes. She could still hear the voice calling to her. It was becoming louder by the second.

"Let consciousness stream into this creature born of nothingness. Give it thought and free will. So, that it may do Mumm-Ra's bidding."

She felt a surge of energy flowing through her and she discovered that she could move. Thoughts were beginning to flit across her mind. The voice spoke again, only now it addressed her.

"Open your eyes, my pet."

And she did.

When she did, she was greeted by a red hazy mist surrounding her, pouring from four malevolent statues that surrounded a bubbling pool of water below her. She was hovering over the pool of bubbling water, lying vertically. Staring at her was a demonic figure wrapped in bandages like a mummy, wearing a thick red cloak over its entire body. Crimson eyes stared back at her as a sneer graced the figure's face, revealing pointed teeth.

"Perfect! You are the perfect product of Mumm-Ra, the Ever Living!" It cackled.

Oddly, she felt nothing from this strange demon. She felt nothing for him either. Perhaps, he forgot to give her a heart?

The mist disappeared and the creature spoke again. "Who will believe a child such as you can be so evil?" The one calling itself her master laughed aloud before sneering again. She felt the back of his hand running gently across her cheek. It felt cold, but still, she did not shiver. She could see a soft look grazing the depths of his eyes. This was the first act of kindness he has showed her so far, but the priest quickly pulled back his hand and his sneered, the usual coldness returning. "Now go, lead the pathetic Thundercats into a false sense of security, so, that your master can destroy them once and for all!"

She fell into a deep sleep as something warm enveloped her, whisking her away from the creature calling itself, Mumm-Ra, the Ever Living. She did not know where she was going. All she could think about were the many thoughts flitting across her mind. Just empty thoughts full of nothingness, waiting to be filled as she goes off to begin living.

Hina: This is a new story I'm toying with. It's something that's been in my head for awhile now. I hope you all enjoy it. Thanks for reading and I apologize for the shortness of the chapter.